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How would you rate episode 306?


How would you rate episode 306?  

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Very, very average. Gave it a 5. Probably should have given it a 6.

I absolutely hate everything they are doing north of the wall: Jon/Ygritte, wildlings, NW, Bran & co., Sam/Gilly. When these scenes come on I sigh and look at the clock.

I didn't like the BWB/Melisandre/Gendry interaction. I feel like a skilled blacksmith would be worth way more than a couple bags of gold, which it seems they valued Gendry at. I don't think there was any R'hllor conotations there; it was all about the money.

I thought the Tyrion/Cersei interaction was written well, but I think it was out of place (for Cersei especially). She is not in the place yet to be opening up to Tyrion. She isn't desperate enough for that yet. Too early.

Ros... meh. I thought they were actually going to use her for something. Not a big deal.

Roose/Jaime/Brienne was good, though I think it could have been better. Loved how Roose doesn't speak loudly, though he doesn't quite whisper like in the book.

Tywin/Olenna was solid, as was Varys/Baelish.

Ramsay is creepy as fuck. I love it.

Oh, one other thought. Orell tried to kill Jon/Ygritte by cutting the rope (Orell/Tormund weren't in immediate danger of falling it seemed. The two could have been pulled up) but there were no repercussions. Yeah, they're wildlings, but they live by a loose code. Pretty sure murdering two useful people would not be cool. Tormund should have thrown him off the wall for that if he wasn't so useful as a warg. Still, he should have gotten an earful and a smack on the head. No comment at all.

The end scene with the juxtaposition of the wall was awesome.

Still, weakest ep of the season.

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Gave it a 6/10. A slightly better than average show. I think the ratings are so harsh this week because the last two episodes were possibly the two best of the series. Whatever followed those was going to seem flat no matter what.

Liked, Sam the Slayer showing his blade. Disliked, Sam not knowing what it was for and seeming happy.

Liked Jon/Ygritte, last week people complained it felt rushed, now they are complaining that it's sappy!

Kind of liked Tyrion / Cersei, didn't like Tyrion saying Joffery should have used poison so no one would question it, seemed too obvious given what's coming soon.

Like the flaying. Didn't like Theon not recognizing the flayed man banner symbol. He is tied to it, and he was educated along side the Starks, you would think he would see it and know where he is and that he is screwed.

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I wondered if they were going to have Ramsay hunting Bran and Rickon. He knows they are alive and commented on how fun of a hunt that would be. It would definitely spice up Bran's story and give them a reason to split up (because if they decide to split up now it would feel strange unless there was some more dire reason than "we can't travel together")

That would been a great idea. Its definitely something you could envision Ramsey doing, gives some great dramatic material for Bran and company (I'd much rather see a bad ass Osha and Meera vs. them squabbling over rabbits), and also explains why the trip to the wall takes so much time as they are avoiding Ramsey's men.

This 'Ramsey' mystery subplot is really a baffling tv decision. They don't want to reveal who he is, because it might tip the tv audience that Roose Bolton will betray Robb, but that is just dumb. It would have been so easy to have a scene where Roose or even Maester Luwin last season, talk about the estranged relationship between Roose and his basterd, and how much dislike/distrust they have for each other. Heck even Catelyn could have referenced Ramsey as why she was so concerned about Jon Snow... a renegade basterd who may have killed Roose's heir.

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BTW, what's to say that there are not more wildlings still climbing? I know that from the scene we only saw the three groups, but I believe they will show more of them coming in the next episode. They have to or the whole raid is for nothing. Castle Black could fight off the three of them with ease.

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Gave it 5.

Is this show still based on ASOIAF books ?

Last year we had meaningless sex scenes instead a material from the books.

This year we have meaningless torture scenes that are not in the books instead a material from the books.

Where the frak, was Danerys ?

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Okay, I do have a few minor nits here, in case others haven't pointed them out, but my 9 score stands:

1. Theon had his finger flayed and left to rot in the text. Ramsay cut it off pretty quickly. I think they should keep the whole torture in to preserve the ick factor of the books.

2. It seems off to me that Loras, a valorous prig in the novels, is being forced to join the KG.

3. The closing shot is the most grandiose so far in the season, but surely the ice and snow would extend far further south of the Wall.

