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How would you rate episode 306?


How would you rate episode 306?  

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Gave it a 9. Roose Bolton/Jaime, Tywin/QoT, Varys/LF and Tyrion/Cersei conversations were interesting to hear, especially, the Varys/LF. Ros's demise was a surprise, but I have to admit, a welcome one. It seems they really show what a turd, Joffrey is. Roose bolton and his bastard are becoming very interesting characters. Don't like Theon Greyjoy, so watching his descent into becoming Reek is appropriate, even if not quite by the book.

At least it didn't play like a soap opera, as some of the earlier episodes did.

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Well at least we won't be hearing anymore complaints about Ros anymore. The Tyrion and Cersei scene was OK. The dinner scene with Jaimie and Bolton fell flat. Tywin and Ollenna could have been a good scene. The way he forced her to agree to the marriage seemed kind of lame.

I feel like I watched a completely different episode than everyone else saw, one where the QoT did NOT agree to any wedding, and basically told Tywin to go fuck himself, and snapped his quill in two. That's the version I saw, and Tywin and the QoT ROCKED IT.

My version also had one of the funniest scenes ever with Jamie trying to cut his meat one-handed, and Brienne finally getting fed up and helping him. OMG HILARIOUS. And could that dress be any uglier? Worst shade of pink ever.

The Ice fall on the wall was amazing. I was wondering how they were going to do that.

  • The Meera and Osha rabbit skinning lesson, with Jojen's vision of Jon.
  • Sam and the dragon glass - showing us exactly where he keeps it.
  • Anguy giving Arya an archery lesson.
  • Thoros and Mel trying to out-vagina each other, with Thoros clearly having the strongest, and Mel showing some actual fear. That was awesome.
  • Loved Thoros story of his HOLYFUCKINGSHIT moment of having a direct hand in a miracle via magic, and finding his "faith."
  • Beric telling Mel, "There is no 'Other Side', only darkness.
  • Arya protecting Gendry. Arya not taking shit from Mel. Mel seeing Arya the Assassin. "We will meet again." That's interesting.
  • HFS Ramsey. Non book peeps must be pulling their hair out.
  • The Frey's looking like part of the Monty Python and the Holy Grail inbred idiots who got lost, and ended up in Westeros. HAAAA.
  • Edmure being a selfish idiot, and Bryden being a complete BADASS.

I've never seen a show lit so spectacularly.

  • Jamie, "Watching me fail at dinner." HAAAAA! NCW needs an EMMY!
  • Olenna, "Sword swallower through and through."
  • Loras and Sansa talking about weddings, and "fringe sleeves." Hello Liberace.
  • Tyrion sussing out Joffrey tried to have him killed, and once again Cersei cannot give voice to her Bad Seed son.
  • I think Tyrion telling Sansa will play more dramatically than the shock of the book in the long run.
  • I love how the show is showing how Varys and Littlefinger are trying to pull all the strings.
  • I'm sad for Ros, I wanted her to outlive everyone.
  • Sansa realizing once again that fate has shit all over her. How she doesn't turn into a bitter, suicidal crazy woman is a miracle.
  • The top of the Wall set was magnificent.

Best lit show on TV, EVER.

I don't understand all the hate and whining. Did you all want them to skip this part and have no setup for what's to come?

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I gave it an 8. Nothing special, but still a very good episode. I was worried about Melisandre's trip, but I like how it ended up. We got a lot of the background with Thoros' character through her, and also got to see how they really are sort of bandits in the end. Also, since Edric Storm has not been mentioned, it takes sense to make Gendry the bastard to be burned. Davos saving Gendry will only make it seem greater to us readers. Not quite sure how they'll get Gendry back at that inn with Brienne, but that's not a big issue. I liked the scene with Roose and Jaime a lot. Each actor plays their characters so well. I can't wait for The Bear and the Maiden Fair. Also, the huge event of the night: Ros' death--music to my ears! It has finally ended!

But all in all, just a very solid episode that allowed the great acting to be shown at each corner (except for Jon Snow, he just climbed). I really liked how they tied in the 'the climb' metaphor with the climbing of the Wall.

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  • Arya the master archer - Just WTF??? Since when is Arya some super wunderkind with the bow and arrow??

She's a crack shot in the pilot episode, so it's not like that's out of nowhere. The best thing is, Maisie is fully committing to Arya being left handed. She even shoots her bow left handed.

