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How would you rate episode 306?


How would you rate episode 306?  

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A few good scenes, but no excellent ones (although if Jamie/Brienne/Bolton had gone on longer it might've been), and a lot of dullness or misfires (thought the climbing scenes were cheesy as hell, and contained some not very good CGI). Giving it 6.

ETA: That said, I still don't mind any of the story changes. I just want the changes, and the fidelity to the book, to be better written. Which this episode wasn't.

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It definitely did not stand out. Naturally they need to set up for some of the things that come later and that's fine. But since so much was book deviation, it felt a bit unsettling and I'm nervous about how those things turn out- especially the Melisandre/Gendry thing.

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Pretty good!

The scene with Littlefinger, Varys and Ros was EPIC! Brilliantly, with that voice-ver.

Olenna + Tywin was great as well, amazing dialogues. The climb of the wall was also pretty cool, great atmoshpere. Parts with Jaime+Roose and Robb and Edmure were also pretty good. Bran

s part was a bit less, but Meera was still pretty good.

8.5/10 > 8/10

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I gave it an 8.

Edmure looked so funny while he was trying to figure out why everyone was looking at him. I like that actor.

I haven't gotten this far with reading the books yet, so I'm not quite sure what's really going on. Loved the bickering between Osha and Meera. Jon's having to knock their heads together.

Tywin and Olenna, wonderful scene. Experienced, crusty old powermongers going at each other for control of the realm. Wow.

No mo' Ros. We knew Littlefinger was a scary beast, but that was over the top. He and Joffrey between them came up with pure evil, shudder.

Arya really is a BAMF. She may turn out to be a worthy opponent for the Red Woman. I'm worried for Gendry.

Jaime just can't keep his mouth shut, can he? Stupid git, I thought he was learning some humility. Guess it's too much to hope for.

Theon is doomed.

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First time I didn't enjoy an episode. Dunno... Tywin and QoT saved it. 6.5. 7, 'cause I'm merciful

Felt the same way, I gave it a 6-7 because of high production values and good actors. I also new an episode like this was coming so I was not surprised. I should give it a 10 because they got rid of Ros. But off camera to rob me of my glee? Oh no, oh no, oh no.

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Well, here this season starts going really downhill by the looks of it. I am so over everyone in King's Landing except Sansa. The show's annoying tough-girl Ygritte sucks something fiercely. I won't even mention the Theon crap (well, I guess I just did, but ugh, such a stupid decision).

But hey, at least we got rid of Ros!

I think you need more than 1 bad episode after 2 great episodes to really feel like something will trend down.

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Hated that they told Sansa. I loved her surprise in the books.

The Jon/Ygritte was overdone.

Jaime and Brienne are always amazing.

What was up with Mel's prophecy?

I liked the QoT/Tywin exchange but NOT the outcome.

At least Ros is gone....?

Really a 6.5 but I rounded up in mercy.

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Least favorite episode of the series for me. Still wasnt a horrible episode. The Theon and Ramsay scene was really good, I love their decision to show Ramsay breaking Theon. QoT and Tywin was really entertaining, as was Cersei and Tyrion. The scene with Orell cutting Jon and Ygritte lose was really stupid to me.

Not that I liked the change, but I thought the scene with Melisandre, Thoros and Beric was really entertaining.

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Well at least we won't be hearing anymore complaints about Ros anymore. The Tyrion and Cersei scene was OK. The dinner scene with Jaimie and Bolton fell flat. Tywin and Ollenna could have been a good scene. The way he forced her to agree to the marriage seemed kind of lame. Aryas stuff was probaly the best stuff we got. Jons scenes were better than they have been. Gave it a 6.

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I gave it a 7. I did like the Tywin/Cersei/Tyrion scene, the Tywin/Queen of Thorns scene, and all of the scenes with the Brotherhood.

Ramsay was gruesomely fantastic. The climb was solid, but not as tense as I thought it would be.

The Barristan/Jorah conversation seemed pointless to include this episode, and was a bit odd in drawing out the differences from the books. So will Dany never learn of Jorah's earlier betrayal?

Littlefinger genuinely creeped me out this episode. His interaction with Varys and monologue about the climb to power were pretty riveting.

Too much Loras, too little Maragery.

Melisandre making it to the Brotherhood's camp from Dragonstone seemed far fetched.

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6/10 worst of the season by far

The BWB giving one of their mens just like that, WTF?? And Mel recognising Arya (or so it seems) and not giving a fuck about it??

Tormund not saying anyting about Orell cutting Jon and Yggrite's???

AND ROS!!! I never thought I will care so much about her death but really WTF!! if they wan't to kill her why not use her as Dontos replacement? Joffrey killing her just because he's a psycho was...stupid

Bolton/Jaime/Brienne was an excellent scene in the books, but in this episode was...meh

I gave it a solid 8.

Tywin and Olenna, Cersei and Tyrion, Varys and LF....well done.

The rest of the episode, but specially those part were really well done, and Ramsay/Theon of course, flaying yeah!!! (ok that sounds wrong)

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An 8. I was expecting a slower, more exposition-reliant episode after the punches of 3,4,5 and that's what we got.

Lots of 6s and 7s here, and yes, it probably was the weakest episode, but I give it scores based on how I'd rate any TV, and I was gripped enough. Feel I should have perhaps just given a 10 to ep 5 though, just cause that was so good.

Liking the way they're pacing this season a lot more than season 2. For entertainment, it's the best season yet, if not quite as polished as season 1.

+, -, ?


+ Loved the ending on the wall. Found it beautiful actually. Lots of symbolism, and worked well with the music.

+ Which reminds me, I love, love, love how they've built up Ygritte and Jon's relationship. There's gonna some be hard stuff to swallow later down the line. Always need a good romance on TV shows like this.

+ Roose Bolton is amazing

+ Freys and Tullys scene was nicely done

+ Scene was a bit long, but Iway Rheon fucking with Theon is delicious

+ Sansa, Tyrion, Shae. Worked nicely

+ ROS IS DEAD. People will still probably find issue in her death after complaining about her for so long but YAY

+ Littlefinger and Varys. Always good.

+ Sorry Linda, but I love Ygritte in the show. She's way more attractive than 90% of the "tough" female characters they've tried to build up in the show

? I did like Melisandre and Arya's interaction, but the whole "I'll see you again thing" - Eh?

- Ramsay scene too long, as good as it was.

- Osha v Meera. Who the fuck cares? I'm sorry, but if Osha is going away later, I really don't get the point in their conflict. Show Bran's attraction to Meera? Or what? And the dream thing was a bit sudden and out of nowhere.

- The way scenes cut about this week. Editing was a bit off tbh.

Too tired to think of anything else

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I'll give it a 6. A mediocre episode as far as GoT goes.

Good scenes:

The Wall climb

Varys and Littlefinger

Tyrion and Cersei

Tywin and the Queen of Thorns

Everything else fell flat.

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It was funny. I loved the "Jaime or not, I'm still fucked." And the pin/broach conversation. But nothing really happened outside of the wall climb and that was...disappointing.

But for all you, "Theon's torture isn't in the books. I don't like that they're showing us this stuff." You're lame. It's the perfect example of how the second medium of a story can show things that the 1st medium didn't. One of the best parts of this season has been The Bastard's games. He made Theon yell, "Please, cut my finger off!" They're being true to that story that wasn't even told. What more do you want?

I can't wait to hear Reek say, "Not Bastard! Never Bastard! You mustn't call him that!"

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