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How would you rate episode 305?


How would you rate episode 305?  

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I think this was the best episode of the season so far. All the little details they dropped in here and there. Reminded me of Season 1 which conveyed a lot of information about the lore and characters through dialogue. I will need to rewatch season 2 though. For some reason, the whole Ygritte loving Jon feels abrupt in the TV series?

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9/10. Fantastic, and my favorite of the season. I was starting to dislike this season ever since episode 3, but thanks to Bryan Cogman my faith has been restored. He should write every episode along with GRRM.


- Robb beheading Karstark was perfect. I got goosebumps.

- Tywin is the true, book Tywin for the first time since the premier.

- Ygritte!! O_O

- Jorah and Barristan's conversation was great, but I'm not sure how they're going to reveal Jorah as a spy now.

- I was pleasantly surprised to see Yunkai in the opening.

- Stannis was far less cringe-worthy than in episode 3. Even alright.

- Edmure is less of an idiot this episode which is good. I like book Edmure.

- Davos and Shireen was great.

- The credit song was fantastic.

- My favorite character of the series, Roose, is great already. I'm so excited for the conversation next episode.


- Arya was a bit too over-emotional and 'soft' in her scene with Gendry. She was good in the conversation with Beric and Thoros though.

- Olenna is starting to annoy me now. She's less witty and more rude. The show is overplaying her a bit too much. Sometimes less is more.

- Loras seemingly forgetting his deep love and loyalty to Renly.

- I liked the bathtub scene, but Jaime was just a little too over-emotional. The last line was great though.


- Selyse, just... Selyse... Completely different to book Selyse, save for her piety. The babies in the jars... yeah, no. I did notice her naming one of them as Edric though. A nod to readers?

Overall I loved the episode and enjoyed it more than any other episode since season 1. Cogman is great for this show. His love for the books really shows. I wish he was the showrunner...

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A truly brilliant episode. Maise continues to be mindblowingly awesome as Arya, some really emotional scenes. Can't wait for her to get to some angrier and more violent material. The Beric/Sandor duel was by far the best action scene we've had in the series, my god.

What else happened, so much good stuff... Brilliant acting from both Jaime and Brienne at the bath tub scene. Robb had some great scenes for the first time since season 1. Loved that we got to see a more humane side of Stannis at long last. And Tywin owning his kids is always a pleasure to watch.

Also, we got our first glimpse of Roose Bolton's cold gaze! :D

One nitpick:

Shireen is blond!!! So much for Baratheon black of hair! Doesn't Ned look foolish now. Sometimes, I just don't get the things this show does.

Ned only concluded that the Baratheon genes are stronger than the Lannister genes; maybe the Florent genes are stronger still.

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Wow, ahahaha, I didn't think of that. Is the seed strong? Find out on the next episode of Maury!

Aside from that Shireen was cool, and the grayscale looked good. She was alright in the books too, but you can't help but take an instant liking to the kid after the scene with her awkward-ass dad and then her being awesome with Davos.

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I gave it a nine. I really enjoyed how faithful it was in relation to prior episodes in this season which altered or chopped to fit things in. The second half was arguably more interesting than the first half, with more key plot-points coming together. My only reservation is that Rose Leslie could have shown her bush, because this was of course expected by any male viewers tuning in. I'm not really being facetious either, seeing as Jon thinks of Ygritte being 'kissed by fire' from the moment he sees her nude.

I thought the actor playing Jaime was terrific in this episode. Also the guy who plays Roose, and the actor for Qyburn is spot on.

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I'm really torn about the rating.

On one hand, it was a consistently great episode with some fantastic scenes: Jaime in the bath, the Brotherhood scenes, Dany and Grey Worm, Jorah and Barristan, Tywin with Cersei and Tyrion, Olenna and Tyrion, and Shireen and Davos.

But there were some really stupid things that just pulled me out of the episode. One major issue I have is with the handling of Loras - just like Renly he's now 100% defined by his sexuality, and it's also presented quite badly anyway.

