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[No spoilers] Funniest lines of episode 4

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Yeah, Joffrey enthusing about history was absolutely brilliant. You sociopathic little scamp.

Everything involving Varys and QoT cracking wise. Love those two, love them together.

Edd: "We're like the sons he never had.", "I never thought Bannen could smell so good..."

Catelyn saying, "Promise me, Bran!" over and over. Dream-Cat's such a troll.

"Boy" being like, "Wait for it..." Creepy bastard.

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These things that made me smirk are probably very personal because I pay too much attention but...

At Bannen's funeral, Rast says 'he'll dine with potatoes and lavaros...' at least, that's what I heard, because there was a brief pause, until he continued and I realized he said 'laugh at us dying in the snow.' I was thinking wtf are lavaros? Something from Dorne?

When Craster grunts in the scene following that, a pig goes 'oink oink' before he speaks again, which makes it look like Craster is making pig sounds.

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Everything Edd.


Ramsay's glee at his elaborate ruse made me laugh out loud.

I also always chuckle at Joff trying to impress Margaery.

And Margaery's "no really, I'm really interested in you, and not just using you" attitude.

Everything about Olenna.

Also, porridge plague. So silly. :lol:

And Sansa's face. I think I had around the same reaction as she.

What did Pod do?

He apparently was so good in bed that prostitutes gave him a refund.

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The boy saying "He killed the others." while smiling at Theon being tied to the rack.

Tywin saying: "You still here I see..." and when he cleverly called her a failed mother for not manipulating from the begininng Joffrey as Margaery does in the moment.

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But you are a bastard... a daughter-fucking, wildling bastard!

Loved this, and the tense, awkward silence surrounding it. You can practically hear the comedic record scratch sound effect

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