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Ours is the Roar

What do you think will happen in Stannis' Siege at Winterfell?

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There's plenty of reasons and ways that Stannis loses, but more reasons, (including basic plot progression...) that he wins.

1. Treachery by the Manderlys, Umbers, and who knows who else?

2. Stannis is renown as a very capable military commander. Roose's battle experience is... The Green Fork. See the whole thread of people dissecting his possible military incompetence.

3. Ramsay is leading an army... He's not a picture of a capable military commander if you know what I mean...

4. Theon. He managed to take Winterfell once, he can certainly do so again... Only this time, he's got an even bigger army with him.

5. Karstark's betrayal was a cornerstone of Roose's plan to disable Stannis. Now that that's taken care of... Stannis may not only have Karhold's Castellan, but his soldiers as well.


It's probably going to be a series of viewpoints, and conflicts. Right now, there almost needs to be two battles, one at Stannis's camp, the other for Winterfell itself.

I think Stannis wins, probably with some unexpected tactics or tricks.

Bolton's ace up his sleeve was a Karstack backstab, which in the early released promotional chapter of Winds of Winters is discovered and neutered. He still has the benefit of Winterfell's walls, better provisions, and superior numbers. However... Bolton does not fight to win, he tries to make sure everyone around him loses, preferably without him needing to fight at all. Stannis might just be the most experienced general in all of Westeros right now, with the Blackfish and Randyll Tarly also in the conversation. Bolton doesn't like fighting where he might be defeated. If defeat is possible, he plans for an orderly retreat. Stannis... Stannis finds ways to win, not to wait for other guy to fail.

I also thought about something concerning davos. Davos was giving a mission to go to skagos to get rickon Stark back, all the the while Stannis was bunny hopping castles in the west. It took stannis well over a month to get to while he is in the end of the book. Davos could have been back from Skagos 3 three times by then.

Pretty much Stannis only chance to get into Winterfell is if someone let them in. If Davos shows up to Winterfell telling he found Rickon, by believe the Manerlys will roll in the red carpet for Stannis.

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i belive stannis will win the battle but get a heavly wound  and die before davos comes with rickon to reclaim the north

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