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Overall , I liked this episode , much better than the previous one.

I'll give it a 7.5

I can't understand why so many on this board are disgruntled.

1: Jon/Ygritte

They seem like a real couple. I loved it how Ygritte said the "you are mine" line.

Tormund at last acting like Tormund.

Weak point was the orell angle. Just seems superfluous.

2: Rob/Talisa/Balckfish/Catelyn

It's criminal how they are literally cutting Catelyn's role with savvy remarks aka "wet shit"

I just can't stand Talisa ... I was cringing when she said "attack attack".

As for the pregnancy , well I don't know what to make of it.

Jon not Robb's heir? I hope she has a miscarriage or something.

3: Margeary / Sansa

Another good scene ... Serene

Sansa again is acting like a naive girl but then that was my exact feeling when reading the books.

I only started to like her when she moved away

4: Bronn / Tyrion

Pure Gold and it's good that they are implying he wants to fuck her... One small stain on this new whitewashed image is always welcome.

5: Tywin / Joffrey

Brilliantly acted by both. Tywin majestic aura again highlighted for us and a new Joffrey perspective. I like it how he wants to be more involved.

6: Yunkai

I'd always read it as YuNAki ... my bad lol

2nd best part of the episode. I never really warmed to her in the books but she is a badass in the show.

7: Melissandre / Gendry

Interesting info about her past and it's good that Gendry finally realized he has royal blood in him.

8: Arya / Beric

Arya's scene are always a delight but It's funny how easily she escaped.

9: Jaime / Brienne / Bolton / Qyburn

Highlight of the episode. The bear scene was not short at all. Why would you want to stay longer in a pit with a bear in it?

10: Theon / Boy

I don't mind the torture scene and quite necessary. Actually , I don't get the complaints. There was no gruesome image at all.

Anyway , it's supposedly the last one.

11: Last but not least , Bran / Jojen / Osha

Great Osha backstory and the impetus for dividing up.

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From reading most comments i bet most people are completley oblivous about movie making.

I loved this episode the scene transfers and the build up is one of the best I've seen in a show.

All shows build up for the last episodes, it's common knowledge.

I loved this episode.

And it wasn't as good as episode 0305 but i will still give this a ten.

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One thing I didn't like about the bear scene is that in the book, when Jaime goes back to save Brienne, it's the first time we see him caring about her. In the TV show, they are given 2 or 3 extra scenes that make it unlikely he would leave her behind with Locke in the first place. Also the fact that all the men present are Bolton's makes the whole thing a bit silly. Who's leading them? Locke or the guy escorting Jaime?

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Locke is clearly in charge of the Bolton garrison while Lord Roose is away... but Walton has direct orders from Bolton that Locke can't mess with.

It's true that if you look at the chapter, Jaime is much more casual about leaving Brienne behind, or at least he tries to pretend to himself that he is.

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I really liked most of this episode - particularly the scene between Tywin and Joff. Personally preferred it to last weeks (which I'd watched just the day before).

Think we're getting a little too much Theon, also don't think they needed to do Arya in this episode, seem to be stretching out her plot to make sure she's in pretty much each episode. She's my favourite but doesn't need to be there all the time.

Really loving the progression of NCW and Jaime - think he's excellent.

Dany's scene was good - really showing her to be badass and really care about slaves, but it's just reminding me that it's going to wind down without really going anywhere from really soon.

I gave it a 9.

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Part of me wants to give this a high mark because GrrM wrote it. It is one of the poorer episodes though.

As usual Dany was the best thing in it. I agree the writing for her seemed a little stronger this week and I loved her acting when she made up her mind to take Yunkai.

Jaime and Brienne were also excellent, as was Locke. I didn't have the problem some people did with the bear.

The other thing (along with Dany) that enjoyed a writing quality bump was Jon's story. This is the most KH has had to do this season but inevitably it was still rubbish. He always stinks up his scenes and there is no saving him.

The rest of it was just so unremarkable though, with the exception of Theon's scenes which were just unnecessary and I could have done without. Tyrion and Sansa were a bit boring, Gendry and Arya had very little screen time and the scene with Tywin and Joff just never came alive. Osha's story was ok. Robb and Talisa were awful, really cheesy vomit inducing stuff.


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I gave it an 8 - there were things I liked, things I thought could be better, and things I didnt like.

I did think it was better than last weeks though. But not the best - but then that is expected as it is the lull before the storm, so to speak. Everything is leading up to the climax of the season and episodes like this help to build up to that.

I did like Jon's story better this week and Tormund! Yay!

I also liked Dany, the bear pit - though it was a little rushed, Jaime/Brienne, and the little of Arya we saw.

I did and didn't like Joffrey and Tywin scene - not sure what it was about it, but I felt something was a bit off.... but agian, not sure.

I didn't like Talisa, the fact that Cat was hardly in it, Sansa being so nieve.

While I think that the acting in the Theon scenes are good etc, i think there is too much time spent on it. Just every other episode or a couple of times during the season would be good enough. Not basicly every episode, for about 5mins... Time which could be spent on Cat, Sansa, Jon, the wildlings, or greying Tyrion up a bit.

