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Pictionary - A Collection of Beautiful Drawings

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Since the threads in Games get deleted after some months*, I decided to collect all the previous pictionary results in one place so that we might admire those excellent works of art in the future. ;)

*And honestly, the Pictionary threads have nothing but their final post that is worth of being preserved anyway, most of them are just announcements for the players.


I have too much time on my hands, so have a few links:


Telephone Pictionary: The First One

Telephone Pictionary 2.0

Telephone Pictionary 3.0

Telephone Pictionary IV

Pictionary V

Pictionary VI

Pictionary VII: Where Sweetcorn Holds Back the Trees

Pictionary VIII: From Russia with Hairdryers

Pictionary IX: New Year, New You (Theme: New Years Resolutions)

Pictionary X: Song Lyrics (Theme: Songs)

Pictionary XI

Pictionary XII

Pictionary XIII: Lucky 13 (Theme: Superstitions, Old Wives Tales, or anything dealing with the Supernatural World)

Pictionary 14: Harry, is that you?

Pictionary 15: Summer is here

Pictionary 16th eddition

Pictionary XVII - Suave Kanyes Abound

Pictionary XVIII: This Time Its Festive!

Telephone Pictionary IXX: Starting with the Picture

Telephone Pictionary XX - Spring

Pictionary XXI: Hide Away Your Drugs and Toys

Pictionary XXII - The Cats Seize the Board - Childhood Heroes

Pictionary XXIII Pretty Pictures in the Sun (hosted by Helena, finished 17th June)
Pictionary XXIV (hosted by Lany, finished 26th July)

Speed Pictionary (hosted by Pebble, finished 17th September)

Pictionary XXVI - This is Halloween (hosted by Helena, finished 25th October) - link to the old board because the thread is missing here

Pictionary XXVII - Obliviate Post Edition (hosted by BlackBear, finished 28th November)

Pictionary 29? (looks like it was 28 really) - You better watch out, Creepy Santa puts late players on the naughty list (hosted by Pebble, finished 23rd December)

Pictionary XXIX: The one after the spamsmoot (hosted by Buckwheat, finished 16th February)

Pictionary archive thread on the old board - some games might be better visible from there

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Ser-Arthur-Dayne brought the idea of Telephone Pictionary to Westeros and hosted the first game:

TC's chain:

TC wrote: "The angry gnome sitting on the large rock is eating grapes and staring at a statue of an ancient king."

Liar drew: http://i.imgur.com/5ukql.jpg

A Free Shadow wrote: "An angry gnome (grey beard, green hat, shirt and shoes, red shorts) ate sour grapes sitting on a rock on the left of a statute of a king."

Snax drew: http://i.imgur.com/WxyzT.jpg

Wendy wrote: "The dead king left nothing for the elves except sour grapes and dark memories."

Silver drew: http://i.imgur.com/JDff8.gif

Laughing wrote: "Like, ermahgerd, I'm like, so sad our queen...OOOH ARE THOSE FRUITY PEBBLES?"

Liar's chain:

Liar wrote: "A guy fighting an ostrich with a meatball sub."

Free Shadow drew: http://i.imgur.com/j0ui0.jpg

Snax wrote: A man clobber a flamingo with a meatball sub.

Wendy drew: http://i.imgur.com/ux8UY.jpg

Silver wrote: The pissed off fat man hit the flamingo with a happy red cloud.

Laughing drew: http://i.imgur.com/QY1yf.jpg

TC wrote: "Bearded hulk is throwing a happy red cloud on an innocent flamingo"

A Free Shadow's chain:

Free Shadow wrote: "A tiny speck of dust floated in front of an endless mirror with a 58 story glass building on it's left and a tinniest of white spiders on his right - all wrapped in the smell of lillies."

Snax drew: http://i.imgur.com/1X1MX.jpg

Wendy wrote: Itsy-bitsy spider went up the windy elevator shaft.

Silver drew: http://i.imgur.com/rocaD.gif

Laughing wrote: The itsy bitsy spider climbed up the windowsill but, much to his misfortune, the gusts of wind were a bit too strong that day.

TC drew: http://i.imgur.com/NuYdd.png

Liar wrote: "A spider tried to get out through the window, but the wind blew it back in"

Snax's chain:

Snax wrote: "An inebriated man at a family gathering is being carried off by flying monkeys that only he can see."

Wendy drew: http://i.imgur.com/LuAML.jpg

Silver wrote: At a family Christmas party, the Wicked Witch of the West summoned her adorably plump flying monkeys to scare one of the boys, as he had been about to drink poison in a misguided attempt to cure his hiccups.

Laughing drew: http://i.imgur.com/BVR9p.jpg

TC wrote: "The little children gathered around the Christmas tree watch as Mrs. Santa sends her pixies to steal the booze from their big brother"

Liar drew: http://i.imgur.com/V4qzd.jpg

Free Shadow wrote: "A Christmas spirit sends the elves to get something from the father of two children, who is sleeping at his own place, and the elves come back with more spirits, if you know what I mean :D"

Lady Wendy's chain:

Wendy wrote: "The little dragon turned around 3 times in a circle and then curled up in a ball on its nest."

Silver drew: http://i.imgur.com/HtFya.gif

Laughing wrote: Mr. Fox considers scaling the mountains but instead, he stays inside his lair...because he's lazy

TC drew: http://i.imgur.com/Q6NWA.jpg

Liar wrote: The fancy fox crawls out from the earth to a country side thinking about scaling the mountains, but instead crawled back because he's lazy and not fancy anymore

Free Shadow drew: http://i.imgur.com/4vMQd.jpg

Snax wrote: "A fox sees the snow-capped mountains and decides to hibernate early."

Silver's chain:

Silver wrote: "An inebriated fellow attempts to marry a mannequin, much to the confusion of the saleswoman (who he takes for the pastor)."

Laughing drew: http://i.imgur.com/DsJjM.jpg

TC wrote: "The flying fish makes the bald man faint and grab on to the woman with the purse, while the man behind the counter is stunned"

Liar drew: http://i.imgur.com/fNynx.jpg

Free Shadow wrote: A goldfish flew over the counter, making the cashiers eyes as big as plates, while a male customer in white shirt fainted in front of his girlfriend, who was carrying a very unfashionable bag and seemed to never have had a good idea on how to coordinate colours.

Snax drew: http://i.imgur.com/8ukgB.jpg

Wendy wrote: "A man faints as the fresh catch of the day escapes before the bewildered clerk's eyes."

Laughing's chain:

Laughing wrote: "You won't survive."

TC drew: http://i.imgur.com/0A4EP.jpg

Liar wrote: The doctor doesn't know how to tell the news that his patient died

Free Shadow drew: http://i.imgur.com/l3mJa.jpg?1

Snax wrote: The doctor tells you that you're going to die.

Wendy drew: http://i.imgur.com/3dXpx.jpg

Silver wrote: "The grim reaper hates first aid."


TC - Turinqui-Calima


A Free Shadow


Silver - Silver Spearwife

Laughing - Ser Laughing Storm

Special thanks to Arthur for bringing this game which we enjoy very much to Westeros! :)

Edited by Buckwheat

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After the success of the first game, the second one attracted many more players. This prolonged the game and the chains and also caused the necessity for replacements of players in some cases. The game's host, however, handled it all like a boss despite all the complications with finding replacements and making people actually send the material they were due. :bowdown:
The game was hosted by Silver Spearwife:

On 1. 3. 2013 at 9:54 PM, Silver Spearwife said:

Chain 1:

KC said: The sombrero-wearing spectators watched Darth Vader fight a group of Pikachus in the rain.

Buck drew:http://i.imgur.com/HpOLqsN.png

Syvern said: Three bandito judges watching Darth Vader fight four Pikachus in the rain.
Castellan drew: http://i.imgur.com/xiEZ8bF.png
Liar said: Vader's lightsaber is useless against the pikachus in a rainy day, three western bandits are witness to this.
TC drew: http://i.imgur.com/fdtyhts.png
KEG said: Darth Vader, wielding a red lightsaber, is attacked by three Pikachus using thunderbolt, in the rain, while three cowboys wearing bandanas (around their necks) and hats, one of them holding a sack of money, and the two others holding revolvers, are watching from behind.
Hally drew: http://s8.postimage....6sk4mr/done.png
Arthur said: Darth Vader tries to stop 3 men from stealing a pouch of money, but the thieves send out 3 Pikachus, who attack Darth Vader while the robbers smirk.
Ther drew: http://i.imgur.com/5oWTS72.jpg
Juli said: Darth Vader uses the force to protect himself from three pikachus who come flying out of a TV held by three ninjas.
Dani drew: http://i.imgur.com/wt8ci78.jpg

Saint said: Three ninja's, wearing all black with red accessories, hold a large TV with a strange antenna that three pikachus have jumped out of, as Darth Vader holds off the attacking Pikachus, using the Force by concentrating and raising his hand.

Chain 2:


Buck said: A red-haired man is sitting on a bench in a park, pretending to be reading a newspaper with a James Bond picture on the front cover, while in truth he is observing an attractive young lady in a short skirt walking a dog.

Juli drew:

Castellan said: Prince Harry has turned stalker and seated incognito on a park bench, he spies on Pippa Middleton, who approaches along a path in her cute sporty clothes, walking her dog.
Dani drew: http://i.imgur.com/AGI0fA9.jpg
TC said: Prince Harry wearing sporty sunglasses is chilling on a bench in a park and checking out the lady in the white and orange jumpsuit who is walking the cute little dog.
KEG drew: http://i.imgur.com/iZAx8vh.png
dream said: A blonde British hotshot wearing sunglasses and a Union Flag jumper is sitting on a park bench and checking out the girl in a tracksuit walking her dog.
Arthur drew: http://i.imgur.com/GRwe8g5.jpg
Ther said: ZZ Top spies on a girl walking her dog in the park; she's wearing the dog's brother on her head.
Juli drew: http://i.imgur.com/sjRYWgp.jpg
Dani said: A lady wearing a dog hat is walking her dog on a forest, right in front of a bench, without noticing Abraham Lincoln, wearing a hat and sunglasses, is spying on her from behind a tree.
Saint drew: http://i.imgur.com/0ixvR9L.jpg?1

KC said: Abraham Lincoln went undercover with the Animal Liberation Front to rescue Cruella de Vil's latest victim while she was visiting a resort.

Chain 3:


snax said: The escaped circus bear rampaged through a fancy bakery, ruining all the wedding cakes and leaving behind many "presents".

Castellan drew:

Liar said: The clown bear escapes the circus to mug a pastry store and live a life of gluttony, shame and hepatitis.
TC drew: http://i.imgur.com/zASP1lC.png
KEG said: A brown bear with white face paint escapes from the circus, robs a bakery with a hand gun, goes into a house, and eats way too much food, that he stole from the bakery, and passes out on the couch.
ab drew: http://i.imgur.com/G0OjLfh.jpg
Arthur said: A robbery planned by 3 bears turns hectic when one of the bears instead decides to go to the circus and another bear decided to stay home and sleep, leaving the third bear to rob a bakery by himself.
Ther drew: http://i.imgur.com/SP4LRbL.png
Juli said: The disappointed bear is leaving the Boulangerie and another bear and a clown are laughing at him from the house across the street while a weird, long-haired stick figure is hanging head first out of the window.
Dani drew: http://i.imgur.com/884IvCH.jpg
Saint said: A sleepy bear robs a bakery at gun point, while another bear and a clown watch across the street, laughing at his inability to get into the bakery's front door.
KC drew: http://i.imgur.com/FTGAp4W.png

Buck said: Two bears, of which one is sleepy, annoyed and equipped with a handgun, and the other one happy (both walking on their hind legs), and a red-nosed clown cross the empty road in an attempt to rob the bakery.3

Chain 4:


Castellan said: After several hours trapped in the elevator, people began to panic.

Liar drew:

TC said: Men of all colors panic when they are stuck in an elevator for too long.
KEG/Crown drew: http://i.imgur.com/LiOQ0fB.png / http://oi47.tinypic.com/2n6dzs2.jpg
dream said: People of unnatural colours panicked after they had been stuck in an elevator for 15 hours.
Arthur drew: http://i.imgur.com/jZHstg2.jpg
Ther said: 15 people have been murdered so far and one of you four is next.
Juli drew: http://i.imgur.com/Tqe7WyH.jpg
Dani said: In a cemetery where there are fifteen graves, some of people who died violent deaths, some of people who don't remember how they died, Uncle Sam orders the four team members to join the army, without saying a word.
Saint drew: http://i.imgur.com/B7ZJY8G.jpg
KC said: Uncle Sam lectured four army soldiers in a cemetery for people who died violent deaths.
Buck drew: http://i.imgur.com/PgKQ5XV.jpg

Syvern said: An eskimo of the Nights Watch tells four wildling soldiers how they are going to die.

Chain 5:


Liar said: The Great Other playing Jenga against a crowd of Alf aficionados, in space.

TC drew:

KEG said: An icy king is in a spaceship, in space, playing Jenga with a man, with a man sitting behind him, and a man with an Alf sign, and a woman with an Alf sign and an Alf shirt.
dream drew: http://i.imgur.com/ZHeSAue.jpg
Arthur said: In a spaceship heading to Saturn, a servant is bringing King Triton food when he accidentally trips and spills the food, causing the others on the spaceship to mock and laugh.
Ther drew: http://i.imgur.com/ahaUAQn.jpg
Juli said: In his spaceship the angry king of the mermen is holding his ears while two gnomes are laughing about a third one on the floor who is struggling to eat his flying pizza.
Dani drew: http://i.imgur.com/xzgmJw0.jpg?1
ab said: Aboard a spaceship a gnome tosses a pizza to two laughing gnomes while King Triton floats nearby in a tank of water, covering his ears, his scepter by his side.
KC drew: http://i.imgur.com/NqKjP5O.png
Buck said:

A merling king is sick of all the noise

that playing red-hat dwarves are making,

while throwing round the pizza of your choice

the rocket's engine's breaking.

Syvern drew: http://i.imgur.com/ojEZBd2.png

Castellan said: The King of the Mermen maintains an angry stance against nuclear weapons testing but the elves have been bought off with pizza.

Chain 6:


TC said: The truth is that fish love to eat hot dogs.

KEG drew:

dream said: A pink fish is chased by a vertical line through the depths of an invisible ocean, but the sight of a strawberry pie makes her stop for a second and take an indulging bite.
Arthur drew: http://i.imgur.com/NjlfMqz.jpg
Ther said: A pink fish eats a slice of strawberry cheesecake under the blackwater sea while a creepy Easter Island statue head thing looks on.
Juli drew: http://i.imgur.com/1cR1zA3.png
Dani said: The big pink fish is eating a delicious chocolate and strawberry pie under the Pacific Ocean, while a sunk moai is having fun watching the whole scene.
Vic drew: http://25.media.tumb...ezdzo1_1280.png
KC said: A pink anglerfish ate a strawberry tart next to a moai statue on the ocean floor.
Buck drew: http://i.imgur.com/DSeVDw6.jpg
Syvern said: A pink angler fish does it's best to draw in the elusive cherry gum drop while it defends its family, a stonehenge statue sunk to the bottom of the sea watched on with a surprised face.
Castellan drew: http://i.imgur.com/8uWprzW.jpg

Liar said: The anglerfish likes raspberries, the monolith not so much.

Chain 7:


KEG said: A man cutting off another man's foot as a sacrifice to our the Lord Goat, Vargo.

dream drew:

Arthur said: A mad doctor is experimenting with human sacrifice by chaining a man to an alter covered with skulls and starts by ripping his left foot out, all the while yellowing "FOR THE RAM (the animal) GOD!"
Ther drew: http://i.imgur.com/sddvFsq.jpg
Juli said: Beneath the red-eyed idol of Lord Goat and a 'I <3 Goat' poster, the screaming victim is chained between two rows of skulls and the short-sighted witch is putting his severed foot in a cauldron over the fire.
Dani drew: http://i.imgur.com/z9OQvqc.jpg
Ashara said: The beloved goat made extremity stew on the isle of skulls.
KC drew: http://i.imgur.com/b0HKW0Q.png
Buck said: A happy goat (with teeth like from a toothpaste advertisement) on a lonely island full of human skulls in the middle of the ocean cooks a foot of an unfortunate shipwreck-survivor in a kettle full of weird-looking orange liquid.
Syvern drew: http://i.imgur.com/ikaoAFb.png?1
Castellan said: Ghost the direwolf is on a desert island, but survives on a steady diet of shipwreck victims who are particularly delicious rotisseried, with coconut sauce.
Vic drew: http://25.media.tumb...ezdzo1_1280.png

TC said: The fat cannibal is dancing, having a good time, and drinking coconut water on his tropical beach, still completely unaware of Ghost who is walking along the water behind him.

Chain 8:


dream said: As the hungry green zombies swarm outside, George RR Martin, who that night decided to don fluffy rainbow earmuffs and llama-shaped slippers, munches on a manuscript of 'A Dream of Spring' for dinner.

Arthur drew:

Ther said: George RR Martin, while for some reason wearing rainbow earmuffs and fuzzy green slippers, is visited by two aliens who were supposed threaten him to finish ASOIAF soon but they are too enamored by his getup to make such threats.
Juli drew: http://i.imgur.com/2gruGtZ.png
Dani said: Two aliens locked GRRM into a room, with the five ASoIaF books, paper and pen, because they fell in love with him and his writing, and are now trying to make him finish TWoW, not by using violence (even though they have guns, grenades and scimitars,) but with lovely psychodelic alien music and slippers made with alien skin, which are said to enhance creativity.
Saint drew: http://i.imgur.com/EQ3B6jW.jpg?1
KC said:A pair of aliens fell in love with ASOIAF and kidnapped George R. R. Martin, locking him in his study (where handguns, grenades, and scimitars adorned the shelves) with a copy of his books until he finished The Winds of Winter. As they sang

to him, little did they know that his ruby slippers shielded him from their mind control techniques and he was trollface.jpg-ing them the whole time, killing their favorite characters.
Buck drew: http://i.imgur.com/QQ9ZOpE.jpg
Syvern said: Two green aliens with four arms each hold GRRM at gunpoint while he writes the final chapters of A Song of Ice and Fire and make him kill the starks, the targaryans and charmander while he wears shining red loafers.
Castellan drew: http://i.imgur.com/0vJrgGQ.jpg
Liar said: Aliens. That's the reason GRRM kills so many characters; they keep him at gunpoint with their tentacles, too bad George's Charmander is only level 5.
TC drew: http://i.imgur.com/tB1RdiT.png

KEG said: Three aliens that look like octopi, force George RR Martin to write at gun point, while he is thinking about Pokemon (Charmander specifically), and they are thinking about the deaths in A Song of Ice and Fire.

Chain 9:


Arthur said: An escaped tiger causes panic at a zoo.