DaveSnow - As much as I like Alfie Allen, I do have a bit of an issue with Theon not being smarter in the series, as opposed to the books where he is in fact very clever, just fantastically naive.

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6/10. "Meh" is the word I find to describe this episode.

No bad scenes, but no great ones either. I liked the Ramsay/Theon bits, but seriously, how long can they keep up with the mystery of Ramsay's identity? It's getting old. Had hoped more from the Mel/Arya/Gendry scenes, but they were alright. As for the Olenna/Tywin bits, yeah they were OK, but I hate the way they made Loras' only defining feature his homosexuality.

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I guess you can look at it this way, it's just not how I saw that scene and BwB. The BwB I know would not give him up without knowing what Mel will do with him. Maybe she said she needs him to battle darkness and I can see BwB acting as they did in that case but what she said on TV is that he will make kings rise and fall. BwB would not give him up to aid one of the kings, R'hllor or no. If they believed in Stannis' cause they would aid him, but they clearly state they care about smallfolk not the kings. I also think it's completely wrong to call them religious zealots but that is not really the point. They follow R'hllor because he has shown himself as a true god, not because they agree with the ways of his followers. Thoros is not exactly a typical red priest and I bet he does not approve of human sacrifice.

I hated the changes to BwB storyline and if you liked them we will just have to agree to disagree.

First of all I'll point out that I don't at all object to any opinion about if it is good or bad. That's up to each person to judge for their own. I objected to the notion that they act like slavers when it's being said over and over that they act in the name of the Lord of Light and his needs. Arya thinks they are just doing it for gold but she's quite consistently being naive about these things (hence her exact same objection to them doing with her exactly what they plan in the book).

Again you're just speculating what would happen if the BwB had come across the prophecy in the books. I can see it go both ways. And Melisandre says exactly why they don't join Stannis, because they are just footsoldiers that can never be anything more. They aren't needed with Stannis and they have their own cause. As for religious zealots, I don't really know how you can't be when a god has directly made himself known to you, and helped you. Zealots just strike us as odd in our world because there are no evidence of any gods. And there aren't any "ways of his followers" to be seen since he obviously interacts directly with the priests. It's only the ways of the god (which can of course be misinterpreted, as we've seen but we see that because we see into people's heads and see the story from outside). As for Thoros and human sacrifice it's hard to say, but that doesn't exactly seem like a strange thing in this religion and it's not a black and white story where the good guys do all nice things.

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gave it an 8

my main complaint this season has been that they are trying to stuff to much info into too little time.

And i for one am sorry ol'Ros is gone, and just to pleasure the asshat Joff... :smoking:

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Gave it a B (8/10). Not as good as the previous four episodes (I was a big fan of Dark Wings, Dark Words), but about on par with the premiere. Given the fact that there was a lot of 'new' material in this episode, I figured the reaction here would be pretty tempered, but I'm a bit surprised at how negative some of the reactions are. The non-reader reactions (at least at The A.V. Club, Hitfix, and Television Without Pity) have been pretty positive, which speaks to how difficult the balancing act must be for the people involved in the production. I really enjoyed Jon & Ygritte climbing the Wall (all of those sequences), and unlike some of the posters here, I also really enjoyed the scene between Boy and Theon. Theon's line to Maester Luwin last season; "Do you know what's it like to be told how lucky you are to be someone's prisoner?" is really resonating with me right now. I also believe that Theon has an important part to play in this saga before the end (be it through redemption or a more Gollum-esque turn of events), and that it will eventually pay off to see how Theon was broken. I wish we were getting more from Bran & Co., but that's an issue the writers were always going to struggle to deal with. Other than that, I can't think of a scene that I actively disliked off the top of my head, even if there weren't any amazing turns in this episode. I watched the episode twice last night, and definitely thought it played better the second time around, so yeah... Good episode. Looking forward to the remaining four episodes of the season (all of which should be fantastic).

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Like the flaying. Didn't like Theon not recognizing the flayed man banner symbol. He is tied to it, and he was educated along side the Starks, you would think he would see it and know where he is and that he is screwed.

