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How would you rate episode 307?  

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I was waffling between 7 and 8. I gave it a 7 because I was expecting more.

I write this before reading other people's opinions so I am not influenced.


  • Dragons are awesome. It is very hard to act around nothing pretending there is something. Emilia Clark does a fair job.
  • Yunkai arc was solid.
  • Glad they did not show the castration. Good decision. Mr. Winky's last stand was a good way (and a cruel way) to lead into that scene. (Oh and two women for his last ovation. Too bad they cut him off before he was finished.) (Pun's intended ;) )
  • Not trying to make the Tyrion/Sansa marriage be the same as the book. The book marriage makes sense, but if they were to run with that now in the TV show, it wouldn't. Instead, they are going with two people who mutually agree to accept but succumb (initially) to the marriage. (IMHO)

Good TV but not Great

  • Bear scene. It is really hard to work with animals and pretend you don't have the use of arm. The climbing was unrealistic because he was using both arms. Guess they couldn't kill the bear so they had to improvise. Loved how they ended with "The Rains of Castamere."
  • TVyrion was good, but only as a TV character. Would have been much better if the actress playing Ros was playing Shae instead. The Shae actress is really bad with her lines, but I'll just pretend that is because the common tongue (westerosi "cough" english) is her second language. It liked book Tyrion better. The white washing was complete so Tyrion is now TVyrion.
  • Joffrey scene wasn't as powerful as I think it should have been, but Tywin is still in command.


  • Bran/Osha. Explain the f***** backstory already. Rat King, ToJ, KoTLT. Anything other than fighting. The husband/wight story is good as giving Osha a backstory, but I don't care about Osha. (Sorry, the more she acts, the more I dislike her. Didn't in the beginning) I assume the fighting will be how they will have Osha and Rickon break away, but bring some substance as well. Puh-lease.
  • I nearly forgot the Ayra story - so if it isn't memorable, it isn't impactful.
  • Sansa/Margery - So she alludes to the carnal knowledge of Bow-chicka-Bow-wow


  • VFX were great for the dragons, but Harrenhall and the bear pit suffered. The scratches were on the wrong side. Were they not? Harrenhall screamed "set" just like the wall did last episode.


Ep 1: 8+| Ep 2: 6| Ep 3: 9| Ep 4: 9+| Ep 5: 7| Ep 6: 4| Ep 7: 7|

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Can you explain, please?

I, like most viewers, find the acting for Shae to be absolutely awful. The fact that you complimented her made me half-jokingly poke fun at your post.

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I'm going to declare that I dislike the Shae character because she's the worst whore in the world but the actress conveys that role adequately based upon the writing she's given. She's jealous, no bullshit, extremely sexual, impatient, and frustrated. I think she pulls that off well enough. But at some point I started to question if she's ever actually been a whore before. We had some vague mentions of her past but they kind of dropped it. At this point I'd like to know who the hell she actually is so I can actually appreciate the character more. Why was she so defensive about her parents? Why is she even in Westeros? Are they just going to drop these things?

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Well I see no reason to delve into all of that at this point. It's obvious she's had a long hard life and that's made her who she is, and that's what's important. Whatever happened to her parents it was most likely bad.

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Well I see no reason to delve into all of that at this point. It's obvious she's had a long hard life and that's made her who she is, and that's what's important. Whatever happened to her parents it was most likely bad.

I agree that it's far too late to go into it, but it really detracts from her character when we see her basically being not a whore but still a whore with no real backstory to make her even somewhat likable or reasonable.

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An 8. I especially liked:

- Orel's move on Ygritte - Jon Snooze better wake up!

- Arya running into the Hound

- Everything the Kingthlayer says and does

- Brienne making Jamie promise to keep his vow, knowing she was a dead woman walking

- Both Boltons - even Ramsey with the soccer horn

- Bron keepin' it real

- Da Bear

and most of all, Danaerys and her righteous dragons

Not so much:

- Rob Stark and Talisa. Jayne Westerling would have made a lot more sense

- Shae's misplaced jealousy. If she actually was a whore, she should understand the situation. If she's actually some foreign princess (or a sand snake), she needs to tell Tyrion

- Bran not moving

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Wow, I'm surprised at the negative response to the episode! I actually thought it was very good. Flawed? Sure. But all in all I thought the episode was exciting and well paced. I gave it an 8, not giving it a 9 due to my disappointment over the bear scene. And the Theon story is just not working.

Ps, I consider myself a tough critic relative to other voters here. It's strange to like the episode more than the majority of reviewers here....