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I gave it a 9. I really liked this episode. I loved the Littlefinger voice over scene, very powerful. I liked that each characters scenes were longer than normal and not all jammed in or rushed in any way. I really liked the end scene with Jon and Ygritte on top of the wall, visually a very cool scene. Seeing Tywin go up against Olenna was interesting to see those two powerhouses go against each other.They have made Joffrey an even sicker fuck than the books did. But I really hated Ros, good riddance. I think a lot of the low ratings are due to how good the last couple episodes have been, but this was also a really good episode imo. Overall im very pleased with season 3 so far.

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Oh wow that was an hour i will never get back.

Tell us how you really feel. <_<

I feel like I watched a completely different episode than everyone else saw, one where the QoT did NOT agree to any wedding, and basically told Tywin to go fuck himself, and snapped his quill in two. That's the version I saw, and Tywin and the QoT ROCKED IT.

Nah, i saw the same thing. :)

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I changed my mind and want to give it a 7 now.

Mostly because there were many throwaway scenes (what is the point of Bran and co. at this point? We've only had one true plot development, and that was in episode 2 when Jojen revealed to Bran that he was a warg and a greenseer/had visions. Everything else has been pointless and I'm getting truely frustrated by it.)

I was excited about Gendry taking on the role of Edrick Storm but now I have no idea where they are going with it. I'm not even a book puritist, but this is not how I saw it going down ...

I did, however ... enjoy how much this episode makes me hate Littlefinger.

I felt really bad for Sansa (and ohhhhhh how they made her look out at Littlefinger's ship, seeing that as her last chance for leaving King's Landing -- Sansa having NO idea that HE is the reason she's stuck there.)

R.I.P. Ros.

I would not wish that death on anyone.

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First off the thoros/mel was... an interesting departure. I had no clue what the Red Woman was up to when she left Stannis last episode, and now it seems Gendry is in for a nice burning.

Jon is going to have quite an easy time with just 3 wildlings south of the wall to worry about.

Nothing to spectacular happened, though I love that they killed Ros (long overdue) and the Lord Paramount of the Trident is poised to become as serious a badass as he is in the books in the next season.

I don't think Gendry wlll be burned, despite Mel's wishes. I think it's obvious he's taking the part of Edric Storm in the books at this point. My guess is she'll get him to Dragonstone, but Davos will be freed and he and/or Shireen will talk Stannis out of it. Of course, that could just be me really not willing to see Gendry die, books or series.

I actually thought this was a great set-up episode. I wasn't expecting any action at all, just a calm before the storm type of deal, and that's what was presented.

Ramsay's scenes were riveting. They actually had me getting angry and nervous that they were turning him into a Karstark!.. until he matter-of-factly called himself a liar...phew! Great actor. Thought he looked sweet at first, but now he creeps the hell out of me.

Bran's scene was a bit flat, but I suppose Bran's now knowing that Jon is not at the Wall somehow gives the group a reason to break up if need be? I dunno. I would really really like to see some prophesies/history coming from that storyline, but it's kind of disappointing me a bit.

I'm glad they are showing Jon's attachment to Ygritte growing. It'll really show his struggles in the near future.

Arya is awesome, though I seriously SERIOUSLY wish that they had showed her practicing at swordplay rather than...archery?? I knew the Mel thing was coming, but I didn't think it would happen in front of Arya. Also had a feeling they would replace the witch's prophecy for her with Mel's, so I'm glad it was there (though I thought it a bit weak). For the record, I saw this in someone else's post, but I don't think Mel recognized her as Arya Stark at all (How could she?). The brown eyes, blue eyes, green eyes, thing is prob the foretelling of her trying on new faces and taking lives. I really wish it was much darker and creepier a prophesy like in the books though.

Robb's scene. I just laughed at Edmure. lol,

Tywin+Olenna was gold. I love it when Tywin has a match for wit...reminds me of Arya at Harrenhall. lol. All i kept thinking is that they would make a hilarious old fighting married couple.

I am glad to see Ros out of the picture, though Littlefinger is such a devious creeper! I can't wait to see a certain interaction with Lysa.

As for Cersei and Tyrion, it was a bit blah. I just want to hit Cersei through the screen/book/whatever whenever she's even mentioned, so no unbiased thoughts on that. I do wish we had seen Sansa's reaction first-hand though.