Ther drew:

Juli said: The tiger escaped from it's cage and hunts down the panicking people while the zookeeper is happy and three drunk monkeys are watching from inside their cage.
Dani drew: http://i.imgur.com/9ZR1s3d.jpg
Saint said: A tiger escapes it's cage, terrifying the fleeing Zoo patrons, while three drunken monkeys watch and a zookeeper waves goodbye.
KC drew: http://i.imgur.com/7xRqfzU.png
Buck said: A tiger escaped from his cage and scared all the visitors of the zoo, much to the amusement of the pretty careless zookeper, while the monkeys were getting drunk on beer in their own cage.
Syvern drew: http://i.imgur.com/Xl6ufnv.png
Castellan said: At the zoo, a tiger has escaped from its cage and bailed up a terrified couple, a keeper is safe on the roof of the cage and shouts advice, and baboons look on with interest.
Liar drew: http://i.imgur.com/lkuNg3t.jpg
TC said: The meek man yells to the couple from his safe spot on top of the tiger-cage to warn them that the tiger has escaped, but it might be too late...
KEG drew: http://i.imgur.com/xaZm0e2.jpg

Vic said: Grenn's leaning over The Wall warning Sam and Gilly of the murderous tiger that's behind them. Not sure what the green is for, maybe it signifies summer. It isn't quite Winter yet at The Wall.

Chain 10:


Ther said: "A homicidal spiky plant is whipped by a laughing knight and girl born from snow".

Juli drew:

Dani said: An aggressive, killer cactus draws its strength from its radiactive pot and the whippings it receives from an amused Baratheon lord with an antlered helm and a girl from the snow.
Saint drew: http://i.imgur.com/tfBqCtV.jpg?1
KC said: DaniSnowborn and Ser Laughing Storm whip an angry, radioactive, incredibly handsome cactus.
Buck drew: http://i.imgur.com/8AATuAJ.png
Syvern said: Cowgirl Lyanna Stark and Ser Laughing Storm use their whips to try and tame an angry radioactive cactus.
Castellan drew: http://i.imgur.com/Rl6Cwow.jpg
Liar said: The onion knight and the winter lady whip the radioactivity out of the naughty spiky plant; which is apparently a laughing matter for the knight.
TC drew: http://i.imgur.com/aLN56RE.png
KEG said: A snowy woman, with a blue dress, that has a snowflake on it, and a bearded man, wearing a green cloak, a black shirt with a white onion on the front, and a bag of his fingertips around his neck, are whipping a radioactive plant.
Vic drew: http://25.media.tumb...ezdzo1_1280.png

Arthur said: A viking man is whipping a piranha plant after it had bit his cyborg daughter (who oddly enough looks like Rapunzel).

Chain 11:


Juli said: The little fairy is captured in a jar of nutella which was swallowed by a hungry whale.

Dani drew:

wench said: A farting whale eats a can containing an upset fairy, which is labelled with an unreadable brand.
KC drew: http://i.imgur.com/dJ5CEHq.png
Buck said: A blind fish with six long brown hairs growing from its tail eats from a can with an angry buxom fat blonde angel drawn on it.
Syvern drew: http://i.imgur.com/TIZW6c5.png
Castellan said: Although suffering minor injuries, a shark has ultimately won a fight with a diver, and is now wearing the diver’s sunnies, carrying his knife, and drinking his Angry Angel beer, to wash down the tasty meal.
Liar drew: http://i.imgur.com/H13qoGF.jpg
TC said: The battered shark wearing his awesome new green swimming goggles is thrilled about the severed leg he took from the drowned sailor in blue, and is celebrating with a bottle of booze.
KEG drew: http://i.imgur.com/8C6WazQ.jpg
Vic said: A grey stoned shark returning from a previous battle is swimming with green goggles on while smoking some reefer and drinking some rum under the Atlantic while a dead sailor with a red hard throbbing cock is sinking behind him into the abyss.
Arthur drew: http://i.imgur.com/OSKYPyM.jpg

dream said: An oddball shark slaughtered Luke Skywalker and then got so high he confused wildfire for Listerine.

Chain 12:


Dani said: An undead goat is merrily eating the last flower left in the desert near Sunspear, after Viserion set the other few desert plants on fire.

wench drew:

KC said: Viserion burnt all the flying flowers in the desert outside Sunspear after he found a happy undead goat eating the Dornishman's wife there.
Buck drew: http://i.imgur.com/satfcBw.jpg
Syvern said: A dragon attacks the Tyrells so they pray to the Great Goat for help.
Castellan drew: http://i.imgur.com/wKyUtHs.png?1
Liar said: A fabulous dragon is burning the Tyrell army; help us, oh mighty Goat!
TC drew: http://i.imgur.com/fnykOF0.png
KEG said: Tyrell knights are killing other soldiers in battle, for a holy goat, and against a green dragon, that is breathing fire on the battlefield, while the white, holy goat, with a halo above its head, is on a cliff top, watching the battle.
Vic drew: http://25.media.tumb...ezdzo1_1280.png
Arthur said: A goat with a halo looks down upon a valley where a huge dragon is attacking and burning a squad of knights who charge at it bravely and relentlessly.
LT drew: http://img51.imagesh...3522/trialm.jpg

Juli said: The flying boar breathes its roaring fire on the four fighters below and claims a victim while a winged cow keeps a lonely watch from a nearby hill.

Chain 13:


wench said: The sellsword swung his sword at the glittering vampire while singing the Rains of Castamere.

KC drew:

Buck said: On a starry night, an Unsullied threatens to hit the terrified Count Dracula, who has his hands raised high, with a sabre bought at a sale, all the while singing The Rains of Castamere loudly.
Syvern drew: http://i.imgur.com/w9aoobH.jpg
Castellan said: Under a starry sky, on a planet far far away, a caped earless albino bunny/man creature has tried to rob a bank run by a dyslectic Australian, but has laid down his weapon and run away, screaming in terror when confronted by a knight-like astronaut who has fixed a leak in the crotch of his space suit with red gaffer tape and is wielding a sword while singing “Texas Flood” by Stevie Ray Vaughn.
Liar drew: http://i.imgur.com/JP5MLK1.jpg
TC said: The mouse man in his red cape tries to rob the intergalactic Australian bank with a gun, but a singing robot man with a big sword and a red cross over his crotch saves the day.
KEG drew: http://i.imgur.com/h5D6TA4.jpg
Vic said: White wolf with a shaved leg wearing a red cape is being paid the iron price by an iron-born robot with a red throbbing cock in an Intergalactic Australian bank but is defending himself with a gun.
Arthur drew (note: first of these is mildly NSFW, or...as NSFW as something like this can be) http://i.imgur.com/aMoeVEq.jpg / http://i.imgur.com/CK4OJlu.jpg2
Ther said: A sadistic robot made out of colored blocks takes pleasure out of whipping a direwolf, who then shoots said blockhead with the gun strapped to his back, activated by his howls of pain; all the while the guy at the tollbooth looks on in horror and also a bit of envy.
Juli drew: http://i.imgur.com/bri5nHA.jpg

Dani said: The evil robot-clown made of colorful boxes triggered the gun a wolf is carrying on his back, which was activated by the wolf's reaction to being whipped by the robot-clown; while the man on the stall has just figured out all of the mysteries of the Universe.

Key for the names:
ab = ab aeterno
Arthur = Ser-Arthur-Dayne
Ashara = Ashara_Dayne
Buck = Buckwheat
Dani = DaniSnowborn
dream = dreamcatcher
Hally = Hallyington
Juli = Julifay Greyiron
KEG = King Euron Greyjoy
LT = Lord_Tyrion
Saint = Saint Arya
Syvern = SerSyvernofStokeworth
TC = Turinqui-Calima
Ther = SerLaughingStorm
Vic = Victarious
wench = Jaime's Wench



Because I hate to see perfectly good work go to waste, there were some things I was unable to include for one reason or another. If you were wondering what those footnotes were for, here they are:


1Crown drew (NSFW): http://i45.tinypic.com/ok3i9t.jpg
2Ashara drew: http://s20.postimage..._for_silver.jpg
3Buck said: Across the road,
from here to there!
From here! To there!
A clown, a gun
and two hairy bears!
They walked and laughed
all the way to the ...


... bakery. :P

KEG got his grubby little hands on Crown's drawing above, and...this happened (NSFW): http://i.imgur.com/xLdyzld.jpg
My personal favorite response to a deranged drawing/sentence was "What the duck is that? :shocked:" (Buck) (note: not a typo)

Edited by Buckwheat

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Silver's game was criticised by some players due to its length, so the consensus for the next game was that not all the players would participate in every chain - rather, a fixed number of rounds (5 sentences + 4 drawings = 9) was decided by the host regardless of how many players would sign up. The new host, Turinqui-Calima, also found a way to change the order of the players so one player did not get the material from the same previous player every round:

Chain 1:

Buckwheat said: The Stark childern lose a game of quidditch against the Pevensie children.

Ser Arthur drew: http://i.imgur.com/I2CEKM3.png
Accio Direwolf said: It's raining on the Starks who are losing at quidditch, while there is sunshine and confetti on the Lannisters because they are winning.
Snax drew: http://i.imgur.com/uIQEFBe.jpg
SerLaughingStorm said: Tommen and Myrcella are victorious in a Quidditch match against Bran after Myrcella catches the snitch; the weather surrounding them suddenly shifts to reflect each party's demeanor.
Witchy Bex (Dream Songs) drew: http://i.imgur.com/8HM5K80.jpg
Castellan said: From the stormy north, where he is being carried northward in his basket on Hodor's back, Bran points a weapon at Cersei and Tommen who are in the sunny South and pointing their weapons at him.
King Gendry drew: http://i.imgur.com/GbQgbCE.jpg

Juli Flay said: Under the blazing sun a giant woman and her little son are raising their swords to greet Hodor and Bran, who are taking a walk on a stony mountain ridge south of the Wall.

Chain 2:

Silver Spearwife said: An army of frogs marches on the hapless village of mice.

Buckwheat drew: https://imagizer.imageshack.us/v2/1040x720q90/163/1001um.jpg
SerLaughingStorm said: A band of renegade toads initiate the seige of the Village of the Bucktoothed Mice.
Accio Direwolf drew: http://i.imgur.com/bXIrXZv.jpg
Ser-Arthur-Dayne said: Mr. Rat has had enough - he was sick of those frogs in the neighboring village making noise and partying well into the night - he woke up his fellow rat-villagers and marched to the fence border, and starting yelling at the frogs to BE QUIET.
Snax drew: http://i.imgur.com/iXT80FB.jpg
Witchy Bex (Dream Songs) said: Mr. Rat was unable to sleep due to Mr. Toad's loud search for a mate.
Juli Flay drew: http://i.imgur.com/DFfh2mv.jpg

Castellan said: Mr Toad croaks passionately from his rock in a pond, hoping to find a lady love and disturbs the sleep of a bachelor mouse, who is tucked up in bed in his nearby burrow.

Chain 3:

Jaime's Wench said: Hermione Granger is supporting Jaime Lannister as the Seeker in Quidditch for Gryffindor, just as Gaius Julius Caesar flamboyantly declares himself Dictator for Life of Rome in the Senate.

Silver Spearwife drew: http://i.imgur.com/siJYNek.jpg
Ser-Arthur-Dayne said: Jaime and Cersei stand watching King Joffrey on top of a balcony waving.
SerLaughingStorm drew:http://i.imgur.com/ifmekiF.jpg
Buckwheat said: Tommen stands on a balcony and mocks and laughs at Cersei and Jaime standing below.
Accio Direwolf drew: http://i.imgur.com/mpWDsLQ.jpg
Snax said: Joffrey is seriously disgusted as he eavesdrops on his parents from the second floor.
Castellan drew (NSFW): http://i.imgur.com/RO1QH3e.jpg

Witchy Bex (Dream Songs) said: Joffrey overhears Jaime and Cersei making love next to a passed out King Robert.

Chain 4

Dani Snowborn said: The robot-kangaroo was pushed out of the boat by an evil red fox and now struggles not to get drowned, while an octopus watches the scene hungrily wondering if metal tastes as good as meat.

Juli Flay drew: http://i.imgur.com/cNTwQfm.jpg
Buckwheat said: Angry captain Fox kicks a surprised kangaroo-shaped robot from the shipdeck into the ocean and a hungry octopus under the surface wonders whether the robot is edible.
Ser-Arthur-Dayne drew: http://i.imgur.com/RQHDunc.png
Silver Spearwife said. The green-shirted fox kicked the antennae-d kangaroo off the plank to be at the mercy of the purple octopus, who thought the kangaroo was pepperoni pizza.
SerLaughingStorm drew: http://i.imgur.com/wJkAPEA.png
Accio Direwolf said: The rat pushes a kangaroo into the sea, where a hungry octopus thinking of pizza is waiting.
Witchy Bex (Dream Songs) drew: http://i.imgur.com/gKedips.jpg

Snax said: The octopus, which has a phobia of basketball, went into full panic mode when the demented bird-rat pushed the aardvark off a cliff.

Chain 5

Victarious said: A concerned mother knits a pillow for her favorite son whilst he reads A Dream of Spring on top of a floating cloud above a forest while a rhinoceros climbs up a ladder to get the book.

DaniSnowborn drew: http://i.imgur.com/3HNAts9.jpg
Silver Spearwife said: A lonely mother sits knitting while thinking about her favorite son, who is so happy to read A Dream of Spring that he is literally floating on clouds, and a boar in the woods below him really wants the novel as well and so attempts to use a ladder to reach him...which really makes very little sense but such is their desire for A Dream of Spring.
Buckwheat drew: https://38.media.tumblr.com/47a37ce03f51a3120cc3cf7469096b75/tumblr_nft8euJ3T41rsmw5fo1_1280.png
Dreamcatcher said: A stickman is thinking about a grandmother that is knitting at night and thinking about a pig trying to climb a ladder to a cloud on which a guy is reading a book in which GRRM is dreaming of spring.
Ser-Arthur-Dayne drew: http://i.imgur.com/GTGw80C.png
SerLaughingStorm said: I'm thinking about you, who is knitting with colorful threads while thinking about a piglet who is humping a tree trunk while thinking about a less hot version of me who is thinking about Jeor Mormont who is thinking about summer foliage and a long summer.
Snax drew: http://i.imgur.com/In0Osvw.jpg

Accio Direwolf said: A lady knits while thinking of a pig hugging a tree.

Chain 6

Juli Flay said: The bear and the maiden fair are tap-dancing in Harrenhal and after a while Roose Bolton and Vargo Hoat decide to join them.

Victarious drew: http://24.media.tumb...ezdzo1_1280.png
Dreamcatcher said: In Winterfell, the bear and the maiden are dancing, Bran is watching, and Ned is vying for attention.
Silver Spearwife drew: http://i.imgur.com/6V9urhY.jpg
DaniSnowborn said: The bear dances with the maiden fair in front of a weirwood tree; Bran, smiling and petting Summer, watches them from under the tree, while Ned protests.
Buckwheat drew: https://imagizer.imageshack.us/v2/988x765q90/826/3001g.jpg
Ser-Arthur-Dayne said: The bear and the maiden fair try to go into Winterfell when they are stopped by a Stark soldier and told they cannot go through.
Accio Direwolf drew: http://i.imgur.com/6Oh4UJ1.jpg

SerLaughingStorm said: The bear and the maiden fair wish to pass through but the guard is all like "bitch please, get me some pizza!", much to the maiden's indignance.

Chain 7

Castellan said: In a trailer park in the desert, a woman waters her miniature cacti collection and remembers her youth as a mermaid.

Juli Flay drew: http://i.imgur.com/hiZljvl.jpg
DaniSnowborn said: A woman wearing sunglasses and dressed in blue is watering her potted cacti in her camp in the hot, sunny desert, in which there are three motorhomes and a green chair and a table under a red and yellow parasol; one of the cacti is growing strong and already has a face; however, she would much rather be lying in the rocks by the sea as her mermaid self.
Dreamcatcher drew: http://i.imgur.com/CiQkIyt.jpg
Witchy Bex (Dream Songs) said: A woman camping in the desert dreams of being a mermaid while watering a spiky plant.
Silver Spearwife drew: http://i.imgur.com/Z4ocdH6.jpg
Buckwheat said: Sad little mermaid waters a lonely cactus in front of a green tent in the yellow desert while dreaming of the happier days of her youth on a tropical island when she still had her fishtail.
SerLaughingStorm drew: http://i.imgur.com/5nHPYuz.png

Ser-Arthur-Dayne said: The little mermaid, while watering a cactus, got scared when she started thinking "what if the cactus one day got really hungry and thought about eating me whole?".

Chain 8

Witchy Bex (Dream Songs) said: The little dog sniffed at the new plants her owner was putting into raised beds.

Castellan drew: http://i.imgur.com/PuluI2M.jpg
Victarious said: The Hound is wearing a pedo bear costume while he's planting crops in a fresh garden and his dog is helping him.
DaniSnowborn drew: http://i.imgur.com/iRWJuOK.jpg
Juli Flay said: Sandor Clegane dressed up as the Pedobear and is now neatly planting flowers with the assistance of Ghost.
Accio Direwolf drew: http://i.imgur.com/X1KDaEy.jpg
Silver Spearwife said: Gardening with Canines: featuring Ghost with his trusty watering can, and the Hound, dressed in his finest pedobear attire
Ser-Arthur-Dayne drew: http://i.imgur.com/gAjseED.png

Buckwheat said: On a green lawn, watered by a white red-eyed cat, two wolves howl and Lem Lemoncloak the bear with scars over half of his face is learning how to use a broom.

Chain 9

Snax said: The misfit platypus tries to no avail to find a family to adopt him.

Witchy Bex (Dream Songs) drew: http://i.imgur.com/T8oBoHY.jpg
Juli Flay: A man is dancing around the cage of a blue-dotted platypus while his companion simply rocks back and forth on his heels.
Winwolf drew: http://i.imgur.com/0ovyw3v.jpg?1
Castellan said: The nicest interpretation of this picture is that an older woman and a strange looking man with too many fingers and a festive whirly-gig hat are releasing a caged platypus into a river.
DaniSnowborn drew: http://i.imgur.com/XNLFJxp.jpg
Dreamcatcher said: A grandma doesn't think it's strange that a living dead guy with the same-ish hat like the kid from The Jetsons is freeing Willy the platypus back into the river.
Buckwheat drew: https://imagizer.imageshack.us/v2/800x697q90/854/4001ko.jpg

Silver Spearwife said: By a riverbed, a boy is possessed by an alien beanie and attempts to shoot a somewhat amused woman...using a platypus.

Chain 10

Accio Direwolf said: The chihuahua got lost on its way to Taco Bell.

