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Definitely not the only one.


Agreed. The question is how far into season 4 will they do the purple wedding? My bet is they'll pad out the first half of the season somewhat, do the purple wedding around episode 6/7 so Tyrion's trial and eventual escape leads us to the privy scene in episode 9? I may be wrong; what does everyone else think?

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Oh yeah, they removed Willas. I have a secret crush on mysterious, animal loving harp playing gentle Willas.

Your post literally made me laugh out loud because I feel the same way!

I've just seen the best thing that could ever be seen. The rest of the series could suck balls and I wouldn't care one bit. That was so awesome.

THIS. That was so amazing and well directed! I wonder Grey Worm has been cast. I'll be ok if the rest of the season sucks. Up until the RW of course ;)

Dany for president

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I really liked this episode. ShowDany finally lived up to bookDany, and in arguably her most powerful moment in the series besides the hatching of the dragons.

Poor Theon!

I'm not sure why the Freys haven't been seen or mentioned... All those letters Tywin has been writing, you'd think they'd be mentioned in Riverrun.

I was perplexed at first by the placement of Varys' "I was sliced up by a creep" story, but got its inclusion by the end. Interesting development, the delivery of the sorcerer. A gift from Illyrio, perhaps?

No Willas Tyrell: not a huge deal I suppose, but when/how will Loras join the Kingsguard? Or will it happen under Tommen's reign instead?

Bran's storyline is getting a bit lost in the shuffle: maybe that could use some TV ready tweaks to move along.

Goodbye, LC Mormont. Hope Edd and Grenn made it out of Craster's alive!

Overall: 8.5/10

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Overall, the episode was quite good, especially Dracarys. However,I was a bit sad to not get Jeor Mormont's last words to Sam about wanting Jorah to come home and take the black. Thought he would have stumbled over to him for his last words, however the scene was quite hectic. James Cosmo is a loss for the show even though I knew it had to happen eventually. :(

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