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How would you rate episode 306?


How would you rate episode 306?  

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8/10. Very solid, with a very dramatic denouement which was not altogether expected. What I loved was the way all those conversations were one shade more subtle, each one going a bit deeper into the game of thrones: starting with jon talking to ygritte, then arya with mel, beric, thoros etc., then roose with jaime and brienne, then tywin and olenna, and then tyrion and cersei, and finally the true masters, varys and LF. True, there wasn't a lot of action, but it was a good build up episode which did well in setting up future events. Ironically what I liked least about the episode was the actual climbing. tv is consistently unrealistic about two things: one is cold, and the other is how much weight rope can hold (seriously, that rope should have broken long ago). the final shot was a bit cheesy, though very beautiful, and ramsay + theon was just disgusting and creepy, but those were really the only downsides. everyone is complaining about how much they're changing from the books, but i haven't noticed that at all (aside from the obvious mel/gendry change). much more faithful than season 2 in my opinion, i loved how robb's conversation with the freys was taken almost word for word from the book.

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I was out of the country the past week and just had the opportunity to watch the episode on HBO Go. I am surprised there is so much negativity in the thread. I thought it was excellent and gave it a 9. I thought the Theon scenes were the worst, I do not like watching torture.

I like the way Gendry is now becoming a critical part of the plot. And the whole Melissandre/Arya confrontation. Not sure where they are going with Loras being the only Tyrell male and all.

LF is certainly more evil then he appears in the books. As much as I disliked the Roz character that was just gruesome. Too bad we need to wait till next season to get rid of Joff.

Loved the Wall scenes....and the Riverrun scenes.....thought it was a great episode.

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It was OK, gave it a 5. I can't give any higher to episodes that seem to me to have utterly wasted and stupid scenes - like the Sansa/Loras ludicrousness. I think there was at least one other scene that struck me as a waste of time, but either I'm conflating with another episode or it was so forgettable I've - forgotten it.

Besides the at-least-bordering-on engaging in stereotyping characterization - which others here have noted - the Sansa/Loras scene was just stupid. Sansa is NOT my favorite character - far from it - but she had developed some depth last season, or at least reflected having learned something from her experiences. In that scene she is again a starry-eyed simpleton. It doesn't help that I find the actor cast as Loras totally unconvincing in the role.

Also, every time we have an extended scene with the QoT I am reminded how much more perfect I think Helen Mirren would be for the role.

The actor playing Lord Tywin is always a pleasure to watch and the scene re-introducing the graceless, dour and unattractive Frey's was good.

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