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How would you rate episode 305?


How would you rate episode 305?  

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lot of fast paced events in this episode. hbo shuld have ran this episode 70 min to inject more emotions in every scene.

Karstak beheading scene was ok but not as good as theon scene with rodrik cassel.

sansa and petyr culd have been much better.

loras and squire scenes were too much paced.

daenyrys scene was ok.

jorah and selmy scene was not that interesting and below average.

jon ygritte scene was ok. but was not that romantic and deep as expected. not much smooching and thrusting and no love lessons from ygritte to jon and no teaching how to do it.

jamie brienne , olenna tyrion, cersei tywin was memorable and were best.

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I really enjoyed this episode and rated it a 9/10.

I really loved Kerry Ingram and Tara Fitzgerald. It was really nice to finally see Shireen - poor little lamb. The scene between Shireen/Stannis and Shireen/Davos were really brilliant. The 'Patchface' song was great too.

I marked this episode down one point because I felt that the KL sequence that closed the episode was very choppy. It seemed like the scenes had been trimmed down too much to fit in the Daenerys material that wasn't originally going to be in the episode.

Otherwise great!

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Absolutely phenomenal, and in my opinion, the best episode of the show so far. Well written, directed and acted in almost every scene. I have become rather worried that they were starting to paint everything with very broad strokes and were going to make a lot of motivations and backstory unclear to the viewers, but this season they are really pulling it all together as much as can be expected.

The only thing that didn't really click for me was Selyse's little foetus collection. It almost made me laugh - WHAT was that? And of course they continue to condense and simplify story arcs, such as moving Jon and Ygritte right along instead of giving them time together, but they have to do that. There are times when it catches them, though. In this episode, they thought they were being clever when they showed Mormont's anxiety about Selmy's knowledge of his agency for King's Landing. But of course, if Selmy isn't hiding his identity then there's no real reason he shouldn't take his complaints directly to Danny. A minor plot hole they created for themselves.

Like I said, though, this is overall the best episode so far if you ask me. Very strong direction, lots of details from the books that provide necessary plot points and characterization, and some very strong acting and pacing throughout. They did a great job on this one.

Highs for me:

  • Ygritte and Jon in the cave. Because Ygritte.
  • Bath scene. Very well acted, and it reveals some crucial characterization for Jaime, and the development of his relationship with and respect for Brienne. That is the king of thing I feared they would brush over, but here they gave it all the attention it deserved.
  • The trial by combat of Sandor. Absolutely stunning. The other swordplay in the show pales in comparison.
  • Of course, all of the ways they reconcile the show with the books. I'm glad that Tyrion mentioned his previous marriage, and I'm glad that they are making the Lightning Lord true to his book version even if the priest isn't really.
  • I like that they introduced Stannis' daughter and I thought that it was a clever way to show how Stannis might come to realize that Davos is one of his greatest servants and friends. Definitely missing Patchface, though.

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I thought Episode 4 hit the target on the bullseye but episode 5 blew episode 4 out of the water! Loved the Jaime/Briene bath scene with Jaime revealing his side of the story behind his "finest act." Also the Lannister family scene at the end was superbly well done. Tyrion and Cersei throw their jabs but at the end of the day there's no doubt in anyone's minds that Tywinn is in charge. Great stuff!

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i gave it an 8, but i think maybe it deserves higher. i really enjoyed all of the scenes. and seriously, WTF with the pickled babies? Forget the wax appointment, poor Selyse needs to make time in her schedule for a good therapist.

i could watch Cersei hear that she has to marry Loras over and over.

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7. If I remember this episode after the season's ended (which I highly doubt I will), it will be for all the nude BUTTS it contained. Seriously, the amount of buttockses was through the roof!

Disliked Harrington's acting (Jon getting all aggressive towards Orrell was dumb and weird as I think it was completely out of character for him), Beric vs the Hound was cool, Shireen and Davos was a great scene, as was Jaime and Brienne in the bath.

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I want to give this episode a 10, but the Jon and Ygritte scenes (in and out of the cave) were flawed. So it gets a 9.

Ignoring the placid North scenes, this is the first episode that I've wanted to re-watch since Baelor. It was brilliant (everywhere but the north). I absolutely loved it.

Sincere congrats to Cogman!

On the cast front, yet again, kudos to Nikolaj Coster-Waldau for a heart wrenching performance. That bath cost him, and we can tell. He's exceeded by every expectation.

Richard Madden delivered nuance this ep rarely seen in Robb since season 1, he's back on form thanks in no small part to some very well structured scenes and great lines. He was quite wonderful. Maisie Williams, showed a vulnerability to Arya, that her character in the books often lacked. Her scenes were so emotional and her lines beautifully delivered.

Reaaaally wish I could have given this episode a 10, but those North scenes, were laughable.


I loved the Loras scene, it's far more realistic behaviour than book Loras, imo. I also loved the way LF got the information, it was so Littlefingerish of him. :)

One nitpick:

Shireen is blond!!! So much for Baratheon black of hair! Doesn't Ned look foolish now. Sometimes, I just don't get the things this show does.

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Voted 10/10, fucking loved it. Even last week got a 9/10 from me.

Nothing makes 50ish minutes pass by faster than a good episode of Game of Thrones, I swear.

Loved the Hound vs. Beric scene most of all I think, and I usually dig the quiet character-driven scenes more than big action sequences.

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I gave it a 10. It reminded me of 'A Man Without Honor' last season, where the show took a breather, and focused on the one-on-one scenes. And I thought most of them, (except Loras) were excellent. Loved Shireen's singing at the end, and her greyscale looked good as well.

Oh, and NCW needs to submit this episode as his Emmy submission pronto. Everything in Jaime's confession was fantastic. I am so, so glad that Bryan Cogman wrote it. And Nikolaj delivered it perfectly-he was pouring his entire heart out to Brienne, years of frustration and anger, and it was just mesmerizing to watch. Fantastic job all around.

Oh, and I actually liked the scene with Stannis and Selyse. I was worried that they were going to make Selyse batshit crazy, but I actually found myself sympathising with her far more than I ever did in the books. And I'm glad they showed a softer side to Stannis, rather than that creepy pervy uncle mode he was in a couple of weeks ago. Given that we never see Stannis and Selyse alone in the books, the show can take some liberties in portraying their relationship.

If there are any haters of this episode, I pity them. This is how you write a slower episode.

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