Snax drew: http://i.imgur.com/GoOzruN.jpg
Castellan said: A fawn has left home looking for a Taco Bell's but wonders which way to go at a cross roads: straight ahead is a burned, blasted forest, to his left is a town, and we don't know what is to his right.
Juli Flay drew: http://i.imgur.com/wbfuNzp.jpg
Witchy Bex (Dream Songs) said: The thirsty chucacabra tried to find Taco Bell.
King Gendry drew: http://i.imgur.com/WYmweHr.jpg
DaniSnowborn said: The brown dinosaur is wondering whether the instructions he received on the green paper are about the sun, a pot of flowers or a bell.
Ser Ennepe drew: http://tinypic.com/v...pic=33z9shd&s=6

Dreamcatcher said: A schizophrenic dinosaur sees hallucinations of flowers and church bells and decides to conquer the Sun

Chain 11

SerLaughingStorm said: Val and Dalla go shopping for tube socks when they encounter a magical pineapple.

Accio Direwolf drew: http://i.imgur.com/F7X1l4c.jpg
Witchy Bex (Dream Songs) said: A woman shopping stops her friend from buying socks that are not Fruit of the Loom.
Castellan drew: http://i.imgur.com/Q...asM.jpgÂ
Snax said: The redheaded lady only wanted to buy the plain white Fruit of the Loom socks but her blond frenemy blocked her path and tried to convince her to get cheap, hideous technicolour socks instead.
Juli Flay drew: http://i.imgur.com/mARuCWt.jpg
Buckwheat said: One girl who originally had blonde hair, but decided to dye red later, was good throughout the year and she got a ten dollars worth of fruits in her Christmas sock; on the other hand, her evil twinsister (who did not dye her hair) was bad and she only got a dollar.
Dreamcatcher drew: http://i.imgur.com/aSx8Psa.jpg

DaniSnowborn said: An auburn haired girl boasts about her huge Christmas stocking full of fruit, for a value of $10, to a blonde punk girl who only got a $1 bill; a dot stalks them from a distance.

Chain 12

Ser-Arthur-Dayne said: Mr. Toad of Toad Hall was enjoying a warm afternoon under a tree by a stream when all of a sudden three intruders, a badger, a mole, and a water vole disturb his peaceful rest and cause him to grumble.

SerLaughingStorm drew: http://i.imgur.com/K44N43l.jpg
Snax said: Mr. Toad can't get a decent nap because the mole people wouldn't stop chattering with the tree he's under.
Witchy Bex (Dream Songs) drew: http://i.imgur.com/b11Um0L.jpg
Accio Direwolf said: An old dwarf wizard who lives under a tree speaks to a family of ducks through the tree's face.
Castellan drew: http://i.imgur.com/zv7uytQ.jpg
Juli Flay said: The mighty wizard who lives inside the tree speaks trough the tree's face to mother and father goose and their six goslings and tells them where the best feeding grounds are and which way to take south come winter.
DaniSnowborn drew: http://i.imgur.com/bujeONS.jpg

King Gendry said: Gandalf was stood inside a tree singing a karaoke song about fields and mountains to a family of ducks.

Edited by Buckwheat

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Heheheh. Nice!

I might have to get in on a game someday...

Thanks! You are always welcome to, I am sure everybody would love to see your drawings! ;)

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The game that just ended today was hosted by Juli Flay:

Chain 1

1 Turinqui-Calima Yoda, Jesus and Rhaegar Targaryen are hiking in the Blue Mountains when they are suddenly attacked by dropbears.
2 RevUp http://i.imgur.com/URJB5dG.jpg
3 BlackBear On a brown cliff overlooking a valley; Rhaegar, Jesus and Yoda stand by unhappily as they are set upon by dropbears launched from a vicious multi faced tree.
4 DaniSnowborn http://i.imgur.com/QV6mZXd.jpg
5 Buckwheat Fours dropbears attack a yoda from a scary leafless tree, Rhaegar Targaryen hurries to help him (not sure where he is coming from, as there is a cliff right behind him) and Jesus loves everybody.
6 KingGendry http://i.imgur.com/quP6Xyg.png
7 KiDisaster A Targeryan leads a gang of monkeys toward a little green man and a tree with a face, also Hagrid loves Earth.
8 Winwolf http://i.imgur.com/0YFKVBH.jpg
9 Myrish Swamp Thing Jersey Shore Viserys feeds bananas to a bunch of small monkeys while a weirwood tree, Frog from Chrono Trigger and a fat naked environmentalist look on.

Chain 2

1 DaniSnowborn An occidental samurai warrior was being attacked by a young boy at the circus, while a doctor and a plain-looking man cheered.
2 Buckwheat https://33.media.tumblr.com/36e28d4abaf5d0412186a45be4046c89/tumblr_nftd46DiUG1rsmw5fo1_1280.jpg
3 Castellan Outside a large red and yellow striped tent a young boy with beautiful hair, in modern clothes, aims his sword at the chest of a fancy mongolian warrior on guard duty, while a woman doctor rushes from the tent to the boy in panic, because the guard has drawn his sword in retaliation, and a bearded man in blue slippers and green cotton trousers and top looks on goofily.
4 Liar http://i.imgur.com/r1QVtZS.jpg
5 KingGendry A 21st century man is attacked by a medieval warrior, after travelling back through time in a circus tent time machine, a doctor is running in to save him.
6 Myrish Swamp Thing http://www.imagebam....8901cc255643735
7 Winwolf A knight on a horse is trying to kill a patient whos being treated by a doctor in a tent.
8 RevUp http://i.imgur.com/daNYZqz.png
9 KiDisaster A knight with green plumage charges on his steed toward a medical tent containing a man in a blue shirt with a target on his chest and both arms amputated and a smiling doctor. The knight's target is the armless man.

Chain 3

1 Buckwheat A masterpiece in the great tradition of Jackson Pollock.
2 KingGendry http://i.imgur.com/Dvr3Ay4.jpg
3 Liar "This is your face after you tell Junior that he can either let you sleep or you'll make him eat his crayons. Junior is a crazy little shit, too."
4 Turinqui-Calima http://i.imgur.com/slnisgr.jpg
5 RevUp A sad woman is thinking about a girl who is sleeping under the night sky while the head of a young boy with a propellor beanie hat is floating above the sleeping girl and has his mouth covered with duck tape because he decided to eat blue pencils for dinner.
6 Winwolf http://i.imgur.com/6s6tFGo.jpg
7 Castellan An older woman walks despairingly in the night, remembering with grief a time when as a young mother she flopped down exhausted on her bed, tuning out the sound of the child who she had tragically left sitting in his high chair playing with a fork and spoon and staring at plate with strange grey objects on it .... and strapped to his head that cursedly powerful whirly-gig hat ......
8 KiDisaster http://i.imgur.com/dJoCZdg.jpg
9 BlackBear Standing under a streetlight a white faced old woman (who doesn't seem to own shoes) cries and remembers a time, when she was younger and wore the same outfit (and still didn't have shoes), and her annoying white faced son kept her from sleeping by eating crockery noisily (he doesn't even have feet) forcing her to squeeze her head in agitation while he grins like a douchebro (in a silly hat.)

Chain 4

1 Liar It's the end of the world so George RR Martin is trying to explain the ending of ASOIAF to the fans using hand puppets, which is confusing because Bran's puppet looks like Pinocchio and Varys' puppet looks like a penis.
2 DaniSnowborn http://i.imgur.com/wisxNmO.jpg
3 Myrish Swamp Thing Despite curious casting choices, George RR Martin's musical puppet show rendition of A Song of Ice and Fire was widely acclaimed, even by the dead.
4 KingGendry http://i.imgur.com/hV1884c.png
5 KiDisaster "GRRM puts on a Song of Ice and Fire puppet show and gets perfect 10s from both judges."
6 BlackBear http://i.imgur.com/4Ue3unY.png
7 RevUp George R.R. Martin is doing a puppet show about Joffrey, Tommen, Sansa and Patchface while two happy old twins on the front row of the theatre rate the show with a 10.
8 Castellan http://i.imgur.com/2T6dg0X.jpg
9 Buckwheat GRRM is the master puppeteer pulling the strings behind Joffrey, Sansa, Moonboy, Tommen and his kittens; the numerous fans and critics seem pleased with his performance.

Chain 5

1 KingGendry The giraffe and elephant are performing a dance routine on a talent show, while Mr Potato Head, a grizzly bear and a penguin judge them.
2 Castellan http://i.imgur.com/1cZp4us.jpg
3 Winwolf Mr. Potato Head, Pinguin and a Bear are hosting an animal armwrestling tournament.
4 Myrish Swamp Thing http://www.imagebam....b6b33b254359065
5 Turinqui-Calima "A sad kangaroo with huge biceps and a concentrated cat are in an arm-wrestling tournament that a worried man in glasses, a penguin and a bored teddy bear are judging."
6 KiDisaster http://i.imgur.com/sYeYiUy.jpg
7 BlackBear In an arm-wrestling competition a muscular anthropomorphic kangaroo wrestles a cat, three judges (a skinny man with glasses, a penguin with a mohican, and lobster with a white penis) are holding up numbers that seem to have no relevance to the competition.
8 Silver Spearwife http://i.imgur.com/OmYLcZs.jpg
9 RevUp A nerd with huge glasses, a punk pinguin and a red crab are holding mathematical signs while trying to figure out how a kargaroo can't beat a cat at arm wrestling.

Chain 6

1 KiDisaster Albus Dumbledore does a kegstand while Harry Potter and Zaphod Beeblebrox cheer him on, Severus Snape and Marvin the Paranoid Android watch unhappily from the corner.
2 Turinqui-Calima http://i.imgur.com/MoglnVG.png
3 DaniSnowborn In the purple room of madness, Harry Potter helps Dumbledore drink upside down from a beer keg, next to male, blonde, siamese twins, while Snape, standing in front of a stormtrooper with a big creme-colored ball as a head, looks away disapprovingly.
4 BlackBear http://i.imgur.com/tQsdayO.jpg
5 Winwolf At a disco-party Harry potter is doing a drinking game with Dumbledore while a siamese twin is dancing around, Also attending is a round-headed alien with no face and a grim looking nun.
6 RevUp http://i.imgur.com/sNXGIzZ.png
7 Myrish Swamp Thing Dumbledore beats Harry Potter in a disco drinking contest judged by an alien, a two-headed woman and a nun.
8 Liar http://i.imgur.com/IXswOC4.jpg
9 KingGendry Dumbledore beats Harry Potter in a drinking contest, an alien dreams of sweets, a two headed woman dreams of the grim reaper, and Old Nan remenisces on love.

Chain 7

1 Castellan A snapshot from Jaime and Brienne's Hawaiian holiday.
2 Winwolf http://i.imgur.com/kNAi5w0.jpg
3 Buckwheat Near the delta of the Nile, Dany leads Viserys on a long chain bound around his wrist and two dark-skinned tribeswomen dance a ritual dance with shining eggs.
4 RevUp http://i.imgur.com/reTjnAv.jpg
5 BlackBear In ancient egypt Dany (who clearly has cold nipples) has Viserys in bondage, whilst happy Green sarong girl (with green eyes) and happy Red sarong girl (with red eyes) dance to a radioplayer in the hope of waking up three dragon eggs.
6 Turinqui-Calima http://i.imgur.com/PwilOoh.png
7 KingGendry Melisandre and her green-themed cousin try to hatch Dragon eggs in Meereen by having a party and tying up Viserys Targaryen, Dany looks on bemused.
8 Myrish Swamp Thing http://www.imagebam....508c3c256568743
9 Liar "Melisandre, Goldberry and a semi-naked teenage girl are delightfully watching a straw dummy getting burned. The crime? Secret Targ, of course!"

Chain 8

1 Winwolf Queen Cersei Lannister being eaten by Nymeria with Arya Stark sitting on the iron throne.
2 Myrish Swamp Thing http://www.imagebam....e9ff86252755803
3 KiDisaster Bran sits the Iron Throne, watching as Summer happily dismembers Cersei's corpse.
4 Buckwheat http://imageshack.us...815/pic001m.jpg
5 Castellan From a throne - is it iron or is it weirwood? - Bran wargs Summer who has slain Cersei and is nibbling at her innards.
6 DaniSnowborn http://i.imgur.com/bhPSp0q.jpg
7 Liar "Bran Stark wargs Summer and kills a young blonde maid. While eating her bloody, graphic, unexpected guts, Summer tries to think about how to make this an English fry-up. If he had had to kill the girl himself, Bran wonders whether he would have used a sword or any conveniently available Weirwood branch."
8 SerLaughingStorm http://oi40.tinypic.com/xds1s4.jpg
9 Turinqui-Calima "A bewildered blue-eyed man is watching as Summer the direwolf eats Myrcella believing she is food while Bran is busy wondering if he should become a sword-wielding knight or a weirwood tree."

Chain 9

1 RevUp At the bottom of an ocean a cowboy is riding a large turtle while trying to catch a plesiosaur with his lasso.
2 BlackBear http://i.imgur.com/gSZmkkk.jpg
3 KingGendry A man wearing a grey top, brown boots and cowboy hat rides a giant turtle under the sea, and attempts to lasso a striped green platypus'
4 Castellan http://i.imgur.com/cJ47zvJ.jpg
5 Myrish Swamp Thing The Lone Ranger rides a sea turtle and lassoes a baby croc, as his friend the octopus looks on sadly.
6 Liar http://i.imgur.com/zHZm8MX.jpg
7 Buckwheat Under the sea, a masked cowboy rides a turtle, I know I know, oh oh oh. Under the sea, a masked cowboy walks a crocodile on a leash, I know I know, oh oh oh. Under the sea, a purple octopus chases a masked cowboy, I know I know, oh oh oh.
8 Turinqui-Calima http://i.imgur.com/1iBl7KP.png
9 Winwolf A christmas costumed baby is thinking about a cowboy who is trying to catch a crocodile while riding on a turtle, after he catches him he is thrown out of the sea by an octopus.

Chain 10

1 BlackBear A Police Walrus aims a gun at a Ninja Snake whilst meteors hail from the sky.
2 KiDisaster http://i.imgur.com/8Br3bEp.jpg
3 Turinqui-Calima The walrus-sheriff is holding a red-and-blue snake who is threatening him with a throwing star at gunpoint during a meteor shower.
4 Winwolf http://i.imgur.com/e9eLmBP.jpg
5 Liar "A blind, rustic, mechanical walrus is holding a cobra at gunpoint, unbeknownst to the walrus, the cobra uses the magical and luminous power in its tail to make rain Molotov cocktails made in several bowling balls, while the walrus tries to use its own magical luminous power in its throat to stop them. Will it have enough time?"
6 Buckwheat https://imagizer.imageshack.us/v2/877x537q90/191/pictionary3.png
7 Silver Spearwife In a world where all creatures and things have the power of the sun within them, the walrus holds the king cobra at gunpoint as they are surrounded by bits of fire and wildfire.
8 KingGendry http://i.imgur.com/BBBpYQF.png
9 Castellan A man and his dog seem to enjoy the warmth of an approaching fire front, but it has made the wild animals nervous - a cobra to rears up at a walrus, who points a gun at it.

Chain 11

1 Myrish Swamp Thing These pretzels are making me thirsty!
2 Liar http://i.imgur.com/LIZF5oi.jpg
3 RevUp Cosmo Kramer has lots of chest hair and he's spitting fire after eating a pretzel.
4 KiDisaster http://i.imgur.com/6jT6LNo.jpg
5 DaniSnowborn The kid in the grey shirt stole a pretzel from the safe box that was on top of the blue couch and, much to his surprise, the pretzel made him spit fire.
6 Castellan http://i.imgur.com/wl6ueVn.jpg
7 Turinqui-Calima A mischievous little boy is standing on a light blue futon in order to reach a box of chili peppers and have already eaten enough to set his mouth on fire.
8 Buckwheat https://imagizer.imageshack.us/v2/663x537q90/259/pictionary4.jpg
9 Silver Spearwife After eating all the boxes of Chili Pepper Flakes, one of which is terribly misshapen, a boy climbs on a chair to try and reach the last box high on the bookshelf that holds his copies of A Song of Ice and Fire.

*I adjusted the formatting a little to make it all more readable.

Edited by Buckwheat

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Then I took up the task of hosting and ... the game took some weird turns along the way. :blushing: :leaving:


Juli - Juli Greyjoy

BB - The BlackBear

MST - Myrish Swamp Thing

Silver - Silver Spearwife

Dani - DaniSnowborn

TC - Turinqui-Calima

Gendry - KingGendry

Hally - Hallyington

Wood - Sword of the Morning Wood

Lily - Lily Valley


Koba - Kobayashi Maru

Stinger - SerStinger

Alex - TonySoprano


Chain 1: McDonald's Army

Juli said: After the battle a savage-looking swordsman invents the cheese-sandwich, but his companions are not impressed.

Silver drew: http://i.imgur.com/tDBerWS.jpg

Hally said: A knight called MacDonald is showing his new invention "the hamburger" to his fellow companions who have just killed a lot of people.

MST drew: http://s24.postimg.o...tionary_2_2.png

Gendry said: A group of people all wearing white and carrying knives have been trying to steal a burger from Ronald McDonald, he has repelled all but 2 with his machete and put their heads on spikes.

Castellan drew: http://i.imgur.com/5jRrWbv.jpg

Stinger said: McDonald headquarters was under attack by some men and women in white uniform. Their attack was fruitless and they were beheaded and their heads were impaled on spikes on the roof and the yard of McDonalds headquarters. Now a second wave of attack has commenced, a man and a woman in white uniform have attacked the McDonald clown mascot with guns while he is defending himself with a sword and he's also shot in the chest.

Koba drew: http://s11.postimg.o...nn8r5lf/023.jpg

Lily said:­ McDonald's army of co-ed Eskimos came home to find their people slain and a clown holding down their igloo.

BB drew: http://i.imgur.com/uJGNIb8.png

TC said: On the North Pole an army of sword-wielding McDonald’s employees march against a murderous clown who is standing on his igloo, a bunch of colorful balloons in his hand, laughing at the two persons he has already killed.

Chain 2: Croquet, Take One

Castellan said: Charles Darwin watching some giant Galapagos island turtles play croquet.

Stinger drew: http://i.imgur.com/94xis0V.jpg

Juli said: Three turtles are playing cricket in a rabbit hole and an elderly jew actually wants to join them but he doesn't really dare to ask.

Wood drew: http://i1314.photobu...zpsebc72b1a.png

TC said: Three turtles are playing cricket in a rabbit warren in front of a Rabbi who is wondering why he can’t join the game, while the rabbit is above ground too scared by the weird noises to go back down.

Silver drew: http://i.imgur.com/9OOUZ9d.jpg

Lily said: In the home of a frightened rabbit, turtles are trying to learn cricket while their rabbi umpire explains that the fielders don't need a bat.

