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Jon didn't break his vow?

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They were not married, common-law or otherwise. Jon is not bound to wildling tradition or labels. Ygritte could have felt she was Jon's wife, Mance could have called them man and wife, but that has no binding agreement or vows to substantiate it. Furthermore, I would say fathering a bastard you do not claim is not a breach of the vows either. IMO, under literal interpretation of the vows, Jon has never broken them. Some on this forum will argue that it is a vow of chastity because that is the way it is interpreted by most Westerosi. Yet like many other things the true meaning and tradition of the NW has been lost. Celibacy was probably encouraged because acting otherwise could tempt many to break their vows in earnest. Over time guidelines become rules which leads to a misinterpretation of the vows.

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