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How would you rate episode 305?


How would you rate episode 305?  

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"And Now His Watch is Ended" had a really terrific finale, and the Old Bear's death, but if you look at what came before closely, it wasn't that far above an average episode. It was elevated by the finish. This episode is good through and through (except for the character assassination of Loras Tyrell, grr), and in my opinion it's the best episode of the season to date, so I've given it a 9.

I think this is spot on. Jaime's scenes were excellent.

I thought the Tywin debacle made Tyrion seem

not as sharp, but otherwise I was pleased with the outcome minus the differences in Loras pointed out.

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A truly brilliant episode. Maise continues to be mindblowingly awesome as Arya, some really emotional scenes. Can't wait for her to get to some angrier and more violent material. The Beric/Sandor duel was by far the best action scene we've had in the series, my god.

What else happened, so much good stuff... Brilliant acting from both Jaime and Brienne at the bath tub scene. Robb had some great scenes for the first time since season 1. Loved that we got to see a more humane side of Stannis at long last. And Tywin owning his kids is always a pleasure to watch.

Also, we got our first glimpse of Roose Bolton's cold gaze! :D

Ned only concluded that the Baratheon genes are stronger than the Lannister genes; maybe the Florent genes are stronger still.

I don't think its a big deal. My hair was jet-black as a baby, it faded to a dark honey blonde when i was little and now its a reddish brown. All totally natural.

Besides, she's too right as Shireen in portrayal for it to matter that much.

Everything else is on the money!

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Love every episode no matter what happens.

I got so excited with Tywin, Cersei, and Tyrion. I pointed at the screen and was like, "here it is, here it is!" Such a great group of actors.

A little disappointed they did away with Willas. We all know Loras is gay, it just doesn't work for me. And I could've done without the full frontal gay sex. Not against it, just seen more dong than anything else this season so far.

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Shireen teaching Davos to read: so touching. Bother about the hair, though.

Lannister family councils are always entertaining, because they can't stand each other and are devastatngly witty about it. Although I've missed the bit where

Joffrey disses Tywin and the latter sends him off to bed with some dreamwine.


Bath and Arya/Gendry.

Robb seems to be growing up a bit.

Grey Worm and Daenerys Jelmaazmo; Ser Barrestan vs. Jorah.

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I have to be careful about this. I loved every moment of this episode, but I am a little harsh in giving 9 and 10, cause this is ep 305 and they are getting better and better so I will wait a little longer for a 10. But it was amazing, I was between 8 and 9. Still am somewhere in the middle.

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Honestly the swordfighting in this season (at least up to here, I am still watching, so I don't know about the next episodes) disappoints me a bit. IIRC it was better in the previous seasons, more realistic, less posing and show. Still, I liked Beric vs. Sandor better than Brienne vs. Jaime. It was ok... and the fire was cool, that I can agree to. :D

Robb beheading Karstark went a bit to smooth for my taste. I don't want a shiny, perfect, just, skilled Robb.

I'm a bit put off by the dead babies in glases Selyse keeps...

The Jaime and Brienne in the bath scene is lovely :wub:

Otherwise... average GoT episode (which is to say, it's good :P )

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Best episode the show has ever done for me.

I didn't think there was a single storyline here that I didn't enjoy immensely.

Karstark's execution, Beric vs the Hound and the end scenes were all just.... wow


I've been pretty critical, I confess (and will continue to be). However, in this episode I liked the changes they made for the most part and in some cases I think they've even improved over the books.

I didn't like Talisa at first, but they've carefully built up her relationship with Robb, which will pay dividends.

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10/10 for me - amazing episode!! Finally some Jon and Ygritte scenes! The bath scene between Jaime and Brienne - finally finding out more about Jaime! The duel between Beric and Sandor, the Robb scenes...and of course the Tywin, Tyrian and Cersei scenes!!! Just so many brilliantly acted scenes = fabulous episode!

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