BB drew: http://i.imgur.com/6Rc4WLV.png

MST said: A rabbi explains the rules and strategies of cricket to two turtles and a rabbit. The fact that bowlers aren't supposed to try to hit the bat with the ball confuses them.

Gendry drew: http://i.imgur.com/CMxUTHh.png

Hally said: A suited man is telling an empty room the dangers of communism.

Chain 3: Party with the Sun

Silver said: The polar bear threw a fantastic tea party for his friends: the little kitten, the penguin, and the squid.

Lily drew: http://i.imgur.com/88nS4lf.jpg

Castellan said: NSFW typo!

A happy bear serves teat to an octopus and penguin.

Koba drew: http://i1344.photobu...zps3072921d.jpg

Hally said: A squid lets a penguin into an outside bar run by bears and a giant sun, who is sentient.

Stinger drew: http://i.imgur.com/KpgUmqj.jpg

MST said: A reformed Kraken hopes to join his friends the two bears and the sun at the local pub. The establishment is hosted by a penguin.

Gendry drew: http://i.imgur.com/EX2LktO.png

Wood said: The giant killer octopus is angry to see that the sun has stolen his seat at the bar beside two sloths, whilst the penguin barman looks on.

TC drew: http://i.imgur.com/2ycslOd.png :bowdown:

Juli said: An incredibly good-looking kraken, a sunglass-wearing sun and the brothers sloth are getting drunk at Mr. Penguin's bar for only $6.99 today.

Chain 4: Dragonfighter

Stinger said: A giant is using a man to beat a dragon to death.

MST drew: http://s7.postimg.or...tionary_2_1.jpg

Silver said: A giant defeats an enormous dragon using a regularly-sized person as a weapon.

BB drew: http://i.imgur.com/tBUKMgz.png

Juli said: Eli Manning slays a red dragon by flinging a leprechaun at its head.

Lily drew: http://i.imgur.com/FElijca.jpg

Wood said: A quarterback is trying to slay a dragon by throwing leprechauns at it so hard that they pierce through it's skull and into it's brain.

TC drew: http://i.imgur.com/TBbc2pn.png

Koba said: When Friday Night Lights character ends up in Game of Thrones only thing that stands between him and yellow, flame throwing dragon is bunch of leprechauns and luckily for him he managed to jam one right between the dragon's eyes.

Hally drew: NSFW! http://i.imgur.com/Qz9GdAi.jpg

Castellan said: Accompanied by a red-eyed yellow beast, a nude, hulking male armed with a club shepherds three leprechauns to safety; two of the leprechauns are waist-high to the hulk while the other is doll-sized and is carried in the hulk's left hand to speed the pace.

Chain 5: Elvis

Lily said: Elvis has left the building, because it is on fire.

Wood drew: http://i1314.photobu...zps07c2fdd8.png

Stinger said: A terrorist Elvis impersonator has blown up some building with a bomb.

Gendry drew: http://i.imgur.com/snK4Dyr.png

Castellan said: An Elvis impersonator (white jump suit phase) who is armed with a gun, has used a detonator to blow up a brick building next to a highway.

MST drew: http://s24.postimg.o...tionary_2_3.png

Koba said: 3000 Miles to Graceland.

Hally drew: http://i.imgur.com/bNAUis4.jpg

BB said: Happy Sun beams down and thinks he's watching a joke: Why did the cowboy cross the road? To get from the pink sea to the slightly redder sea. Sun doesn't know if he got the joke.

Juli drew: http://i.imgur.com/tI8OM81.jpg

Dani said: A cowboy crossing a road in the desert, heading to an unknown place, makes the sun consider a hilarious idea: "What if the heat was so much that it made the cowboy turn into a laughing pink ball?"

Chain 6: Blackfish Joins the British Army

MST said: Blackfish, with a stubble, smokes a cigar and shoots Freys with a Tommy Gun automatic crossbow.

Koba drew: http://i1344.photobu...zpsda461ca2.jpg

Lily said: General Fidel "Blackfish" Castro and his trusty crossbow Freykiller exterminate the Freys from the pages of A Song of Ice and Fire.

TC drew: http://i.imgur.com/QMLlUXl.png

Silver said: Cigar-smoking Brynden Tully, who is wearing military attire more suited to our universe, is using a crossbow to shoot the word "Frey" every time it appears in A Song of Ice and Fire.

Wood drew: http://i.imgur.com/GchVsID.png

BB said: The Blackfish is dressed up as a 19th century British Officer, so furious with the red wedding is he, that he shoots Storm of Swords with a crossbow and smokes a fat cigar, will he bother to read the next books?

Pebbles drew: https://docs.google....4WTQ/edit?pli=1

Gendry said: A soldier in the red uniform of the British Army gets so angry when he reaches the Red Wedding chapter, that he decides to shoot the book with an arrow, and contemplates flushing the rest of the series down the toilet.

Castellan drew: http://i.imgur.com/1zdsvVl.jpg

Stinger said: A British prince reads the Red Wedding scene. He is sad. He first shoots A Storm of Swords with arrows and then throws the entire series into the toilet.

Chain 7: Whatever Happened Here a. k. a. The NSFW One

Wood said: Loras Tyrell gains the upperhand in the melee against Sandor Clegane by offering him beans before the fight so that he does a horrific fart in his suit of armor, disabling him momentarily.

BB drew: http://i.imgur.com/31pc7iT.png

MST said: Loras Tyrell beats Sandor Clegane in a duel, which was only possible because Margaery gave Sandor cookies spiked with elephant tranquilizers ten minutes earlier.

Hally drew: NSFW! http://i.imgur.com/3BhfPis.png

Stinger said: NSFW!

A blond man with a rose T-shirt is watching a topless woman and a buttomless man with a dog T-shirt offering her some cookies on his penis.

Koba drew: NSFW! http://s2.postimg.or...jr8fatl/098.jpg

Gendry said: NSFW!

A peeping tom in a flowery shirt spots a man and woman flashing each other.

Castellan drew: NSFW! http://i.imgur.com/GKmAlsl.jpg

TC said: NSFW!

On a dark night a man in a really tasteless sweater is peeking through the window of a one room house where, after drinking some Arbor Gold, a man is showing a woman his privates while the woman is showing him her breasts.

Dani drew: NSFW! http://i.imgur.com/ugMzYkk.jpg

Lily said: In a private theater Patchface watches Sansa and Joffrey play "I'll show you mine; if you show me yours" while drinking cheap Pinot Grigio.

Chain 8: Guest Starring: Buckwheat. Thank you, BB. :love:

Koba said: A young priest and a knight in full plate armor are playing chess in monastery cloister under a cypress tree while young boy plays a harp next to them wearing long red tunic.

Gendry drew: http://i.imgur.com/pNam0p6.png

Wood said: The ginger haired knight plays chess with a monk, in the gardens of a palace on a hillside, whilst a dwarf monk, dressed all in red, plays the harp in the corner.

Juli drew: http://i.imgur.com/YhhVsKx.jpg

Lily said: On a beautiful day, Red Walder and the high Sparrow play chess while a novice plays the harp.

BB drew: http://i.imgur.com/W3hAzql.png

TC said: On a sunny day in the park a Frey of the Twins wearing a Pac Man belt is just starting a game of chess against a man in a white hooded cloak with a grey beard, while a man in a grey hooded cloak and no beard is playing the harp.

Dani drew: http://i.imgur.com/FStYOS3.jpg

Hally said: Two old guys play chess while another old guy plays a bitchin' solo on his harp.

Stinger drew: http://i.imgur.com/l47s8gV.jpg

MST said: Robb Stark and Tywin Lannister agree to settle their differences with a nice game of chess. A fat homeless man with a beret rocks out with a harp, but he plays badly so he is annoying.

Chain 9: Croquet, Take Two

BB said: Alice and the Hatter are having an excellent game of Croquet, the loser will have to wash and pair the winner’s socks.

TC drew: http://i.imgur.com/M9JhXf1.png

Koba said: Alice and Mad Hatter are playing cricket on green grass field, winner gets a golden cup, looser gets to wash other person's socks.

Castellan drew: http://i.imgur.com/4vL10jg.jpg

MST said: Alice defends her wickets against the Mad Hatter in the finals of the Fantasy Cricket Championship. The winner will earn a magic golden cup, while the loser will get a bowl of dirty socks.

Gendry drew: http://i.imgur.com/kvEBL67.png

Hally said: A blonde haired girl challenges Willy Wonka to a fight while the enraged masses look on.

Stinger drew: http://i.imgur.com/qZ50f8K.jpg

Juli said: A strong woman in army pants and with a wobbly arm is competing against a cowboy wizard in a circle while the emotions of the crowd (in which Harry Potter and an alien are hiding) go from enthusiasm over deadly dullness to roaring anger.

Lily drew: http://i.imgur.com/659Dukf.jpg

Wood said: Harry Potter and an alien sit in an increasingly angry crowd watching a cowboy-witch fight a female weight lifter.

Chain 10: Royal Ship

Gendry said: King Joffrey performs the can-can on the deck of a cruise ship, Julius Caesar jet skis alongside, and a family of dolphins are eating a takeaway on the seabed.

Hally drew: http://i.imgur.com/PXnt7cl.png

BB said: Joffrey is aboard his yacht, it's a custom job with an invisible shed complete with chimney, but oh no! Joffrey has had enough of monochrome man and has pushed him into the sea wearing nothing but a red dress, but monochrome man is much more interested in the dancing dolphin twins and the squashed pink blob with eyes.

Silver drew: http://i.imgur.com/oRdN15z.jpg

Wood said: Joffrey pushes a gray lady dressed in red off the bow of the royal ship, into the sea, where two dolphins are playing below.

TC drew: http://i.imgur.com/3tvcYvq.png

Juli said: King Joffrey pushes grandma Melisandre into the sea close to an uninhabited tropical island, but the dolphins are already there to carry her away.

Pebbles drew: https://docs.google....3NkU/edit?pli=1

Castellan said: Joffrey gleefully throws a smouldering Melisandre to the sharks from a sailboat (his reason is that she is really his grandmother and all evil people must do bad things to their grandmother) but the joke is on him because the sharks are really dolphins and soon they are towing her to safety.

MST drew: http://s23.postimg.o...tionary_2_5.png

Koba said: Joffrey throws Melisandre of the boat thinking she had some visions about him not being a Baratheon. He thinks a shark will eat her but it turns out it was only dolphin in disguise who takes her to a deserted island on his back.

Chain 11: Man of Steel

TC said: Superman feels awkward when he meets a man who is actually made of steel.

Juli drew: http://i.imgur.com/t1Lg8Bh.jpg

Gendry said: Superman is standing around thinking how hench he is, until a new guy shows up dressed in a grey superhero suit and is even more hench, superman looks disappointed.

Stinger drew: http://i.imgur.com/GKsNeuO.jpg?1

Koba said: Mindless strength and vanity will always be shamed by a hunky guy in heart printed speedos.

Hally drew: NSFW! http://i.imgur.com/sq1dr99.jpg

Castellan said: This blue-eyed, genuine red-head has bravely entered a beauty or body sculpting contest which he/she no hope of placing in, and has taken the opportunity to spread the spirit of red-love by wearing bikini underpants with a red heart on the front.

MST drew: NSFW! http://s14.postimg.o...tionary_2_4.png

Dani said: A group of four curvy bikini models (a redhead, a blonde, a pale skinned, black haired one and a dark skinned, dark haired one) are listening to the redhead one, who is also the curviest, who's sharing her secret to success with a smug look on her face: white panties with a big red heart on the front.

Wood drew: VERY NSFW! http://i.imgur.com/7qoXo5V.png

BB said: NSFW!

The girls are having a bikini competition: Taena Merryweather's yellow number fails to impress, Mya Stone removes hers, but the green bikini fails to move the judges, the Cersei/Brienne Hybrid's lilac getup doesn't do it either (much to her annoyance.) So who has won the illustrious prize? Well she was the bookies favourite: IT'S MELISANDRE! She came through with a plain white outfit and didn't even let her period stop her.

Chain 12: Court

Hally said: A man with a beard smiles while he sits during his court hearing.

Castellan drew: http://i.imgur.com/hz77UKd.jpg

TC said: I am a fly on the wall at the senate hearing where a bearded giant smiles knowingly while a terrified man with awful hair is testifying.

Lily drew: http://i.imgur.com/mrEO26Q.jpg

BB said: At a UN meeting, the spaghetti armed spokesman is giving a speech to an assembly of dignitaries, some look angry, some look bored, one looks proud to be American (he might be compensating for something) God looks benign, Bodyless-John-Lennon-Rabbit is spying on the assembly round a corner, oblivious of the arrow pointing him out.

Juli drew: http://i.imgur.com/3299cz1.jpg

Alex said:(Some might consider that offensive, but not really NSFW.)

American ignorance.

Wood drew: NSFW! http://i.imgur.com/OmdAz7P.png

Stinger said: NSFW!

A fat American man with a small brain thinks the world-map has a penis, and Syria is in north of USSR and Britannia which are neighbors.

Koba drew: NSFW! http://s16.postimg.o...lh/untitled.png

Gendry said: NSFW!

A fat, bald American daydreams about male genitalia, some random splodges, and the effects of nationalism.

Bonus: Pebble's Challenge - Possibly NSFW

Pebble said: A Shocked Prince William orders the some Beefeaters to Arrest a severely hangover prince Harry who is still dressed in his fancy Nazi costume and drag him to the Tower of London and to sharpen the axe, when he discovered that the new born royal baby of indiscriminate sex looks just like his Brother, while Prancing Unicorns and frolicking fawns celebrate the birth with crememative plates under a sparkling rainbow.

Buckwheat drew: http://imageshack.co...6/8352/iawm.jpg

Edited by Buckwheat

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I, SerStinger, hosted the sixth pictionary.

The players:



Lily Valley

Kobayashi Maru








Ser Lany Cassandra

Pebble's chain:

Pebbles wrote: Jamie Skywalker throws Yoda Stark from a winterfell tower window, after he and his sister where disturbs, while the dire-wolf called Ackber whines about Traps below.

Juli Cachet (replacement) drew: http://i.imgur.com/GjGfdmF.jpg

Now this is where I make the fatal mistake. I sent another picture to Dani, who was supposed to describe this. Therefore this chain is shorter than some of the others. Due to the complications, the picture was sent to Dani again.

DaniSnowborn wrote: Yoda Stark was caught spying on the Lannister twins having sex in the tower and Jaime pushed him off the window; as he falls down towards the spiked moat, screaming, Admiral Ackbar, in the shape of a dog, wails sadly.

DreamSongs drew: http://i.imgur.com/LSYouaF.jpg?2

Kobayashi wrote: Yoda Stark for unknown reason climbed a tower carrying a wizard wand only to see Jaime and Cercei doing it.He was for the sake of love pushed through the window of the tower and his direwolf (which is not direwolf at all but earless bald dog) singed a two note song in stead of howling.

Lily Valley drew: NSFW!


Castellan wrote: There are two erections in this drawing, one is a tower and one belongs to Jaime, you know the story, but why Bran is carrying a sword, a cape and strange horned headgear while he climbs, and is attached by a long line to a stone on the ground, I cannot say.

Turinqui-Calima’s Chain:

TC wrote: A fierce Viking warrior riding a golden unicorn is lost in New York City.

HimOfManyFaces drew: http://i.imgur.com/enLTtpU.jpg

Juli Cachet (replacement) wrote: Erik the Red travels through the New World on his golden unicorn and furiously swings his mighty sword at the unreadable street signs in New York.

DreamSongs drew: http://i.imgur.com/ccX8bgv.jpg

Buckwheat wrote: A man with long red hair and beard and an antlered helm riding a unicorn is organising the traffic in the middle of a complicated crossroads with a sword in his hand.

Castellan drew: http://i.imgur.com/DoeFHFo.jpg

Pebbles wrote: At the Twins a muscular long haired Viking/unicorn/centor warrior with a massive sword emerges from the center gate tower and orders a horde or mounted knights on the left to charge the line of refugees with wheelbarrows and a small dog trying to cross the river from the right.

The BlackBear drew: http://i.imgur.com/DXeEXB4.png

Kobayashi wrote: Jaime Lannister unicorn leads Frey defending The Twins attacked by three men and a dog who want to build a bridge over the river with some pipes.

Lily Valley’s chain

Lily Valley wrote: A young Benjamin Franklin finished his homework, but an alligator ate it.

The BlackBear drew: http://i.imgur.com/8dH7bFR.png

Castellan wrote: At 6 o'clock a man is very pleased with himself and his new theory on alligators and at 9 o'clock the alligator has eaten him and all his research notes. Such is life.

Kobayashi drew: http://s12.postimg.o...rh/untitled.png

TC wrote: A boy who is reading a book about alligators wakes up early in the morning and can’t stop talking about them, but a few hours later both the boy and his book is eaten by an alligator that doesn't even think he tastes good.

HimOfManyFaces drew: http://i.imgur.com/dsOD5Od.jpg

DaniSnowborn wrote: The boy was reading The Adventures of the Little Green Dinosaur, and, when he finished the book at 5:57 pm, he said he wished the little green dinosaur was real; his wish came true when, three hours later, an adult green dinosaur, wearing a red scarf and wielding a knife, showed up in his room and ate both the child and the book while regretfully thinking "why do I do this?"

Ser Lany Cassandra drew: This one is a bit different, she drew two pictures as the two parts, I didn’t ask her to put them into one file because of time restriction:

Part 1: http://i.imgur.com/5tSccNC.jpg?2

Part 2: http://i.imgur.com/onZABPO.jpg?2

Pebbles wrote: A crowned man is reading about Brontosaurus's, he thinking it would be really cool if they ate people and not veggies, he's also thinking about his birthday, then a little later a highly evolved clothed Tyrannosaurus bites the mans head off, afterwards the Tyrannosaurus wonders why it brought the knife.

Kobayashi Maru’s chain

Kobayashi wrote: Kobayashi Maru is walking on the roof of Duomo in Milan while

is playing in the background.

Leonardo drew: http://img542.images...2/8840/ormp.jpg

DreamSongs wrote: And the populace listened as they sang from the steeples.

Buckwheat drew: http://img832.images...2/1820/gfub.jpg

Castellan wrote: It's a medieval New Year: the clock hits 12 and a joyous crowd listen to singers in twin towers proclaim the hour.

Pebbles drew: http://i.imgur.com/1Bvdg60.jpg

HimOfManyFaces wrote: The New Years Eve party at the purple castle was a happening place as the knight and all of the maidens and men listened to the castle's bards sing from the balcony.

TC drew: http://i.imgur.com/e0eb6Sm.png

DaniSnowborn wrote: It's celebration day in the castle! A mage casts fireworks from one of the windows; a bard sings and plays the lute on a balcony; Sansa, holding a sparkly stick, dances, while a drunken knight, whose helmet casts fireworks too, watches her; a couple of monks chat on the battlements and a girl walks away from the castle drinking champagne.

