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How would you rate episode 307?  

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I gave it an 8 just because.


Ygritte is an irritating little shit. I think she and Dirty-Face Bird Man would make a great couple. Jon needs to smack that guy with a nice big sword, just like he did to Half-Hand. In exactly the same way. Hmph.

What is the purpose of the nudie scene with Robb and Florence Nightengale? Wasted film space. She could have told him in a 30-second scene, except I loved Blackfish's earthiness ("wet shit") - ewww. Keepin' it classy, Riverrun style.

Tormund is giving sexual advice to Jon Snow, who made Miss Annoying say "...oh!..." - what was the purpose of that scene?

Orell makes his move. Yay. Let that go somewhere, please. Let Ygritte realize Dirty-Face Bird Man is far and above superior to pretty Jon Snow, who after all, knows NOTHING.

Sansa, Sansa, Sansa. Don't believe anything the Tyrells say to you. Any of them.

Bronn - still one of my favorite characters. Love the guy, he lives by his own rules. Righteous. "You'll end up the most popular dead man in town." True dat.

Tywin beards the lion in his den. Wise, experienced grandfather head to head with psychopath grandson. Delicious. Joffrey whines about having to climb all those stairs, poor little puke. Aha, he's aware of Dany and her dragons. The thot plickens. Tywin talks history. Joffrey is impatient, petulant and rude, of course. That's just the kind of shithead he is.

Dany and her two advisors are plotting. Dang, Grey Worm could be King Obama's son, if King Obama had a son.

Here comes the High and Mighty Yunqai guy - Yurkhai zo Yunzak? - in his litter. Apparently he's a Wise Master. Ooh, presents. We love presents. She's still on the freeing the slaves kick. No, no, that's HER gold now. Go away. Now she wants his powerful friends.

Dany's no dumb blonde. I must say, that dress would win a Project Runway episode. Easily.

Oh, here we go. Shea and Tyrion, her boyfriend who's marrying someone else. She's got a tongue like a razor blade when she wants to. Vicious little ho, and I've got a bad feeling she's going to try to mess up the Sansa/Tyrion wedding. Or not. Poor Tyrion tries to placate her, but she's not having it. She's probably being a lot more realistic than he is about the whole awkward situation.

Mel - witchy poo - ultimate MILF, and Gendry, handsome bastard who's just discovering he's something quite different than he thought. Not one to be distracted from the goal, she once again beats the "I want your blood" drum.

Yay, Arya's back - with these two BwB clowns. They disappointed her - it's never wise to disappoint a woman warrior. I think they're about to find that out. She's got more sack than any of those guys, than all of them put together. Run, Arya, run! Oops, crap. The dog got her.

Jaime and Brienne, our pseudo-love story. Is friendship possible between a man and a woman? We covered that question in "When Harry Met Sally" but apparently it hasn't been done to death yet. Fond farewells ensue. Lord Bolton and Jaime exchange "regards" messages, and the Goat gives Jaime a hint at what's to come regarding Brienne. More thot plickening.

Poor Theon, we despise him, we pity him. He's been having a series of Very Bad Days, and probably wonders when it's going to end. So the two girls are a momentary distraction, but his bad days haven't ended yet. Poor, poor Theon. He's having a few alterations done.

I don't care if Ygritte can kill a deer. She still annoys the crap out of me. She's full of it and isn't half the warrior woman that is Arya, at half her age. Good for Jon Snow, finally telling Redheaded Bag of Wind the truth about their cause.

Osha knows about the White Walkers and is trying to let her companions know how dangerous they are. She knows it takes fire to stop them. Bran looks older each episode. The actor must have been going through a growth spurt during the filming of these episodes.

Qyburn is a vivisectionist, a right proper creeper, that one. Shudder. Jaime's recovery seems to be proceeding apace. He's still stuck on "My father..." this, my father that, however it did get him back to Harrenhall in time to help Brienne, so that's good.

"Sorry about the sapphires." Ha. Good parting shot.

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I gave it an 8. Dialogue driven so I couldn't expect anything major (which we knew, apart from the bear scene). The writing was quite good as expected, but I agree I wish they had given George a bigger episode to do (though he refused the RW).

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"Mediocre" means "of moderate quality", so I rather wonder at how that equates to a one!

I have to say, this isn't GRRM's best work on the show, but at the same time, they gave him what's perhaps the least momentous episode of the season to work with. I do think his Jon and Ygritte scenes were far and away the best stuff Kit Harington has had to work with since the first season, though. OTOH, ugh, 5 more minutes of Theon abuse, now with added gratuitous nudity. Why do the producers foist this stuff on GRRM (and on us?)

I'm giving it a Seven, thanks to the Jon and Dany scenes (also Tyrion and Bronn, and Tywin and Joffrey, and Brienne and Jaime... although I will say that the bear scene was a disappointment because it was too obviously a trained bear in a carefully choreographed sequence; didn't feel genuinely frightening).

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