Also, glad to see Roose's colors start to peek through. I was getting worried they were going to paint him a better man than he is. Gwendoline and Nikolaj are killing it! Perfect casting for them.

Sam's scene was sweet. The foreshadowing with the dragonglass was a tad awkward, but perfectly acceptable, considering Sam is a bit awkward.

I'd give it a solid 7. Not phenomenal, but that wasn't expected, yet certainly not boring or bad (in my book anyway).

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  • Arya the master archer - Just WTF??? Since when is Arya some super wunderkind with the bow and arrow??

Hehe, have you ever tried archery? From that distance aiming at a nonmoving target, a little practice and you could make those shots easily. She had been seen earlier practicing at Winterfell. As Thoros said, the moving targets are the trouble.

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Gave it a 7. Better than the first episode of the season, about level with the 2nd.


The climb speech; Sophomoric, facile, and limp.

That horrid schlock ending.

Everything north of the wall. I can hardly recognize it as ASOIAF anymore, it feels more like Suzanne Collins than GRRM.


Jaime/Brienne scene.

Tyrion/Cersie interchange.

Seizures as a side effect of the green dreams.

The skinning of the rabbits reflected in the skinning of Theon's finger.

Ros' end.

Thoros/Mel interchange.

Comic relief:


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Ser Loras and Sansa. This scene was pointless. And what's with him describing an ideal wedding dress with "French Sleeves"? There is no fucking FRANCE in this universe, it's really sloppy writing.

He said "Fringe sleeves", not French. There is no such thing as a French Sleeve anyway, so of course it wouldn't make sense which is why they never would have written that, or anyone would have said it. French cuffs exist, not French sleeves.

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I know I'm in the minority, but this is my favorite of the season. Yes, they have been making some pretty major changes, but I feel like those changes came together in this episode to make it seem more like the books. Some of the characters have been changed beyond reprieve, but they're making those changes flow with the general feeling the books show have, imho.

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Gave it a 6.

Maybe the worst episode of the series for me. "Night Lands" is the only contender which comes close. There wasn't one stand out scene, and Benioff and Weiss really showed how weak they are as writers this episode. I'm sure George will come out next week and show them how it is done. They will be the death of the series. Two privileged morons who have nothing noteworthy to their name. Tragic they are in charge of this adaptation.

The death of Ros was ridiculous IMO. Joffrey being the one to do it? Come on.

I think that Joffrey believes he is getting some sort of revenge by killing his uncle's prostitute/concubine; assuming that Ros filled Shae's role in Tyrion's life as Cersei did. Though I could be reading too far into things. I thought the whole "Podrick the Pussy Slayer" thing was a ruse concocted by Tyrion to give Pod some confidence as a way of thanking him for saving his life in Blackwater. The revelation that it was only a joke in the Varys/Ros scene in Episode 4 nearly ruined my enjoyment of Episode 4.

In regards to D&D being "two privileged morons who have nothing noteworthy to their name", Benioff wrote a Spike Lee movie, based on a book that Benioff himself wrote. I'm just assuming that you don't have anything similar on your resume. They may stumble at points in their adaptation, but at least we're getting one. One with GRRM's blessing and input, no less.

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9. I have always enjoyed variations from the book, even more when they piss the "the show should have stuck closer to the books" fans off. Therefore, it would have been an 8, but an episode with loads of them variations deserves one point more.

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Really enjoyed Tywin and the QOT: 'Oh, he's a sword swallower through and through. . . . but brother and sister. . . " heh.

I won't miss Ros. I guess they thought we might forget how awful Joffrey is and wanted to prepare us, just in case our sympathies strayed too far to the 'like' side before the purple wedding. not every scene had the kind of intensity that many had last week but still, enjoyed the wall scenes. the theon torture i just can't watch, so have to admit those scenes are effective.

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I feel like I watched a completely different episode than everyone else saw, one where the QoT did NOT agree to any wedding, and basically told Tywin to go fuck himself, and snapped his quill in two. That's the version I saw, and Tywin and the QoT ROCKED IT.

She did agree to the wedding. Tywin gave her a choice, either agree to the wedding, or he'll write the order inducting Loras into the King's Guard. She snapped the quill saying "it's a rare enough thing, a man who lives up to his reputation", meaning she agrees to the wedding because Tywin has left her no choice, thereby living up to his reputation of being a man who always gets his way.

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