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so far the show added theme's and stuff...

IS Sansa not going to be taken away with Little Finger?

No, she is. Tywin's gonna marry Sansa to tyrion, and then next season, Littlefinger spirits her away. it's just like the book, the only change is that they switched willas with loras.

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I don't think the purple wedding will be in this season. From what I can tell:

ep. 5: beric vs hound, jon + ygritte sex scene, robb executing karstark, maybe end with beric coming back to life

ep. 6: littlefinger gives his 'climb' speech to somebody, and tormund and others scale the wall

ep. 7: bear pit scene, jaime saves brienne, dany exiles jorah

ep. 8: imp wedding, sansa and tyrion scenes, dany meets daario and the Second Sons

ep. 9: red wedding: probably will take up all of the episode, just like blackwater took up its episode

ep.10: dany conquers yunkai, and debatably the season will end with UnCat coming back to life.

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I agree with this. The way that he handles Edmure in the last episode is a prime example of how arrogant he is. Particularly the last line: "I would have told you at this gathering if you had just been patient."

Alright Robb... I'll just sit on my hands and wait for you while Lannister forces are camped across the river from me.

(I am an Edmure fan though, so I am totally biased)

eh, if that's your orders, yes, that's what you do.

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I'm a little surpised they kept Dontos out of the show. I understand that Baelish needs screen time but I think the story would have been more surprising if they kept it like the book with his character.

Also, a lot is getting skipped over with Dany. I was hoping for Mormont trying to kiss her, or the truth coming out of him spying on her, or at least a little lesbian action lol. Guess they want to focus more on her conquering.

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Gods!!!! With all the great things this episode had, all anyone can talk about for 2 plus pages is Ros hatred? I normally don't get my hackles up about people's opinions, which of course they have every right to voice, but Seven bloody Hells have I grown weary of hearing the same old Ros complaints on these boards for 2+ seasons.

Every time the writers give her a line people find something in it to complain about: "The writers make her seem smarter than Varys..." "Ros is naked too much..." Ros is only good for being naked and she isn't naked enough..." "The actress is terrible..." "Ros isn't even a book character..." Maybe I will compile a list of the 1000 most common complaints about Ros and number them so the persistent complaints can read more like...Ros #768...Handy shorthand so I can get to fresh and interesting opinions rather than stale ones dating back to the pilot episode.

This is coming from someone who is much closer to being a book purist than a show changing apologist. I didn't like Ros either...but I learned to live with it rather than beating everyone who will listen or read over the head with the same complaints over and over. I learned to accept the role and have come to like Esme Bianco. Furthermore, she has played a valuable and, at times necessary, role in the show in a number of ways. The way D&D have chosen to adapt the show, right or wrong, made Ros, or a character like her, necessary.

Sorry for the angry rant...but I stand by everything in it, and I needed to vent it. I am far from a prolific poster, but I do spend a good deal of time on these boards and having to sort through the same rants for pages at a time for years is getting real old.

You are right on all counts. I have read the books dozens of times, but simply can't wrap my head around the "purist" approach to the shows in some of these forum, or the incessant Ros hatred. I LIKE that they've made interesting changes, and have actually come to like Esme Bianco in this role. I'm almost sure, however, she's going into the drink shortly after LF fetches Sansa following the PW.

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