Castellan’s chain

Castellan wrote: Staff attends a compulsory seminary on innovation and continuous improvement.

DreamSongs drew: http://i.imgur.com/h5WYubn.jpg?1

HimOfManyFaces wrote: The helical compact fluorescent lamp was happy to learn about about the energy savings and industrial competitiveness Act, but the three standard light bulbs were not even slightly amused.

Lily Valley drew: http://i.imgur.com/Cd3HMCX.jpg

Kobayashi wrote: Doughnut man is explaining to balloon people that saving in a piggy bank is written in a scripture.

Ser Lany Cassandra drew: http://i.imgur.com/LVcVo4h.jpg

The BlackBear wrote: A happy pair of balloons are putting money in their piggy-bank, whilst the anthropomorphic Donut reads a sonnet to the piggy-bank.

Pebbles drew: http://i.imgur.com/HsbqZ4t.png

Buckwheat wrote: The orange balloon and the blue balloon save money in the piggy bank so they will be able to buy tickets for Mr. Potatohead's Arabic poetry reading.

DreamSongs’s chain

DreamSongs wrote: The night shift nurse discovered that the coffee machine was broken.

Castellan drew: http://i.imgur.com/15GpRCp.jpg

Juli Cachet (replacement) wrote: The four ginger-haired nurses on the night shift have lost their souls to the God of Coffee, but he does not hear their pleas for the soothing drink at 2 am.

HimOfManyFaces drew: http://i.imgur.com/0r4eDVr.jpg

Pebbles wrote: Scottish male nurses with extra short white kilts gather for coffee aground a table to sustain themselves through the nightshift; they are distressed to discover the coffee machine is not working due to a broken power lead. One of the Nurses with deformed arms shoots himself in the head.

Kobayashi drew: http://s8.postimg.or...p/Pctionary.png

KingGendry wrote: 2 bearded men in kilts are wearing England hats, a third man is so confused about the situation he decides to shoot himself.

DaniSnowborn drew: http://i.imgur.com/lwVazBs.jpg

TC wrote: The blonde man was so shocked when he saw to Englishmen wearing kilts he contemplated shooting himself, but since he was out of bullets he had to hang himself instead.

DaniSnowborn’s chain

DaniSnowborn wrote: The greenish, frizzly, wet creatures dance and sing at the main square of the city, as if they were performing a ritual with unknown intentions, which makes the passers-by uneasy.

Buckwheat drew: http://img839.images...9/4614/5ed1.png

Kobayashi wrote: Three green aliens are dancing in a town square wearing makeup and singing while towns people watch in shock.

Pebbles drew: http://i.imgur.com/XPnVL9V.png

Ser Lany Cassandra wrote: The aliens landed in town square and began singing to signal they were peaceful, however the singing was very bad and the people hated it.

KingGendry drew: http://i.imgur.com/lOdxKr9.jpg

Lily Valley wrote: The one-eyed little green men came in peace, but they were greeted by an angry mob.

HimOfManyFaces drew: http://i.imgur.com/vL2uHUP.jpg

The BlackBear wrote: As a star goes supernova, two factions face off, the aliens hate nuclear but the clones love fire!

Leonardo’s chain

This is the second troublesome chain, and I believe the cause of trouble in the other ones too. As you can see Leonardo and KingGendry appear twice. It might sound very stupid but I don’t know what caused this. The chains and replacements as I have them reveal something else.

Leonardo wrote: Tywin Lannister with a lute covering his naughty bits, as he is surrounded by Northmen and is attempting to play for his freedom.

KingGendry (replacement) drew: http://i.imgur.com/Uv2gui4.jpg

Lily Valley wrote: Late at night, a naked bard is confronted by an invisible Lannister, three Stark bannermen, a Dornish knight, a Bolton knight, and the Storm Lord.

Leonardo drew: http://img842.images...2/5936/jc59.jpg

KingGendry wrote: A bard is playing a lute under a thundery cloud, in front of 3 Stark bannermen and an X Factor judge.

The BlackBear drew: http://i.imgur.com/T5zKAPU.png

TC wrote: In a lightning storm a minstrel with a harp and a purple cape is singing to a bunch of Stark soldiers, including a Tallhart, a Mormont and a Karstark, and an Elvis impersonator who does not support any house in particular.

Buckwheat drew: http://img689.images...9/8376/dlop.jpg

DreamSongs wrote: Elvis points out a Tallhart in front of the Hound and a guard to the cloaked harpist as a storm rages overhead.

The BlackBear’s chain:

This was another troublesome chain. (The worst one). Solving it required a bit of acrobatic moves. I believe it was caused because I confused Juli and KingGendry in the Leonardo’s chain. These do not match how the chain exactly went, but I reordered it to fix it.

The BlackBear wrote: The hapless Knight having killed a dragon, and climbed the tower using a ladder, is startled to find Rapunzel in bed with her girlfriend.

DreamSongs drew: http://i.imgur.com/3qujuXX.jpg

TC wrote: The valiant knight slays a green dragon with a giant key in order to climb to the top of the tower and rescue the beautiful princess, only to discover her in the arms of another woman.

Castellan drew: http://i.imgur.com/TyaFazX.jpg

DaniSnowborn wrote: The knight slayed the dragon that held the princess captive in the top of the tower, and, when he climbed up to her room to release her and possibly claim her hand, he found out she had a female lover, which made him very disappointed.

KingGendry drew: http://i.imgur.com/yWt66ua.jpg

HimOfManyFaces wrote: After the night slated the dragon in the castle to save the two damsels in distress he was heartbroken to discover that they were lesbians.

Buckwheat drew: http://img197.images...7/7010/fhbl.JPG

Lily Valley wrote: After the knight slays the green dragon, he climbs the tower to rescue his princess, only to find her romancing her lady in waiting.

KingGendry’s chain:

SwordoftheMorningWood wrote: A man has just finished defecating on a rock in a meadow and he's cleaning himself up when a dog appears and starts snarling and barking at the pile of poop.

Pebbles drew: https://docs.google....dit?usp=sharing

The BlackBear wrote: A dog speaks Japanese at a man, who is so engaged in the scroll he is reading, to warn him that he's about to burn his bum on the bacon he's cooking over hot stones.

DaniSnowborn drew: http://i.imgur.com/j5Fosiw.jpg?1

Lily Valley wrote: When Triumph: The Insult Dog shows up at Harry Potter's bacon barbecue, Harry tries to magic the dog away.

TC drew: http://i.imgur.com/W7SscrU.png

DreamSongs wrote: Harry Potter grills out and magically prevents a bow-tied Rottweiler from stealing hot dogs off the grill with the old broomstick to the mouth trick.

Kobayashi drew: http://s8.postimg.or...ictionary_2.png

HimOfManyFaces wrote: Harry Potter magically transforms his cat into hot dogs on the grill.

HimOfManyFaces’s chain

HimOfManyFaces wrote: When the stork attempts to deliver the baby Ewok to his family, he quickly realizes his address mistake upon the hungry Gremlins who live there.

TC wrote: http://i.imgur.com/VcwtU6y.png

KingGendry wrote: A kind white bird means to return a baby Wookie to it's mother, but OH NO! IT'S THE WRONG DOOR! and two evil looking pixie-dragons wait inside to kidnap the baby instead.

The BlackBear drew: http://i.imgur.com/8HMvLcV.png

DreamSongs wrote: The unsuspecting stork was happy to be delivering a wookie baby to its parents but was unwise to the fact the baby was being delivered to two hungry dragons.

DaniSnowborn wrote: http://i.imgur.com/krUlCQQ.jpg?1

Buckwheat wrote: The stork mistakes two hungry dragons living at no. 418 for a happy loving wookie couple in expectation of a baby and flies towards their home with the cute sleeping baby wookie in the beak.

Castellan drew: http://i.imgur.com/1xC7cIS.jpg

Ser Lany Cassandra wrote: The family who lives in house #148 was waiting for the stork to deliver their baby but it was late because the stork got confused and was delivering the baby to house #418 instead and the fire breathing dragons who lived there were looking forward to eating the baby.

Buckwheat’s chain

Buckwheat wrote: An autumn landscape with vineyards during a beautiful sunrise.

DaniSnowborn drew: http://i.imgur.com/COdhCMq.jpg

Pebbles wrote: The famous parting of the pine forest using giant sweetcorn to hold back the trees, the parting leads into a beautiful sunset.

TC drew: http://i.imgur.com/lAy58ru.png

The BlackBear wrote: With the sun rising majestically over a forest, the tin of sweetcorn tips over and creates a surprisingly large river of sweetcorn that stretches towards the sun.

Lily Valley drew: http://i.imgur.com/H6Ie5OV.jpg

Castellan wrote: King Summer is in his glory and his glowing wand has made a magic pot eject small square things which are helping ripen corn husks that are rolling out of a silo and continuing down the mountains - to where the hungry people wait?

DreamSongs drew: http://i.imgur.com/7YlrVOz.jpg?2

KingGendry wrote: The Sun King mixes his saucepan with a sword and produces food, when mixed with the bodies of sacrificed villagers this creates a corn on the cob, and he proceeds to build a giant tower from it and looks pleased with himself.

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Game VII hosted by Spartacus. (I am Spartacus)

Nasza's Chain

Nasza Writes: A boy jumps off a roof to distract the city watch from the fake robbery his friends are staging in a nearby alley.

Lany Drew: http://i.imgur.com/XzSuBH8.jpg?1

Gendry Writes: A burglar tries to make his escape but Batman is poised on a roof opposite ready to strike.

Kobay Drew: http://s2.postimg.org/yyazax1hl/11111.png

Bex Writes: A teenage mutant ninja turtle thinks he has escaped with the cash and does not notice Batman observing him from the top of a building.

Turinqui-Calima Drew: http://i.imgur.com/qi21mdi.png And Buckwheat drew: http://imageshack.com/a/img713/9211/rwx7.png (I cocked up and sent it to two people :P )

Rhaenys Writes: Batman watches from a roof as a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle sneaks off with a bag of money.

MST Drew: http://s23.postimg.org/6bjtjrb7v/pictionary_3_4.png

Snowborn Writes: Batman, old, fat and defeated, can only stare from the top of a building as Donatello the Ninja Turtle runs away with a bag full of money.

Lany's Chain

Lany Writes: Bonnie and Clyde were famous bank robbers.

Gendry Drew: http://i.imgur.com/dsKMO53.jpg

Kobay Writes: All I need in this life of sin, is me and my girlfriend

Down to ride 'til the very end, it's me and my boyfriend

Bex Drew: http://i.imgur.com/khcJFF7.png?2

Castellan Writes: Bonnie and Clyde 03 is a song that will make children grow up to be outlaws.

Rhaenys Drew: http://i.imgur.com/FQIwJR3.jpg

MST Writes: A teenage girl wishes to marry Reek. They will have an 18thc century duel themed wedding.

Snowborn Drew: http://i.imgur.com/tDWYyrr.jpg

Nasza Writes: A girl dreams of marrying Reek, who looks almost like a prince now, but then she wonders how he will manage to fit the ring onto her finger.

Gendry's Chain

Gendry Writes: A naked 500lb man bursts out of a bathroom and attacks a Baptist Church leader on live TV before sitting on him.

Kobay Drew: http://i.imgur.com/eI9ONig.png NSFW

Buckwheat Writes: Under the influence of the toxic blue fumes emerging from the kettle in the next room, the fat Jew gives birth to a Christian shadowbaby, all of which is being presented live on the TV.

Castellan Drew: http://i.imgur.com/F2MsgmC.jpg NSFW

Rhaenys Writes: Computer game of a Jewish lady giving birth to a Christian shadow baby who both die of poisonous steam rising from a tea pot in the kitchen that's next to the delivery room.

MST Drew: http://s24.postimg.org/m3loln191/pictionary_3_3.png NSFW

Snowborn Writes: There's a DVD movie whose cover shows a Jewish Melisandre giving birth to a Christian Shadowbaby; unfortunately for them, there was a jar of poison nearby, and the wind blew the toxic smell towards them, killing them instantly.

Nasza Drew: http://i.imgur.com/4om4ibt.jpg NSFW

Lany Writes: Now on DVD: The lady in red is giving birth while dangerous chemicals are in the air.

Kobay's Chain

Kobay Writes: I deserve to be loved, I need to be loved!!!

Bex Drew: http://i.imgur.com/UkjL01q.png?2

Castellan Writes: A man gives his heart but his love loves another.

Rhaenys Drew: http://i.imgur.com/HbyYQEW.jpg

MST Writes: A prematurely bald schoolboy offers his heart to his classmate, but unfortunately for him she has a crush on another girl.

Snowborn Drew: http://i.imgur.com/yqTyKBJ.jpg

Nasza Writes: The little boy offers his ripped-out heart to the girl in the green dress who coldly refuses him because she dreams of another girl.

Lany Drew: https://i.imgur.com/e3mXNSg.jpg

Gendry Writes: The hopeless romantic pulls out his own heart in an attempt to woo the girl in the green dress, alas, she is a lesbian and it was all in vain.

DreamSong's Chain

Bex Writes: Tiny Marsupials That Mate Themselves to Death

Castellan Drew: http://i.imgur.com/5cxAt0I.jpg NSFW

Rhaenys Writes: Four hounds were found dead after a night of mating with four demon siren bitches, who sneaked away from the crime scene in the morning.

MST Drew: http://s22.postimg.org/5q432kry9/pictionary_3_2.png NSFW

Snowborn Writes: That night, the four foxes had sex with the four sirens (each of whom had hair of a different color); the morning after, all the foxes were dead; the place where their bodies were found marked by "Crime Scene Do Not Cross" yellow tape.

Nasza Drew: http://i.imgur.com/cB4fi1H.png NSFW

Lany Writes: The topless mermaids were censored but they had no problem showing the dead bodies of foxes.

Gendry Drew: http://i.imgur.com/n0hfiAJ.jpg NSFW

Kobay Writes: Screw the mermaids, puking cats are way better.

Castellan's Chain

Castellan Writes: In Hades, Odysseus assures the shade of Achilles that his son is a respected warrior.

Rhaenys Drew: http://i.imgur.com/ZW5jZ5K.jpg

MST Writes: An aged Spartacus hopes to join the greek Phalanx, and tries to convince the recruiters by telling them the gladiatorial exploits of his younger self. Meanwhile, a giant evil stepmother looks on.

Snowborn Drew: re-hosted http://i.imgur.com/irprjmG.jpg

Nasza Writes: The witch in the red dress cackles evilly as she decides who the ever victorious old gladiator will fight next; will it be the fighter with the spear, or the one with the baguette?

Lany Drew: http://i.imgur.com/vbJ6p7p.jpg

Gendry Writes: In Ancient Rome the Gladiator is expecting a great victory, however he had not planned for the arrival of a red witch to aid his opponent.

Kobay Drew: http://s23.postimg.org/4czxghm4r/1729430_rodney150.jpg

Lilly Valley Writes: The red witch forbade the knight from winning the Ice Capades, so she struck the presenter dead.

Rhaeny's Chain

Rhaenys Writes: King Bob and Sponge Bob demonstrate on the Red Square against using hairdryers to unfreeze frozen corpses.

MST Drew: http://s24.postimg.org/vsm3lb77p/pictionary_3_1.png

Snowborn Writes: King Robert Baratheon and the Yellow Block travel to the USSR, and decide to happily break a rule: it's not allowed to kill stick men in light-blue boxes, with hairdryers, at the Kremlin (the signal says so!), but that's exactly what they do.

Nasza Drew: http://i.imgur.com/DeCRYeg.jpg

Lany Writes: The king of Russia saved his frozen people from dying by defrosting them with a hair dryer.

Gendry Drew: http://i.imgur.com/JL5y6e8.jpg

Kobay Writes: It is known; in Russia they have a saying: When in doubt use a hairdryer.

Lilly Valley Drew: http://i.imgur.com/dZAVDIM.jpg and http://i.imgur.com/BuYqF63.jpg

Castellan Writes: This mystery novel begins with a nameless woman leaving Russia armed only with a hair dryer.

MST's Chain

MST Writes: A pilot flies a small plane to a tropical island, where his girlfriend awaits.

Snowborn Drew: http://i.imgur.com/vvopuAT.jpg

Nasza Writes: A pilot desperately searches for his beloved who was stranded on a deserted tropical island.

Lany Drew: http://i.imgur.com/xBlmio4.jpg?1

Gendry Writes: Melisandre had been stranded on a desert island, but luckily a search plane was close by to rescue her.

Kobay Drew: http://s22.postimg.org/e47d15fdd/Untitled_png2.png

Lilly Valley Writes: Stranded on a deserted island, a grumpy Melisandre awaits her rescue space ship.

Castellan Drew: http://i.imgur.com/DiQdBj3.jpg

Rhaenys Writes: An angry Melisandre is standing in the middle of a desert island surrounded by water, staring into a fire and seeing a vision about two people drowning into a yellow submarine as the water floods the inside of the submarine.

Snowborn's Chain

Snowborn Writes: "Drinking tea is not allowed in this ship", said the captain, as he pushed the offender to the sea.

Nasza Drew: http://i.imgur.com/iqnAnZS.jpg

Lany Writes: Christopher Columbus didn't have his coffee and he ran over a person with his ship

Gendry Drew: http://i.imgur.com/Ab1pJfO.jpg

Kobay Writes: What You gonna do with a drunken sailor, early on the beach.

Lilly Valley Drew: http://i.imgur.com/pfbszrP.jpg

Castellan Writes: The sun is rising, a drunken sailor stands in the surf facing inland, a person on a boat further out to sea tries to get his attention without success, and a flippered creature in the sky rolls its eyes in frustration at the sailor's hopelessness.

Rhaenys Drew: http://i.imgur.com/E1rdHba.jpg

MST Writes: A severely drunk Popeye believes he can walk on water and see flying fish, even though his sailor mates warn him otherwise.

Edited by The BlackBear

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Me again. ;)



Myrish Swamp Thing

Arya Kiddin’

Kobayashi Maru

Ser Lany Cassandra

The Winter


Lily Valley





A Free Shadow


Winter said: Oak and iron guard me well, or else I'm dead and doomed to hell.

Gendry drew: http://i.imgur.com/4ckR3J1.jpg

Lily said: Dunk shows up for the tourney, dreaming of Death and Iron and Fire.

RB drew: http://i.imgur.com/ZNzcBtS.jpg

Koba said: At the tourney knight walks with a bald boy and thinks about Star Wars with Targaryens.

TC drew: http://i.imgur.com/UJUrQjM.png

AK said: On a fine day in a forest clearing a soldier and a beggar are lustily thinking about two girls duelling with light sabers.

MST drew: http://s30.postimg.org/ilghaqtpd/pictionary_4_4.png

Lany said: While walking in the forest, a soldier and a lady wearing a track suit meet up and both fantasize about women in bikinis having a light saber fight.