I also have a major problem with the way Tyrion is being whitewashed. In the books he wasn't keen on marrying Sansa, but his greed and lust for power convinced him to do it. In the show it appears that they're trying to make it forced upon Tyrion. It's just going to vilify Sansa. Luckily Dinklage, Headey and Dance all gave perfect performances to make up for it.

There were also some major acting problems this episode, though. Littlefinger was worse than usual, and so was Jon. Littlefinger at least is written terribly, but there's no excuse for Jon - the material he had this episode was great. He really ruined Jon's scenes for me, which is disappointing because his time with the wildlings was the only time I actually enjoyed his material.

But my major problem is with Selyse. The babies in jars was terrifying and incredibly triggering. And reducing her to the "mad woman in the attic" trope is just insulting.

Anyway, I'll probably rate it 8 or 9/10, because the issues I have are more to do with the show as a whole than the episode itself. Bryan Cogman did a great job as per usual.

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I rated it a 9 and really enjoyed it. As some have said, it was a very good nod to the book readers. It's always nice when they make non-book stuff gel with the series too, in particular the Shireen scenes. The Loras scene would be the opposite, however. And no, it's not because he's gay.. possibly the best character in any HBO series was gay (you'll instantly know who I mean if you've seen that show). The Jaime turnaround is going very smoothly, and hopefully this is the start of one for Stannis. I have my doubts given what D&D have said about him, though. The biggest disappointment is Jon Snow. I don't think the show writing or directing is poor, so it's likely that Kit Harrington is just a terrible, terrible actor.

I certainly wouldn't vote for this guy as Lord Commander, and see no reason for others to do so.
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Despite the diminishing of Loras's character and the dead babies (that was a WTF moment)

Pleasantly surprised at seeing Yunkai on the map, as well as Grey Worm.

The fight between the Hound and Beric was excellent, but the highlight was Jaime's story and how it ended "My name is Jaime"

Totally Agree 10!! it is

Also the scene with Robb and Lord Kastark's execution was excellent

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I was entirely charmed by the portrayal of Shireen Baratheon, when she looked up to meet the eyes of her visiting father. The whole setting of Dragonstone is getting a lot darker with that episode compared to the impressions I got from the books. Though the viewers are surely missing some of the background facts setting that place into context. Does the series even inform about it being the initial point of Aegon's invasion? Is there a shot of the Painted Table at some point? The ingenuous viewer might well be wondering what's up with Shireen's face, too.

The most peculiar fact I learned when I googled the name of the actress portaying Shireen is that she (Kerry Ingram) happens to suffer from brittle bone's disease. Don't know how to feel about that yet.

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Bryan Cogman remained as true to the books as any episode preceding this, IMO. I just felt that it lacked the oomph that the previous episode had.

- NCW and Christie's chemistry continues to be the standout of the season thus far.

- As opposed to some, I rather enjoyed Arya's softer side. Although it is absent from the books, the "I can be your family" line to Gendry really encapsulates Arya's innermost desire to once again belong. Both in the books and the series, I feel. Something was in my eye during that scene. Must have been dust...

- Tywin's smackdown of his ungrateful children was well done. I can't say I imagine book Tywin every raising his voice, though. His green and gold-speckled glares often are sufficient for quelling any rebellions.

- I can't say I'm enjoying the direction that Stannis, and now Selyse (minus the mo'), is going. Additionally, Selyse takes infidelity and 'children' out of wedlock particularly well.

So in conclusion, a solid episode. Just lacking the finale of its predecessor to elevate it into the stratosphere.

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Does the series even inform about it being the initial point of Aegon's invasion? Is there a shot of the Painted Table at some point?

I do believe that Shireen alludes to it in her scene with Stannis. They show the Table in season two when Stannis is dictating the letter to be sent across the realm regarding the Incestwins and their bastards. Also, the Table is shown from a top-down perspective when Melisandre 'seduces' Stannis.

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The most peculiar fact I learned when I googled the name of the actress portaying Shireen is that she (Kerry Ingram) happens to suffer from brittle bone's disease. Don't know how to feel about that yet.

Why's that? I'm glad she's been able to overcome it to an extent to become an actor/singer. She was praised for her performance in the musical Matilda, I believe. And I doubt it will affect her performances going forward.

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