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Been thinking about the Reek/Theon scenes. I thought they were absolutely necessary. There was never any reference to his testes, just his penis and I think they just cut the thing down - to parallel Tormund's tale, probably in half. If we ever know. He shows some signs of testicular urges later which were suppressed entirely by fear and malnutrition. Anyway, I am not sure that matters

My point is, despite the fact his teeth still look pretty good, after the cock-maiming there really isnt anything else Reek can do to him that will be worse. He's been flayed, maimed, dick-reduced, and made hopeless in many ways including a scene analogous to the Kyra adventure. Sadly there is no need to bash up his teeth at least on screen but otherwise I think they are done. I bet we dont see him in the torture chamber any more. Perhaps in the dungeons or otherwise serving Ramsay.

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The Joff and Tywin scene was the best one imho. It was so awesome to see Tywin put that little shit in his place.

Yes, but I actually think they did Joff justice on the show. He was rightfully concerned about Dany and dragons, yet Tywin arrogantly dismissed those concerns....
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I gave it a 7 though it felt more like a 6.5.

The pacing felt really off.

Really loved the Brienne/Bear scene (the wide shot of her holding the wooden sword in the air and the bear on its hind legs will start appearing in icons all over forums, mark my words.) Loved Dany's scenes as well. Dany's scenes have been golden this season. And I am so, so glad we did not get the "I am young and naive in the ways of war" line. Thank you Seven!

Gendry and Mel's scene felt too short. Arya's scene felt too short. Could have done without the Talissa/Robb scene. Strangely enough the Tywin/Jofferey scene felt underwhelming to me though I did find it interesting that Jofferey is aware of the dragons in the show. He seems to be the odd man out in actually being the only one to take her dragons seriously.

I've been pretty okay with the changes made to the show this season but I am beyond irritated with everything related to Bran. We finally get a moment of exposition and it's for Osha of all people. I loved Osha in seasons 1 and 2 and I know they wanted to extend her role because of what a good actress she is, but the scene felt forced, probably because I know of all the other awesome stories they could have told instead. I'm ready for her and Rickon to take off already. So much wasted potential with that storyline.

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Yes, but I actually think they did Joff justice on the show. He was rightfully concerned about Dany and dragons, yet Tywin arrogantly dismissed those concerns....

My opinion was that Joff wanted to be appeased. He likes people to convince him that it will be okay, so he can give his "approval." But it was clear Tywin was not looking to be praised by Joff. I think it all came down to Joff wanted someone (the biggest figure of power in the realm) to submit to his wishes and show that they answered to him.

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I gave it a 7. Kind of a "boring" episode but I still enjoyed it quite a bit. It was a more dialogue driven episode than action oriented episode, which I'm just fine with. The dialogue was very good and some of the scenes are obvious set-up's for what's to come.

I didn't like the Sansa/Margaery scene though. Sansa was fine, she acts exactly how i expect her too. I don't like that they've made Margaery exactly what Cersei thinks she is. In the books she comes across as much more innocent, shrewd yes, but not some promiscuous floozy. Natalie Dormer plays the role well, but she can only deliver the lines that are written for her, so...

I've no complaints about Jon/Ygritte. They both act exactly like I think they should.

Same goes for Robb/Talisa. It's much more than we get from them in the books obviously, but they've both handled their roles pretty well in my opinion.

Blackfish becoming the Greatjon seems to be the route they're going with. Dunno why they didn't just recast the Greatjon to be honest. I do like the Blackfish though. At least he wasn't bullying Edmure this time.

Disappointed that we've met no other northern lords that are pro-Robb. It has really cheapened Robb's whole storyline this season and made him a much less sympathetic character.

My biggest problem was the Arya claiming "death" as her one true God. Too soon. What about the old gods little Stark? That and the fact that the scene escalated to her capture by the hound much too fast.

The whole episode went too fast to me. But as I said, it was I said, it's a solid 7. The dialogue was good. Shae didn't even make me cringe this time.

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Seven. It was a solid enough episode, fan's favorites in scene and smoothly build. Still I didn't really like any scene besides perhaps Dany's. The bear's pit was, well, nothing like I expected but I say it in a negative sense.

There were very good interactions, Sansa & Marg for once, and some not that good like that weird thing that happened in the Thrones room. Tywin and Joffrey's dialogue was unnatural. I don't even think the actor that portraits Tywin even knows who the character is supposed to be anymore and he was managing well last season in spite of the oocness of his lines. It's hard to explain, but although I love tv!Maergary because her subtlety was thrown out the window I dislike tv!Tyrion for the same reason.

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