AK said: When you take out 4 apples from 5 oranges you're left with 2 hamsters because giraffes have to wear glasses during rainy season.

RB drew: http://i.imgur.com/hB4mJrU.jpg

TC said: An anonymous person took one of his five oranges and split it with one of his four apples, to create two hamsters that he liked to cuddle in his hands, while a giraffe realized that wearing glasses makes it rain.

Lily drew: http://i.imgur.com/ZSGQi7L.jpg

Lany said: A man offered an apple and an orange but the badgers stole a pizza and apple during a thunderstorm leaving the glasses wearing giraffe confused.

MST drew: http://s30.postimg.org/8sgtp6u7l/pictionary_4_3.png

Koba said: Dinosaurs died cause people tried to feed them only apples and pizza.

Winter drew: http://i.imgur.com/pwNa9Dg.jpg

Gendry said: The traveller escapes the dinosaur by feeding it poisoned apples and pizza.


Koba said: Fuck country who has no Bosnia.

Lily drew: http://i.imgur.com/aJI58Y8.jpg

MST said: The giant disembodied bird-flipping hand sells hats to Canadians and Americans, but not to Bosnians.

TC drew: http://i.imgur.com/k0WA2lV.png

Gendry said: In the USA and Canada people trade dollars for cowboy hats, in Bosnia however this is disallowed, because a giant amputated hand says so, quite rudely too.

Winter drew: http://i.imgur.com/tLDXpJn.jpg

Lany said: The United States and Canada sent money and hats to Bosnia-Herzegovina, hoping for a return on their investment, but Bosnia-Herzegovina put up their hand and said they didn't want their money or hats.

AK drew: http://i.imgur.com/QIir8yC.jpg

RB said: A Canadian buys four YO baseball caps from an American, for 50 Canadian dollars each, but Bosnian man in glasses disapproves.


Lany said: The princess and the huntsman lead their army against the evil queen.

TC drew: http://i.imgur.com/r5hPEQP.png

Winter said: A princess showing a Hunter the way to the Kingsroad.

MST drew: http://s9.postimg.org/69gazys5r/pictionary_4_2.png

RB said: A blond princess in a blue dress and red shoes invites a simply dressed man who wears a hat and carries an ax to her castle, but he has no idea what she's talking about.

BB drew: http://i.imgur.com/7GsCeNd.png

Gendry said: The princess wants to take the young, suited man up her tower for some sexytime, however he has an axe and is confused.

Koba drew: http://s24.postimg.org/5vcurfa6t/Untitled.png

Lily said: Prince Charming showed up late with a bouquet of flowers, but the princess cursed him, turned his flowers into an ax, and pointed out that she had time to build her own staircase out of the tower while she was waiting for him.


Gendry said: Mario and Luigi argue over which pizza to order and end up fighting.

MST drew: http://s24.postimg.org/ogzcppx91/pictionary_4_1.png

AK said: One handed Mario and Luigi were thinking of having pizza but grew another hand to throw poop on the ground instead.

Winter drew: http://i.imgur.com/goZ3NdJ.jpg

Lily said: Mario and Luigi wanted a pizza so they did the magic handshake, but instead of pizza they got poo.

Koba drew: http://s22.postimg.org/yugc2u2nl/Untitled.png

RB said: Two guys with mustaches in pullovers (one blue, one yellow) with letters on them (M and L) wearing funny hats (red and blue) find a pile of poop and decide to turn it into a pizza with the magic wand held by the guy on the left.

Lany drew: http://i.imgur.com/40opIrY.jpg?1

TC said: Mario and Luigi have finally given up their stupid red and green overalls and hats in favor of some yellow and blue sweaters and although it seems that all their magic is gone now at least they still have pizza.


RB said: A puking cat attacks Santa Clause with a light saber while he's feeding Rudolph sardines and candy canes.

Winter drew: http://i.imgur.com/cjNMYnH.png?1

Koba said: Puking and lightsaber waiving Luke Catwalker is trying to stop Santa feeding Rudolph sardines and candy cane.

AK drew: http://i.imgur.com/NTmW4Mc.jpg

TC said: Beardless Santa is terrified by the man in the pink and blue tracksuit who is attacking him with a green light saber and has called on three blue fish, a ghost reindeer and a candy cane to protect him, but his attacker is too drunk and is vomiting on himself.

Lany drew: http://i.imgur.com/2Qh0gnD.jpg?1

Shadow said: On the left stands Brienne, dressed in Tarth's colours and wielding what looks to be a green lightsaber at a transparet shape of a prancing stag and a terrified Santa, who threw his candy cane into the air next to three blue fishes.

Gendry drew: http://i.imgur.com/rSDNjgZ.jpg

MST said: Brienne Skywalker tries to mug Santa, but he is protected by the Invisible Stag.


Baitac said: The turkey felt despondent as it contemplated the specter of Thanksgiving Day, while the pumpkins ran away from the baker.

AK drew: http://i.imgur.com/k2QJt7f.jpg

Lany said: The ghost of the chicken is haunting the chef that killed him and baked him in a pie with 8 angry oranges.

Koba drew: http://s29.postimg.org/fju5furl3/image.png

MST said: "Sacre bleu, my angel squirrel pies and eggs are flying away!" laments the troubled chef.

Gendry drew: http://i.imgur.com/GR4fB6a.jpg

TC said: The French chef is aghast as he ruins another pot, knowing that it will now join all the other pots and potatoes that he has sent to cooking heaven, which strangely looks a lot like an 8-bit video game world.

Bex drew: http://i.imgur.com/3jT2PvA.jpg?1

Winter said: French cooks refuse to fry burgers because pans and meat belong to heaven not to hell.


TC said: It's a group picture of everyone who is participating in this game of pictionary, including Buckwheat, as represented by their avatars.

Koba drew: http://s23.postimg.org/mtdfm2msr/Untitled.png

Gendry said: The whole Pictionary crew are lined up for a photo shoot, however MST seems to have no face, and TC looks unusually pale.

Lany drew: https://i.imgur.com/W0S0KbI.jpg

Winter said: The NSA is spying on TTTNE, cause they NEVER EVER found something better in the web (including Angela Merkel's cellphone). :D

RB drew: http://i.imgur.com/JlAO9X1.jpg

MST said: The NSA is watching you in Forum Games (but somehow they can't get through to Lord Tyrion on his iPhone).

Lily drew: http://i.imgur.com/AYnva9H.jpg

AK said: A giant eagle is holding a key in its claws, people and eyes and beehives are flinging arrows on hearts, while a bored Derp sits defending himself using an apple shield.


MST said: The revenge of the Phantom Sausage.

Lany drew: https://i.imgur.com/A2I16qi.jpg

RB said: In this theater play the phantom sausage of the opera decapitates Christine with a butter knife while she's unconscious.

Gendry drew: http://i.imgur.com/YyrKeX7.jpg

AK said: Snow-white was publically executed on a stage in front of a baffled audience by a hipster lamp-post having an axe in hand and a rose in his mouth.

Lily drew: http://i.imgur.com/tvo1ZW9.jpg

Winter said: An army coming from Australia tries to rescue a Princess because her tower is attacked by an axe, but they cannot find their way.

TC drew: http://i.imgur.com/feVdu2u.jpg

Koba said: Good people of New Zealand gather to rescue a princess from a tower, a quest they know very little about which will make them develop axe like weapon to attack the tower with ... axe weapon has AI and feels sorry for the tower...

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I looked through these at work... I laughed so hard I had others check to see if I was OK.

I can wait to see the new ones and participate myself.

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I looked through these at work... I laughed so hard I had others check to see if I was OK.

I can wait to see the new ones and participate myself.

Sure, just look through this forum often to see when the new game opens.

This is the current game. As replacements are sometimes needed, you might be able to volunteer as one in this game already. Just make sure you make at least a few posts (not sure how many, I think at least 5 or so) in the main forums (not Help/Forum Games) to enable the private messaging system.

And welcome to the forum! :)

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Well, if the internet did not explode, then you are in good shape :) Welcome to Forum Games! Come post with us in the TTTNE thread and get hooked up to chat where you will meet many wonderful boarders!

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Excellent. Glad you enjoyed all the results. I'm hosting the current game so I'm really happy to have you as a possible volunteer, although I think we are doing ok in this particular round.

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Pictionary IX - Final Results

Chain No. 1: One more cup of coffee

Winter's Knight said: Less sleep, more coffee.

Leap drew: http://i.imgur.com/31pQO7Q.png

The BlackBear said: The disembodied head hated waking up at 5, so instead of eating the alarm clock, he super-sized his zebra patterned coffee mug.

Adara drew: http://i.imgur.com/mXD4U44.jpg

King Gendry said: Chris Waddle - c.1990 mullet era - is shocked to find a giant multi-legged insect in his morning coffee.

Snowborn drew: http://i.imgur.com/VNt9cwZ.jpg

Koba said: Man's nice little English breakfast is ruined when big spider crawls out of his coffee.

DreamSongs drew: http://i.imgur.com/IEMfsuR.png?2

Pebble said: At 20 to noon a man was eating a full English breakfast when he was frightened by a mini hairy white octopus climbed out of his coffee mug.

Lany drew: http://i.imgur.com/eYuipZN.jpg?2

Buckwheat said: 20 minutes till midnight on the 31th December a man in a green sweater tries to eat as much waffles, sunny-side-up eggs, ham and bacon as possible as he has resolved to have a much healthier diet come New Year (he also does not seem to notice that there is a creeping squid in his teacup).

Chain No. 2: Toy Soldiers

King Gendry said: The Gingerbread King resolves to crush the rebellion in 2014

Lany drew: http://i.imgur.com/Ud8RkFy.jpg?1

Pebble said: The snowman King with a big sword thinks if he follows the battle plan the great hand will crush all who stand in his way thus with his ninja snowmen hoard they charge the vastly outnumbered confederate forces.

Castellan drew: http://i.imgur.com/SDTYZce.jpg

Arya Kiddin’ said: A fistful of Americans have rebelled against the armed forces of Britain.

The BlackBear drew: http://i.imgur.com/vSu2k6k.png

Leap said: Miniature American G.I.s escape from the oppressive, yet intricately logoed heel of the British Monarchy, using equally minuscule modern day weaponry.

Mark Antony drew: http://i.imgur.com/JOAVGYg.jpg

Koba said: Toy soldiers kill member of Queen's guard for no apparent reason.

Buckwheat drew: http://imagizer.imageshack.us/v2/1024x768q90/837/rzlv.jpg

DreamSongs said: The Queensguard unsuccessfully defended Queen Snow White on her claw-footed throne when GI Joes attacked.

Chain No. 3: Blame Canada

Arya Kiddin' said: Obama resolves to sell off Obamacare and use the money to launch an all out assault on Canada instead to take away all their Maple syrup.

Buckwheat drew: http://imageshack.com/a/img823/6269/wt6y.jpg

Koba said: This man's New Year resolution is to earn money in pharmacy and then engage in war with Canada which will get him life time supply of maple syrup.

The BlackBear drew: http://i.imgur.com/QVF0APq.png

Snowborn said: In 2014, this British guy wants to get a job at a pharmacy and save enough money to buy transoceanic missiles to attack Canada from the British Isles, because he wants to steal all of Canada's maple syrup.

(Due to confusion Q also submitted a sentence: My manly resolutions for 2014 are: paying my medical bills and bringing about the destruction of Canada (except for Canadian Whiskey))

Pebble drew: http://i.imgur.com/QoFok0r.jpg

Lany said: The young British man had no maple syrup for his pancakes so he resolved to get a job, save his money and buy a nuclear bomb from a terrorist to bomb Canada.

King Gendry drew: http://i.imgur.com/j45nnGU.jpg

Leap said: Horrified Brit loses the plot when Canada recalls all maple syrup, proceeds to bomb the Great White North using ACME explosives.

DreamSongs drew: http://i.imgur.com/C7MjhFr.png?2

Mark Antony said: The British guy with a top hat burnt 6 million Canadian flags and then flew to Canada

Chain No. 4: A change is gonna come

Castellan said: She resolved not to delude herself into thinking any sort of change was possible by act of will.

DreamSongs drew: http://i.imgur.com/XfQGQNO.png?1

Leap said: This woman resolves to remember change more often for use in her magic tricks

Pebble drew: http://i.imgur.com/O3xxoIK.jpg

The BlackBear said: Witchy Bex won't just do magic at 2 and 3 O'Clock, she'll do it five times an hour pausing only to change her dress and hair each time (she won't change the wand though, that would be ridiculous.)

Koba drew: http://postimg.org/image/6dec3taib/

Buckwheat said: Čarovnica Lany Cassandra si v eni uri pričara pet čudovitih oblek za zabave s pripadajočimi klobuki.

Which means: In the course of one hour, witch Lany Cassandra uses her wand five times to make herself five fabulous party dresses with matching hats.

Arya Kiddin’ drew: http://i.imgur.com/MtOZztD.jpg

Lany said: This person resolves to use magic to change his five wizard's hats and robes from blue with stars to red with diamonds

Mark Antony drew: http://i.imgur.com/t1H9oes.jpg?1

King Gendry said: The orchestra conductor takes it upon himself to initiate peace talks between the Orange and Blue sides of the 'Wizard Hat and Ghoul' conflict.

Chain No. 5: Hungry like the wolf

The Black Bear said: A Sleepy Black Bear has decided to spend this year with cake and happiness.

Mark Antony drew: http://i.imgur.com/2X6vZVM.jpg

Lany said: The sleeping person resolves that birthday cake is a bear.

Koba drew: http://postimg.org/image/p599a55j9/

Pebble said: One dark and starry night, a crescent moon wearing a Santa hat frowns in worry as it looks down on a smirking Goldilocks now Old, fat and with grey not golden locks as she dreams of Baby bears Birthday cake.

Leap drew: http://i.imgur.com/a150BsO.png

DreamSongs said: As the month of Christmas ends, a woman locks cheese out of her diet so she will be as lean as a wolf by her birthday.

Snowborn drew: http://i.imgur.com/SpyDtcF.jpg

Buckwheat said: A 30-year-old woman resolves to lock her cheese supply into a safe and not eat it and thus lose a lot of weight by her birthday in July 2014. For some reason, she will also turn into a werewolf then.

King Gendry drew: http://i.imgur.com/rHTlc28.jpg

Emmit said: The fat (and large busted) woman is locking away her cheese to remove any temptation that might hinder her New Year's Resolution of becoming svelte and cat-like by Bastille Day.

Chain No. 6: Like a prayer

Pebble said: After celebrating the new year and new Job Ned Promises his Wife that he will keep his head and not involve himself in the personal lives of the royal family.

King Gendry drew: http://i.imgur.com/QEEBUJw.jpg

Buckwheat said: Eddard Stark resolutes not to go to the Baratheon court, which would surely get him killed, and rather stay with Catelyn.

Leap drew: http://i.imgur.com/RoxSpp8.jpg

Koba said: The house Baratheon was whiped out cause Ned Flanders got angry over a math equasion involving a cat given to him by a weirwood tree.

Lany drew: http://i.imgur.com/s3r94Ca.jpg?1

Mark Antony said: I prayed to the old gods that I could use my math skills to break the siege of storms end

The BlackBear drew: http://i.imgur.com/HrA5Ahd.png

DreamSongs said: A man prays to the Old Gods that the divided Tyrell forces will fall to R'hollor's worshippers.

Emmit drew: http://i.imgur.com/6LL1vVT.png

Snowborn said: Gendry prays at the Winterfell weirwood tree, near the pond, his prayers are answered by a bunch of wildflowers that decide to make him their Nissa Nissa.

Chain No. 7: Around the world

Koba said: My NY resolution is to start writing a book.

Arya Kiddin drew: http://i.imgur.com/FtkDD2L.png

DreamSongs said: This poster has made a New Year's resolution to write more.

Lany drew: http://i.imgur.com/oaHdF8s.jpg

Leap said: My New Year's Resolution is to do more work/work harder

Buckwheat drew: http://imagizer.imageshack.us/v2/800x600q90/829/we6a.png

King Gendry said: Despite the man's wish for a new life away from digging, 2014 brings nothing new for him.

Pebble drew: http://i.imgur.com/mc7fsPn.jpg

Mark Antony said: I flew around the world for an entire year to fill my perfectly dug hole with money

Snowborn drew: http://i.imgur.com/xV4pGTf.jpg?1

The BlackBear said: 2013: Dig 1st prize hole. 2014: Earn money as a pilot. 2015: BURY THE TREASURE! YAR!

Chain No. 8: I want to dance with somebody

Leap said: This year I will learn Kung Fu, so I can fulfil my dream of winning a fight while dressed as a Panda.

Castellan drew: http://i.imgur.com/Mr3PT7n.jpg

Mark Anthony said: In 2014 my resolution will be to dance the pants off of a panda

Buckwheat drew: http://imagizer.imageshack.us/v2/1600x1200q90/31/e9wx.jpg

Lany said: In 2014 The girl resolves to dance the pants off a panda

DreamSongs drew: http://i.imgur.com/fBNtZMd.png?2

Arya Kiddin’ said: My New Year resolution for 2014 is to throw away all my soft toys, and their clothing, while going round and round listening to music and singing.

Koba drew: http://postimg.org/image/l0alwoa67/

King Gendry said: The blonde lady resolves to have a clear out of junk, however she refuses to part with her dancing partner, the Brown Teddy Bear.

The BlackBear drew: http://i.imgur.com/Hb0vdWv.png

Pebble said: The Woman wanted to infiltrate the house of Telephone Pictionary players so she could throw poor Emmit into the recycling and liberate and dance with one eyed Brown bear.

Chain No. 9: Written in the stars

Lany said: A person will drink only one cup of tea a day.

The BlackBear drew: http://i.imgur.com/CtSZq6L.png

King Gendry said: It took all day, but the egg-headed tea enthusiast finally finished off the world's largest mug of Earl Grey.

DreamSongs drew: http://i.imgur.com/ypU0hgs.png?2

Buckwheat said: A stick person nailed to a high chair drinks coffee from a giant red mug with a sigil with two crossed swords on it through a straw from dawn to dusk.

Mark Antony drew: http://i.imgur.com/HkX9NxM.jpg

Snowborn said: The Stick Figure King, who's sitting on his colourless throne, tries to drink telepathically from his cup of coffee (which is red and has a drawing of two crossed swords), while the sun, the moon and a star shine in the sky.

Leap drew: http://i.imgur.com/K8U7d0O.png

Arya Kiddin’ said: King Tyrion used to get his coffee all by himself, now he needs sun and stars (potato) and the moon (Rhaenys Balerion) to fetch it for him.