:agree: Episode gets a 6 -- liked Sam - thought they were going to bring out a Wight for him to slay...Jon & Ygritte -- doesn't seem to have the chemistry. Loras & Sansa was terrible - Mel & Thoros wasn't much better, but you can see some logic for eliminating a bunch of small details from the books - why have 2 bastards when you can get by with 1 - the rest was good, but after the past few weeks a slight drop.
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Just coming in to say that I think the series has gotten better in the last few episodes (including this one, unfashionably), but I would have given 8s to some of the episodes prior to the 5th, including the season's first episode, in case I'm giving the impression I'll just give everything a 9. I only started rating episodes here counting from episode 5.

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I gave it a 6, because I rounded down from the ~6.5 that I felt it was. Thinking about everything that it's setting up, and how this is kind of the mid-season calm, I wanted to give it a 7 or 8 because the series overall is just so good and I know what's going to happen. But on an individual episode basis, it wasn't too great. The good didn't outweigh the bad.


Nikolaj's acting and mannerisms continue to blow me away. He is the perfect Jaime. Gwen is a perfect Brienne.

Boy's acting/dialogue/facial expressions are fantastic. I was worried he was a bit over the top at first, but it works. Instead of being overdone it's more like, "Okay this guy is fucking nuts."

Rickon getting dialogue

The fact that there was no dialogue in the last scene

Motherfucking Conleth. Every line delivery was spot on and I just fucking love him.

"The Lysa Arryn of chairs" was too perfect.


Loras being a stereotype

Melisandre's acting is not okay. It seems like she's trying to be less melodramatic than she was in season 2, but that's what worked for me. She's just weird now.

The ridiculous amount of book deviations are starting to get to me, because I don't see the point of some and/or they're not done well enough.

For example:

Joffrey never killed anyone in the books, did he?

I still think the love story between Jon and Ygritte was too rushed for it to really seem like Jon's breaking his vows. I understand the time constraints.

The Hound still doesn't have Arya, so their adventures will be cut short, iirc. Unless most of their travels happened post-RW.

Jojen having seizures.

Michelle Fairley getting the fucking shaft this season in terms of dialogue.

The editing and how shots were cut while people were talking. It was jarring.

The fact that there was a voice over. It took me out of the "oh my god this feels so real" that I normally have when watching it. I get so invested in the universe and it's like I'm there. The voice over killed it.

Littlefinger's continued existence.

Ros dying in that manner just to show that Joffrey's twisted. I think the audience gets it without having to go that dramatic with it. I don't care too much about Ros, but that shot was just for a cheap shock value reaction, imo.

The last scene, though I liked the lack of dialogue, was the cheesiest fucking scene and I do not care about Jon/Ygritte at all. The final shot of the episode just sucked. But I understand the symbolism and what have you.

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Joff does try to kill a bunch of peasants with his Xbow...Not sure if he actually succeeded, though, but the intent to kill was there. He also guts open a cat. One of the signs that you're going to become a psycho killer in your adulthood is killing animals at a young age.

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I wondered if they were going to have Ramsay hunting Bran and Rickon. He knows they are alive and commented on how fun of a hunt that would be. It would definitely spice up Bran's story and give them a reason to split up (because if they decide to split up now it would feel strange unless there was some more dire reason than "we can't travel together")

that does sound like a good plan.

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Oh, and what's up with the "brown eyes, green eyes" being shut forever? RW prophecy?

Arya kills people with brown eyes, green eyes, blue eyes, and those killings all leave a mark on Arya's soul. That's what Mel saw, I believe. She may even have seen Arya killing her....

Anyway, I gave it an 8, because I thought it did a really good job of demonstrating core traits of key characters with some powerful imagery. IMHO, this ep was Arya's first true step down the road she takes later on. You see the rage, the hate, and Mel saw all of it. It will make the whole FM thing that much more convincing when it happens.

I also loved where it left LF and Varys. It's more ham-handed than in the books, but you are inevitably going to lose some subtlety if you want traits to be as clear onscreen as they are in the much more detailed books. LF is just wicked, and you can see how Varys actually does care about the realm. It makes their subsequent actions that we know are coming consistent with how they've been portrayed. And the Ros thing not only demonstrate what a twisted little creep Joffrey is in general, but also how the smallfolk (which Ros is/was) really get completely screwed in Westeros.

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