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{Book Spoilers} Theon and "boy"s conversation about Bran/Rickon

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This may have been mentioned somewhere else, but assuming 'boy' is Ramsay, Theon mentioned that he did not really kill Bran and Rickon. Now wouldnt this be major news to Ramsay?

As far as I know in the books he doesnt know they are still alive. If he did I think it would be a top priority to get them out of the picture. His marriage to "Arya Stark" would be useless if either boy ever turned up alive as Winterfell would be theirs and the North would most likely support them over the Boltons.

Maybe this was intentional to add some spice to the Bran storyline that really does not get very far from now until the end of ADWD, hell it may actually lead to Osha and Rickon going their separate way.

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