Pebble drew: http://i.imgur.com/noQY17I.jpg

Koba said: King Tyrion of the TTTNE was giving us coffee and tea generously in 2013 but in 2014 Mighty Potato and Rhaenis Balerion will bring some coffee and tea to him....cause he's the king now

Chain No. 10: Rains of Castamere

Buckwheat said: Balerion the cat resolves not to steal Lord Tywin's meal anymore.

Pebble drew: http://i.imgur.com/IicenHf.jpg

Arya Kiddin’ said: Tywin Lannister's cat Balerion Targaryen's New Year resolution is not to eat pizza ever again.

Mark Antony drew: http://i.imgur.com/tAJdd9x.jpg

DreamSongs said: The Lannister Potato does not want to use pizza to win Balerion's heart.

King Gendry drew: http://i.imgur.com/MmvVuJ9.jpg

The BlackBear said: The cat stares in bemusement at the Lannister potatoes profession of love, the cat's pizza falls in the bin forgotten.

Lany drew: http://i.imgur.com/tUz2t4Y.jpg?1

Snowborn said: Humpty Dumpty Lannister adores pizza, so he's performing a ritual in front of a can with a pizza with pepperoni on top, meanwhile, the grey fox ponders the meaning of life.

Koba drew: http://postimg.org/image/dz67p31u1/

Leap said: Pebbles eats the pizza she worships so very much, whilst a nearby cat ponders the meaning of life.

Chain No. 11: What does the fox say

DreamSongs said: A woman takes a cruise to Alaska and gets to photograph wild bears up close and fly over the glacier fields in a helicopter.

Koba drew: http://postimg.org/image/dtgws85gt/

Castellan said: Alaska or bust in 2014 - I will take a scenic flight and share an ice cold coke with a quizzical arctic fox.

King Gendry drew: http://i.imgur.com/1w5vfoh.jpg

Mark Antony said: My dog flew to the South Pole through Canada for a coke

Arya Kiddin’ drew: http://i.imgur.com/hzNV56i.jpg

Pebble said: The disembodied kangaroo head decided to emigrate from the north American Continent to Antarctica, which is now completely Ice free so he/she can drink black cocktails with a straw.

Buckwheat drew: http://imageshack.com/a/img812/7583/ireh.png

The BlackBear said: Now that global warming has melted all the ice, Mr Fox will move to Antarctica and drink Iced Tea.

Leap drew: http://i.imgur.com/F7JTv7m.jpg

Lany said: The water evaporated from the earth causing fires and the fox traveled from Europe, through Africa to Antarctica to get ice for his tea.


:bowdown: to The BlackBear for honoring all participants in his last picture

What Pebble said she wanted to say about it:

In the house that the people of Telephone Pictionary lived, Pebble was on the bookshelf by the TV and House Sunglassess (Hey I used to play mafia here) lurked sinisterly above. King Gendry was locked in the cupboard under the stairs. Winter’s knight was resting under the fish tank table in which Snowborn swam. Castellan stood guard at the bottom of the stairs under a pentagram tapestry (I’ve no idea who). Bucky the pacifist plant was waiting nearby with a cricket bat. TC the blue dragon hid under the bed on which sat one eyed brown bear and a strange poster was on the wall. In the loft room above Lany had escaped from a storage box. Mark Antony and Leap where holding the curtain up. Poor Emmit was all packaged up with a postage label, next to which was a blue Collar.

Meanwhile the Woman plotted to infiltrate that house to commit murder most foul by the recycling of Emmit which would rip his body parts to pieces and sort them in the correct tin/paper/plastic/garden waste containers, (look there is a mafia Av, so I mafia themed it) then she was to kidnap the Brown bear and dance the night away.

:bowdown: to DreamSongs for being the first (afaik) to paint a picture

Pebble on the Change is gonna come chain: I do hope she didn't want to charge more for her magic tricks, and just wanted to show off her snazzy wardrobe.

Bonus Pictures:

Pebble on TC finding out Jennifer Lawrence was on the Bill Engvall show: http://i.imgur.com/qEsAplB.jpg

Snowborn on this game: http://i.imgur.com/W6yTNI1.jpg?1

Pebble on this game: http://i.imgur.com/XbwqEOj.jpg

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Thank you everyone for participating in Pictionary X: Song Lyrics. Its time for the big reveal :D

I want to thank everyone who filled in during our art emergencies: Ini, Knight of Ashes, Rhaenys Balerion and the very artistic Cora. We've managed to survive ice storms, snow storms, illness, burglary and laptop failures.

Without any more ado, here we go:

The Beatles: Yesterday http://www.youtube.c...s14k&feature=kp

Snowborn sang 'The city casts a shadow of the perfect crime'

TBB drew http://i.imgur.com/5EghBY0.png
Inigima said
It's a cityscape with an egg-shaped skyscraper, at night, with a burglar outside the scene walking up the side.
Leap drew http://i.imgur.com/XrNzTa3.png
TC said 'On a starry night, a masked burglar was carrying his bag of money up the wall of the city, which was famous for its one oval building that none of the square buildings wanted anything to do with.'
KnightofAshes drew http://i.imgur.com/SKdv92t.jpg
Evermind said 'A bald, bearded man with a sack on his back slowly prowls to the wine-cellar's elusive exit door in a brick-colored dust.'
AK drew http://i.imgur.com/umL9NZJ.png
KG said 'In a blood spattered rage, the angry Lord rips the cupboard door off, he cannot comprehend what he finds... a green bowl.'
Cora drew http://i.imgur.com/DKF3NMP.jpg?1

Emmit said 'The giant, bloodied, muscular, toga-wearing man ripped the door of the cabinet off trying to get his green bowl.'

Regina Spektor 'Machine' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=thQd1KYCgKU

TheBlackBear sang 'My eyes are bifocal, my hands are sub-jointed. I live in the future, in my pre-war apartment.'

Leap drew http://i.imgur.com/1nfQ6DA.jpg
TC said 'The glasses make the eyes see different distances and the knuckles are somehow important, but the smiling man from the year 2750 travels back to 1914 and spends 25 years and 1 month living in a tiny apartment'
Lany drew http://i.imgur.com/tM5FnNV.jpg?1
Snowborn said 'A man puts on glasses and sees the world better, a man goes back 836 years, to 1914, and looks young again, and he lives in an apartment on the second floor of a three storey building; after waiting in his room for 15 years, he finds love.'
Evermind drew http://i.imgur.com/DGSqCNh.jpg
Lily said 'A very old man wrote his story, 836 years ago, in 1914, he was alone in a big house then in 1929, he met the love of his life.'
KG drew http://i.imgur.com/0Mmkebh.png?1
Emmit said 'In 2750, students will learn that people found their true loves in 1929, not in 1914, and always in the front of their sideways houses.'
Koba drew http://postimg.org/image/hzfxt7jz1/

Pebble said 'In 1914 I was all broken hearted and sad, in 1929 I was in love and had found true happiness despite my house had fallen down; I've also discovered the secret of eternal youth and by 2750 I'll still a young looking sexy librarian.'

Michael Jackson 'The Earth Song' https://www.youtube....h?v=OstvvP8QuxQ

Turinqui-Calima sang 'What about the elephants, have we lost their trust?'

RB drew http://i.imgur.com/z92NXG2.jpg
Evermind said 'A happy man tries to count three amiable elephants while the fourth stands beside him, but as the man isn't good with numbers, he becomes upset, and the nearby elephant becomes angry.'
KG drew http://i.imgur.com/oSiUhue.jpg?1
Koba said Pink elephants on parade.
TBB drew http://i.imgur.com/EzYTxUU.png
Lany said 'Four pink elephants, wearing pith helmets, the leader with a red band oh his hat, marching in a line.'
Pebble drew http://i.imgur.com/RQvYJXA.png
Snowborn said 'A pink elephant with a light grey construction hat with a horizontal red band on it leads three other pink elephants, with plain, light grey construction hats, down a oblique black line on a light blue background.
Nazca drew http://i.imgur.com/zSondgm.jpg

AK sent 'Only one in four of all pink elephant gets a grey hat with a red line, the others have plain hats.'

Edited by DreamSongs

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The Results

Florance's Machine Chain - Thor Smash!

Florance Said "Thor smashes bricks with his mighty hammer"

SnowOther Drew


TC : Angry Thor use Mjölnir to smash a brick wall.

Blackbear drew http://i.imgur.com/6wFX9UX.png

Coral:Thor is about to break down a brick wall

Lany Drew http://i.imgur.com/CeMSOM2.jpg

DreamSongs: Mighty Thor decided to use his hammer to smash through the brick walls that held him captive.

Emmit Drew: http://i.imgur.com/D1dySwd.png

Nazca: A Viking is preparing to ambush someone in the ruin of a red brick house, too bad his helm and hammer peek over the wall he's hiding behing.

Emmit's Chain - Theiving Carrots

Emmit said " Like Mama always said: Put down the pie and eat your veggies instead."

Florance drew http://i.imgur.com/zWDNNm3.jpg

Rhaenys : Fat lady in apron and glasses grins and says something while a fresh baked bread lands on her table and a carrot is taken away in exchange.

Buckwheat drew https://24.media.tumblr.com/70fec8af4b13cfed36e8c0a6e6679d7a/tumblr_n2xrk4LRrm1rsmw5fo1_1280.png

Lany :A woman, who has baked a fresh loaf of bread, yells at someone trying to steal her carrot.

Blackbear drew: https://i.imgur.com/bSjjwfe.png

Coral also Drew but was too late: http://i.imgur.com/KakK35S.jpg

SnowOther : Lady baker with pie curses at thieving ex-con for taking carrot

Evermind drew http://i.imgur.com/KakK35S.jpg

TC: The escaped criminal stole a carrot from a carrot cake at a bake sale, but the baker saw him and chased after him with a cake and some choice words.

Buckwheat's chain - GRRM is not your bitch!

Buck said "An angry mob surrounded George R. R. Martin's house, loudly demanding A Dream of Spring, so the poor frightened man hid under furniture and pretended nobody was home."

Emmit Drew


Coral: As Mr. Martin works on A Dream of Spring, Adoring fans wait impatiently outside of his home.

Dreamsongs drew: http://i.imgur.com/dIoFQ9r.jpg?2

Evermind: People would love GRRM to write endlessly all the time with a pen, yet he is sitting in a red house, thinking of flowers and working only on his first book, moreover on a typewriter.

Blackbear drew: https://i.imgur.com/c7lw72e.png

Rhaenys: Instead of scribing it onto toilet paper, GRRM should type-write GoT and think of flowers in the meanwhile.

Florance drew: http://i.imgur.com/Ua0jbyf.jpg

SnowOther: GRRM neglects his pen and writing pad for a typewriter and thoughts of a blue rose

CoralIM's Chain - Weather charts or Westeross

Coral said "Jon Snow hates the heat of Summer."

Blackbear drew http://i.imgur.com/7iFwgVJ.png

Buckwheat: A hot summer has come to Westeros and since all the ice has melted, Lord Commander Jon Snow is now unemployed.

Rhaenys drew http://i.imgur.com/gGILNvl.jpg?1

Floarance: Global Warming heats things up in Westeros

Evermind drew http://i.imgur.com/gmVKJju.jpg

Knight of Ashes: Well, it's a map of Westeros. And to the left is a calendar. And it is apparently indicated how warm it gets by every five degrees from north to south as the seasons change from winter to summer(?)

SnowOther drew https://i.imgur.com/ik1Mk1X.jpg

Dreamsongs: In Westeros, there is only a 5 degree difference between the freezing and boiling points of blood.

The BlackBear's chain - Sometimes you just got to pee

Blackbear said "For his sins the man was transformed into a terrible beast, to roam the land for all time.

Bucks Drew https://31.media.tumblr.com/d4de56439dd43278bb1abc3f52276172/tumblr_n2n25iPeLy1rsmw5fo1_1280.png

Dreamsongs: The man decided to ignore his Biblical upbringing and risk God's wrath to follow the friendly Minotaur into the woods because he had to pee urgently.

TC drew http://i.imgur.com/iM0S80I.png

Nazca: On the way from church to a hiking trail a ginger, who needs to pee badly, is threatened by a Minotaur without fingers.

Florance drew http://i.imgur.com/85u9c2w.jpg

Coral: The red headed boy must past the church with the golden bell and the moose on two legs without touching him to reach his objective

Lany drew http://i.imgur.com/jAQnayn.jpg?2

Evermind: There's no way the holy moose will stop me getting to the finish.

Ser Lany Cassandra's chain - Mincraft attack

Lany Said"Steve from minecraft is battling a zombie."

Evermind drew


SnowOther: A brown skinned Minecraft avatar smashes a green Minecraft avator's head with a pickaxe whilst being shot, no weapon, with an arrow...

Florance drew http://i.imgur.com/S99K9QH.jpg

KingGendry: The brown Minecraft man attacks the green Minecraft man with a pickhammer, he receives an arrow to the face in response.

Dreamsong drew http://i.imgur.com/A7Yr4mP.jpg?2

TC: In the world of Minecraft, as a bomb threatens to go off underground, a cowman throws a pickaxe at a creeper, who responds by shooting the cowman with a bow and arrow.

Buckwheat drew: https://24.media.tumblr.com/57df6078d7e8c6f257239dc0642f5a91/tumblr_n3idx98cKd1rsmw5fo1_1280.png

Coral: The suit guy gets ready to battle the creeper, but surrenders on account that the creeper has a bow and arrow. Meanwhile a bomb ticks down ready to detonate

Turinqui-Calima's Chain - Origonal monkey sin

TC Said "In a magical tropical rainforest full of waterfalls, playful monkeys, and flowers and butterflies in all the colors of the rainbow, a single majestic Norwegian Blue flies from branch to branch."

DreamSongs drew http://i.imgur.com/VO2pBFq.png?1

Lany: The Norwegian King is a parrot in the jungle, near a waterfall that falls into a pool, while monkeys play all around, one jumping from log to log and falling in between them, and there is a rainbow in the sky and a sad moon.

Koba drew: http://postimg.org/image/baxzhgxwj/

Buckwheat:A magnificent waterfall separates the Garden of Eden guarded by the fabulously coloured Norwegian parrot king from two monkeys trying to cross the water and enter the garden. How the rainbow can be visible in the middle of the night is beyond me.

Rhaenys drew: http://i.imgur.com/pN3nqPD.jpg

Blackbear: Adam and Eve cool in the garden of Eden, but two monkeys conspire to break in, right under the nose of the Norwegian Parrot King!

Coral drew http://i.imgur.com/Eg6nCo1.jpg

Emmit: It's a beautiful morning in the Garden of Eden, and Adam and Eve consummate their relationship as a peacock and monkeys look on.

The Abominable SnowOther's Chain - If you go down to the woods today beware of the creepy candy cane

Abominable SnowOther said "Red Riding hood trips over rock and snaps neck..."

Nazca drew http://i.imgur.com/rxwegYd.jpg

Koba:Little Red Ridinghood stepped over a puddle while strawling through the woods and died.

Emmit drew: http://i.imgur.com/FNU8WuR.png

Rhaenys: Blond woman in lilac dress is lying dead on the road by a pine forest in a bloody puddle with an evil candy cane in her pocket.

Dreamsongs drew http://i.imgur.com/8zRRUvX.jpg?2

Evermind : Somewhere in the coniferous forest the girl is killed by a mushroom with a candy cane stalk, purple cap, two small wings and a star.

TC drew : http://i.imgur.com/N9AxrQq.png

Lany : The angry purple headed candy cane used his razor sharp wings to cut the throat of the princess who lays dead on the forest floor.

DreamSongs chain - Doctors and whiskey don't mix

Dreamson said "The night shift nurse hated working day shift."

Coral drew http://i.imgur.com/osF81bA.jpg

Nazca: Doctors are creatures of the night, sunshine only makes them sad and exhausted.

Snowother drew http://i.imgur.com/vY2henH.jpg

Emmit: By night he's the Evil Dr. Hyde, all in his Vans and his spikey red hair, but by day he's... well, he's still the Evil Dr. Hyde, but now he clearly hung over and not looking too good.

TC drew http://i.imgur.com/MYrpb94.png

Lany: One night, a man with flaming red hair drank whiskey and carried a knife, but in the morning his head hurt and he couldn't remember what he did.

Rhaenys drew http://i.imgur.com/epdAbrO.jpg?1

Blackbear: 'Urghgh, what happened last night? Last thing I remember was the Jack Daniels and butter knife...'

Evermind's chain - Wild west wheeliebins in Springfeild

Evermind Said "A forest warden returns home only to find an aggressive pallas cat there."

TC drew: http://i.imgur.com/kS34NSM.jpg

Emmit: The sheriff found the cussing bobcat trying to get in the house and it made him (the sheriff) angry.

Lany drew http://i.imgur.com/bTw8JnJ.jpg?1

SnowOther: "Cursing" cat has stare down with Old mustachioed sheriff while breaking in through window atop garbage bin

Buckwheat drew https://31.media.tumblr.com/afc36b556c3dc966c45d8566a93fb3d1/tumblr_n379oxKzWF1rsmw5fo1_1280.jpg

Florance: A cowboy climbs through a window while a cat watches from a bin and swears

Knight of Ashes drew: http://i.imgur.com/4nXVoT9.jpg

Rhaenys: Homer Simpson is climbing through a window above three pine trees wearing a cowboy costume while a cat swears at him from the top of a black garbage bin.

Nazca Barsavi's chain - The caverley are not here to save the day

Nazca said "An army is conquering a foreign continent from tavern to tavern."

Rhaenys Drew http://i.imgur.com/xQ8qSDB.jpg

Evermind: The blue army from the castle, led by a knight on a horse, gets across the river, destroys two trees on their way, slays few red citizens in a small village and takes the rest of them prisoners.

Coral drew http: http://i.imgur.com/HsWnSZC.jpg?1

Dreamsongs: The charging knight left the castle and crossed the moat, using a stone bridge, to defend the village where soldiers were killing and decapitating the villagers.

Emmit drew http://i.imgur.com/Be2EexA.png

Buckwheat: The rider from house Smiley leaves the Tower of London while in the city centre, soldiers of the house with a green snake on their sigil kill civilians.

Blackbear drew http://i.imgur.com/kwBZ00t.png

Florance While the Smiling Knight waits outside Buckingham Palace, the Snake.Men massacre people outside of the Gurkhen

Rhaenys Balerion's Chain Naploean needs a history lesson and a kiwi.

Rhaenys said "Napoleon wants to trade his nail polish for Shiva's trident, but Shiva accepts only mangoes as payment."

lany Drew http://i.imgur.com/3kElXfU.jpg?1

Florance: Napoleon's Empire and Shiva's Mansula

Evermind drew http://i.imgur.com/6aF2tBS.jpg

TC: During the Patriotic War of 1812 Napoleon proclaimed that man has been riding horses and using guns for the last 390,000 years and been farming since the dawn of mankind, but at least he is not as bad as the chick with the hair-bun and the necklace who has a pet kiwi-bird in a weird contraption.

Snowother drew http://i.imgur.com/UKUfadT.jpg

Emmit: Napoleon invading Russia sucks more than Melisandre chaining up a kiwi bird.

(Emmit also said - There is an entire hidden message there, but I just don't see it. So here it goes:

This interpretation ignores horses, guns, dog accessories, and various letters scattered across two separate pictures. But it'll do. Oh, and the chances that that is Melisandre with brown hair is pretty slim, but the giant ruby at her throat keeps leading me back to her... too much time reading "The Winterfell Huis Clos" I guess.)

DreamSongs drew http://i.imgur.com/1dkjwNA.jpg?2

Buckwheat: Melisandre chains a dodo to a pole? Meh. Napoleon goes to the Sovjet Union? FREAK OUT!


Bonus Chains

Only Smarties have the Arm wrestle

Pebble: In the land of rainbows and sparkly Unicorns the champion of the Ewoks and the champion of the Care-bears settle their differences with a round of extreme arm wrestling.

BB http://i.imgur.com/BjWMrVh.png

SnowOther: Battling Unicorns, and Care-Bear and E-wok arm wrestling over pot of gold at rainbow's end.

Lany http://i.imgur.com/iBJkg56.jpg?1

Evermind: The unicorns are clashing, while the bears are collecting green Skittles from the rainbow.

Emmit http://i.imgur.com/5cBG3vU.png

Florance: Two unicorns fight in in front of a rainbow whilst teddybears harvest green smarties

Joffrey wins all

Pebble: Jamie lanister, Bran Stark and Maester Amon represent Westeross in the Winter ParaOlympics

SnowOther http://i.imgur.com/OEcOp5H.jpg

Dreamsongs: The Targaryans, Lannisters and Starks competed in skiing at the Westeros Winter Olympics with the deceased Maester Aemon at third and Jon Snow in second; Jaime Lannister claimed first place by becoming Azor Ahai Reborn.

Lany http://i.imgur.com/82xTibu.jpg?1

Blackbear: At the Sochi Alpine skiing, Joffrey wins Lightbringer for coming first, Jon and Maester GRRM are left with nothing.

Knight of Ashes drew my favourite pic of the games http://i.imgur.com/mP0krEp.jpg

Bucks: Joffrey Baratheon triumphs after (very unsportsmanly!) killing all the opponents at the Olympics in Sochi with a sword, Jon Snow is disappointed with his results in skiing, and George R. R. Martin cheers the villain on.

Just what spieces is that critter?

Pebble: A Squirrel is happy with her acorn until she see's and Elephant with a Cocount

SnowOther http://i.imgur.com/STh5KUk.jpg

Nazca: The squirrel is madly in love with the elephant who supplies her with acorns and coconuts, in the meantime the squirrel's former boyfriend is scheming to avenge himself by stealing all the food.

Lany http://i.imgur.com/ZswxbNp.jpg?1

TC: A brown chipmunk is contemplating how to gather coconuts and acorns after his beautiful squirrel-mate dumped him for an African elephant because of his superior nut-gathering skills.

Florance: Description: A squorrel spills a bucket of water on a beaver that is thinking about gravity, while both watch an elephant shake a coconut tree and get showered with acorns

Lany (again) http://i.imgur.com/UJqLW9S.jpg?1

Evermind: The squirrel waters the beaver; the elephant acorns and coconuts the squirrel, and the beaver is watching in awe.

Superhero's are villans? That's Bananas!

Minions take over 10 forward in the Starship Enterprise, and hold Guinan hostage demanding bananna's for her safe release

DreamSong http://i.imgur.com/VVzkCHO.jpg?2

Buckwheat: A bunch of superheroes watch a minion marry an eternal banana and then point a gun at a triangle-headed lady.

Florance http://i.imgur.com/U3fIdAU.jpg

SnowOther: I spy a banana proposing to another banana, superman, and Spiderman shooting a woman

Lany http://i.imgur.com/BKNJndz.jpg?1

Emmit: When Ron Weasley looked through the magic spyglass he saw two things: two bananas playing with a whoopee cushion, and Spiderman and Superman holding Maria Hill at gunpoint.

Superman can't keep his pants on

Pebble: Batman gets drunk, snorts marmite then steals Supermans red panties.

Buckwheat: https://24.media.tumblr.com/f253f5cb6275a8f9783075149c0fc066/tumblr_n2wi9iXZXn1rsmw5fo1_500h.jpg

Emmit: Batman likes to drink, but homemade hooch is his favorite. He drinks to the point where even the sight of food makes him sick, but he can still literally charm the pants off of Superman.

TC: http://i.imgur.com/tE09cRT.png

Florance: Batman catches Superman with his trousers down and thinks that he loves booze and Batman doesn't feel like eating breakfast anymore.

Lany http://i.imgur.com/n5ZLrw2.jpg?1

Evermind: Batman thinks Superman likes whiskey, which he does, and Batman himself likes fried eggs, which Superman doesn't like.

The things Spiderman does for love

Spiderman falls in love with Shelob and brings her flowers and severed orc heads.

Lany http://i.imgur.com/LZ1b4ms.jpg?1

Florance: Spiderman falls in love with Lady Octopus and tries to win her over with flowers and heads


Rhaenys: Spiderman decides to gift his beloved Female-Davy-Jones-Ninja-Turtle a severed head and a bouquet of red roses to win her(his? who knows?) heart.

Dreamsongs http://i.imgur.com/1pnyhZG.png?2

Bucks: The sun that horribly burns his skin cannot stop the vampire from bringing a bouquet of flowers and a severed head to his beloved ninja turtle.

Aww thanks [/b]

Bucks: All the players of pictionary were glad their host Pebble managed to organise the game so it all went smoothly, and therefore made her a big cake and sang her a song as a sign of appreciation.

Pebble drew: http://i.imgur.com/Fe4wJ8W.png

Emmit :"The entire Pictionary crew (Lany, DreamSongs, Buckwheat, King Gendry, Snow Other, Black Bear, Coral, Knight of Ashes, Helena of House Machine, Rhaenys Balerion, Koba, Evermind, TC, Nazca Barsavi, and most importantly Emmit) loves Pebbles, so they sing to her her favorite song -

Group hugs to Pebbles,

Group hugs and fish,

Group hugs to Pebbles,

Group hugs and carrots in a dish

- and bake her a cake, which makes her happy."

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The reveal:

Main chains:

DreamSongs' chain or how one apostrophe can turn the tides

DreamSongs said:

A woman stopped at a Mazda dealership at midnight to look at cars only to have a mysterious man in a suit offer to help her with a vehicle.

Buckwheat drew:


Kobayashi Maru said:

In Mazda salon a woman is buying a car in the middle of the night from one of the blues brothers

Knight of Ashes drew:


SnowOther said:

Blues brother turns away from his hot date fist pumping. She smiles back at him while walking back to her sedan

Emmit drew:


Snowborn said:

Blue's (the dog from Blue's Clues) brother, who's green like all the other male dogs in their family, received a kiss from his beloved owner, a woman with evil red eyes, who's going to take him and you on a car ride.

Turinqui-Calima drew:


Ser Lany Cassandra said:

The girl loves her green puppy, but she is actually evil and this is the 5th dog she has owned.

Pebbles' chain or Pebbles and sharks are always recognizable (are they?)

Pebbles said:

Pebbles stares into the fire and predicts "this chain will really jump the shark!"

Knight of Ashes drew:


DreamSongs said:

The very beautiful and grown-up Pebbles Flintstone knew she had to keep the sharks away.

Snowborn drew:


Buckwheat said:

The sign on the beach wrongly says that there are no sharks in the water, and thusly Pebbles Flintstone thinks it is safe to dip her foot into it.

Turinqui-Calima drew:


Kobayashi Maru said:

Fred Flintstone's daughter is getting in to the shark infested sea water.

Ser Lany Cassandra drew:


SnowOther said:

Pebbles from the Flintsones crawls into shark infested waters

Arya kiddin's chain or starting with easy sentence really helps

Arya kiddin' said:

Everything in my apartment comes alive at night.

Snowborn drew:


Pebbles said:

At 1pm everything is normal in the house, but at 1am all the inanimate objects and furnishings come to life!

Kobayashi Maru drew:


Knight of Ashes said:

A quiet house at around 12:15 pm in daylight is full of unseen activity at a starlit 1am.

Ser Lany Cassandra drew:


Leap said:

The house is quiet under the midday sun, but when the moon and stars are out the party begins.

SnowOther drew:


Buckwheat said:

The inhabitants of the little yellow house sleep all day and party loudly all night.

HelenaAndTheMachine's chain or a story about incredibly expensive jeans

HelenaAndTheMachine said:

As the ginger woman sells the dark haired man some jeans, her supervisor watches with an angry look on his face.

Kobayashi Maru drew:


Arya kiddin’ said:

There is a torn up pair of denims, about which an old bald man who might be the designer is rather proud, the red headed woman who apparently is the saleswoman is happy, thinking how much money she would make off of it, but the customer is clueless.

Leap drew:


Snowborn said:

The fashion designer who makes clothes for stick figures like him (even though they don't really need them) closed his eyes and cut holes and teared a pair of jeans and now he's selling them for $100, a man can't wait to buy them and try them on, but a woman is concerned about the price.

SnowOther drew:


Pebbles said:

A fashion designer with a pimp hat takes a mans favorite pair of jeans, and with his eyes closed cuts holes in the. He then charges the man $1000 who thinks they are the best while his girlfriend looks on in horror giving both the fashion designer and her boyfriend looks that could kill.

Buckwheat drew:


Knight of Ashes said:

A blonde girl cut holes in a red-headed boy's jeans and the boy loved it so much that he paid her a thousand bucks, much to the shock of a head that's floating around.

Emmit's chain or how our Pictionary players imagine freedom

Emmit said:

Freedom is your teenage daughter going away to university.

DreamSongs drew:


HelenaAndTheMachine said:

An American man and woman think about sleeping with each other in a 69 position, while the woman worries about birth control.

Pebbles drew:


Pebbles drew with smiles:

:commie: :bs: *2


:smileysex: 69

= :smug: + :eek:

+ 9M

= ( :leaving:+ :smoking: ) + ( :blushing: + :grouphug: )

Kobayashi Maru said:

Two americans want to have sex but the girl is concerned she might get pregnant so she thinks about using condoms or contraceptive pills.

Buckwheat drew:


Ser Lany Cassandra said:

The girl had unprotected sex with an American boy and now is worried she might be pregnant.

Turinqui-Calima drew:


Snowborn said:

A man and a woman have sex behind a pink curtain in America, but they forgot to use a condom and now she's fat and she doesn't know if it's because she ate too much or because she's pregnant, it's sad.

Turinqui-Calima's chain or what the hell is Skyrim and that Dovakhiin thing?

Turinqui-Calima said:

Dovahkiin and Daenerys Targaryen played Monopoly while Paarthurnax and Drogon fought in the sky above them.

Pebbles drew:


Emmit said:

At their play-date, Dovahkiin and Daenerys are playing Monopoly while their dragons dance together in the sky above them.

Arya kiddin’ drew:


Leap said:

The player from Skyrim loses at the Game of Thrones/Monopoly to Lyanna whilst Rhaegal and Drogon fight under a blazing sun.

Knight of Ashes drew:


HelenaAndTheMachine said:

Sansa sits beside a painting of the Fall of Harrenhal and Sandor Clegane looks up as two dragons fight in the skies above them.

Snowborn drew:


Kobayashi Maru said:

Hound and Sansa watch dance of two dragons.

Ser Lany Cassandra's chain or how to confuse a swing with a roll of toilet paper

Ser Lany Cassandra said:

At the center of the garden maze was a fountain and a swing hanging from a rose tree.

SnowOther drew:


(Arya kiddin’ drew)


Turinqui-Calima said:

If you reach the centre of the maze you will find a faceless weirwood tree with a swing and a fountain.

HelenaAndTheMachine drew:


Pebbles said:

If you fall through the hole at the center of a xmas cracker ball bearing maze and climbing out of the toilet you will find a Weirwood tree with no-face but with the toilet roll hanging on one branch.

Snowborn drew:


Emmit said:

A lone commode sits next to a dying wierwood with a toilet paper roll affixed to its branch, while above, a man falls through the center hole of a circular marble-maze that floats above the near-barren tree.

Kobayashi Maru drew:


Leap said:

A man is abducted in a rasta UFO, flying first over a (dead) tree belonging to the green apple Fossoways, and then towards a weirdwood heart tree. Below the heart tree is a box with four compartments, each, for some unknown reason containing a unique bead.

SnowOther's chain or Jon Snow is teaching IT in his free time

SnowOther said:

Margaery, Arianne, Dany and Cersei all fight over who sleeps in bed with Jon Snow

HelenaAndTheMachine drew:


Ser Lany Cassandra said:

When Jon Snow sleeps, he dreams of Margaery Tyrell, Arianne Martell, Daenerys Targaryen, and Cersei Lannister, all cussing at him.

Emmit drew:


Arya kiddin’ said:

A man in black shirt and grey sweatpants and black hair is lying in his bed, and is not able to choose who is the best among Margaery, Arianne, Daenerys and Cersei.

Kobayashi Maru drew:


Turinqui-Calima said:

A befuddled internet nerd has the adoration of Melisandre, Cersei, Arianne and Margaery but he just doesn't know how to choose!

Leap drew:


Pebbles said:

The bald and glasses wearing teacher is confused when four Westerosi highborn lovestruck children (Princess Shireen, Princess Lovechild of King Renly and Queen Margery, Prince Trystane and the young Girl from house Buckwheat) turn up for IT lessons. All the children have square boxes above their heads.

Buckwheat's chain or ballet dancer practicing her/his grand something

Buckwheat said:

The prima ballerina practises her foutées while her partner is working on his grand jeté.

Emmit drew:


SnowOther said:

A woman in a blue leotard and a man with black full-body spandex enthusiastically practice ballet

Turinqui-Calima drew:


HelenaAndTheMachine said:

The ballerina dances with a shadow as her partner.

Leap drew:


Ser Lany Cassandra said:

The ballerina, dancing in the sunshine, has a scary shadow.

Pebbles drew:


Nazca Barsavi said:

The sun and the blue butterflies reveal a ballet dancer's zombie alter ego.

Knight of Ashes' chain or curious ASOIAF transformations

Knight of Ashes said:

Margaery with a necklace of sparrows.

Turinqui-Calima drew:


Buckwheat said:

Margaery Tyrell wears three living sparrows on her necklace (surely this is not Joffrey's gift!).

Ser Lany Cassandra drew:


Emmit said:

Sansa's necklace of giant links of gold adorned with three live singing birds will never belong to Joffrey.

Pebbles drew:


Pebbles drew with owls as I asked her to:


SnowOther said:

Tyrion NOT grabbing the gem(except they're Litte mockingbirds) from Sansa's necklace

Snowborn drew:


HelenaAndTheMachine said:

Tyrion reached toward Sansa's neck but did not take a jewel from her necklace.

Snowborn's chain or are there Buddhist cowboys?

Snowborn said:

The two wisest, roundest, wordiest men clash in an epic mule-back charge in the City of Blue Fire.

Ser Lany Cassandra drew:


Knight of Ashes said:

Two fat men who look like Buddha, each astride a donkey and both men in a lotus position. They exchange gibberish outside a small town with temples and houses in the daytime.

SnowOther drew:


Turinqui-Calima said:

On a sunny day, two Buddhist monks in open cardigans and yoga pants are riding donkeys and cursing at each other.

Kungsmurfen drew:


Buckwheat said:

Two bald donkey-riders curse at the sun.

HelenaAndTheMachine drew:


Emmit said:

Two identical twin cowboys on donkeys curse at the sun because they have no hats.

Kobayashi Maru's chain or starting with a difficult sentence really doesn't help

Kobayashi Maru said:

All happy families look alike, every unhappy family is unhappy in it's own way.

SnowOther drew:


Snowborn said:

There are two families: all the members of the family on the right (mom, dad, boy and girl) are happy for some reason; while the family on the left is unhappy, the dad doesn't have enough money, the mom doesn't have the scarf she wants and the little boy was hit by one of Cupid's arrows but the object of his love didn't even accept his letter.

Buckwheat drew:


Ser Lany Cassandra said:

Two families are are vacation but one is not happy as the older boy forgot his programming, the mom forgot her scarf and the younger boy tried to give a love letter to a girl but she refused it.

HelenaAndTheMachine drew:


Knight of Ashes said:

It's a sunny day, yet Cersei is thinking about a scarf for the winter while Jaime is worried about his page in the White Book, and Tommen is receiving a break-up letter from Arya; much to the delight of Sansa and Robb.

Emmit drew:


Turinqui-Calima said:

Joffrey is heartbroken when Jon Snow sends him a letter of rejection, but while the Starks rejoice Jaime is only concerned with the White Book and Cersei just wants to go buy a new scarf.

Bonus chains:

1. Rhetorical (easy one)

Evermind asked:

How can a single drop perceive the whole surrounding sea?

Emmit drew:


Snowborn said:

The drop of water got lost in the ocean.

HelenaAndTheMachine drew:


Ser Lany Cassandra said:

A drop of water gets is in the ocean.

Pebbles drew:


Kungsmurfen said:

A single drop of fresh water fills the earth's oceans

2. Realistic (medium difficulty)

Evermind said:

The watchmaker works all day and long into the night.

HelenaAndTheMachine drew:


Snowborn said:

An office worker spends ten hours, from morning to evening, trying to fix a watch at the Pliers and Hammer desk, standing inside a broken chair.

Ser Lany Cassandra drew:


Turinqui-Calima said:

In a boring office building the little man with the grey mustache and half-moon glasses spends all day repairing watched even though his chair is broken.

Emmit drew:


Buckwheat said:

There is a bald man with glasses counting marbles on a TV quiz show table in a room with a cast-down jalousie and a broken chair.

3. Philosophical (a hard one)

Evermind said:

Life's biggest battles often are fought alone

Ser Lany Cassandra drew:


HelenaAndTheMachine said:

The Knight of the Treble Clef fights off numerous foes

Emmit drew:


Buckwheat said:

The musical knights all fall under the sword of the mighty G-clef.

Turinqui-Calima drew:


Snowborn said:

G-clef slayed the pink music knights that played on the folk music band.

4. Traditional

Evermind said:

Back in the days the grass was greener, the light was brighter and the players always met the deadlines.

DreamSongs drew:


HelenaAndTheMachine said:

The Pictionary Crew wait impatiently for the next round and think about brains when the deadline is over.

Ser Lany Cassandra drew:


Emmit said:

All the Pictionary players are happy thinking of how punctually Evermind runs the Pictionary game; however, when the game gets behind, the Big Brain gets threatened. (But not by Emmit, of course, he just goes with the flow.)

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