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Gave it a 7. The writing was great and the characters were at their best. I can't imagine why? LOL. Not much in the way of action happened but it really did a lot to develop the characters a great deal and give them stronger identities. We finally got some "Har har" "You know nothing Jon Snow" "Hodor" The episode really did set up a lot of powerful emotions to come.

I agree the bear fight was kind of a let down. Needed more drama and action. But love Brienne and Jaime together. Love Tywin/Joffrey scene. Tywin is just perfectly cast. so is Joff actually. Loved the gold chain given to Shae (he he he he). She is not cast well at all. Poor acting. Really love Jon and Ygritte. She is perfect in the role and she is very likeable. Dany and the dragons stole the show. The dragons kick unholy arse. Fantastic CGI. Love seeing all three and not just Drogon. Would like to see the other two in action as well though. Arya continues to shine. Looking forward to her travels with the Hound. The Sansa/Margery scene was okay. Nothing great but not bad. Sansa is learning that the world is not a fairy tale...the hard way. Enjoyed Gendry and Mel. I think it's going to be as simple as Gendry is freed from Davos instead of Edric Storm. Then Stannis will end his season by declaring to sail north. And that will be all for Gendry.

My issues with the episode (and the series as a whole) have to do with Bran's story. It is so important in the books and I found it very interesting. But the show is not able to do it justice for some reason. It has no footing yet. I really love Bran and his relationship with Hodor and Summer but the show has done nothing to show that at all. At least it is now setup that Osha will be splitting from the rest of the party soon enough. Maybe that is when Bran's story will take off.

Enough with Theon. We get it. He should be in maybe every three episodes until Reek has his full story. Not every episode although Alfie is a fantastic actor.

Also, I still cannot understand where they are going with Talisa. Why didn't they just call her Jeyne Westerling? She is writing to her mother so I assume her mother will be the one betraying Robb just like in the story. I just don't get the change at all. It's very puzzling. And she is pregnant, which I am glad since it might have been a bone thrown at the readers that Jeyne Westerling is pregnant too. I hope so anyway.

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Only 5/10 for me, lowest of the season, and it is not due to lack of action, but rather to a relative lack of character development. I've disagreed with a few of Ran's reviews, arguing that they're pressed for time and so have to do it in stages. The result is that the character may seem "off" for awhile, but will gradually be pulled back in. Here, I think they had lots of time for character exposition, but used it poorly, and apparently aren't going to correct some of those characterizations because they don't believe they need correcting.

Variations in character from the book don't bother me as much when they don't impact events. Tyrion is probably too "good" right now, but the aftermath of the PW will put him in his correct place. The Blackfish's brutality may bother some folks, but it really doesn't affect his role in the story.

But when there are almost as many people rooting for Tywin as for Robb, something's gone off the rails. The injustice of what happened to Ned, the murder of the Stark bannerman in KL, etc.., has simply faded. Robb is now an opinionated, selfish prick, and Tywin is the competent administrator trying to bring peace to the realm and reign in his nephew.

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With Tyrion, they seem to be going with a kind of Drama 101 approach of "lets make him REALLY good, so he'll be more shocking when he goes REALLY bad". It sacrifices nuance and complexity on the altar of simplification. I do not expect a gradual, slow spiral for Tyrion. They're going with a sharp break, not an inevitable fall, is my guess.

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With Tyrion, they seem to be going with a kind of Drama 101 approach of "lets make him REALLY good, so he'll be more shocking when he goes REALLY bad". It sacrifices nuance and complexity on the altar of simplification. I do not expect a gradual, slow spiral for Tyrion. They're going with a sharp break, not an inevitable fall, is my guess.

He's not REALLY good. He's really likable, but hardly characterized as a white knight.

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Another great episode taking some of the major storylines further along without there being any specific "big" events other than Brienne and the Bear. Loved their use of music in this episode, the Bear and the Maiden Fair being sung when Jaime arrives back at Harrenhal and then the very clever re-use of the Rains of Castamere over the end credits.

Loved Tywin's clever playing of Joffrey, he may be sitting on the Iron Throne but there's no doubt at all about who is running the kingdom. Also liked the scenes with Margaery and Sansa and the little dig about mothers bringing up their sons properly.

The BwB scenes weren't as good for me this week but, to be fair, there wasn't really much they had to do other than facilitate Arya's escape and capture by The Hound and it definitely looks like Gendry's getting an expanded role in the TV show given Melissandre's revelation of his parentage.

Dany's scenes were good and it was nice to see the other two dragons as well as Drogon and the CGI on them was incredible.

Theon's torture continues apace and it's still a muddled confused mess for the TV viewer who, imho anyways, has no idea what the chuff is going on there or what the point of it is. Hopefully they're going to expand on it or give a few more clues as to the "why" it's happening.

Robb and Tulisa's scenes, while all jolly and nice for them, really didn't do much for me or for his storyline other than I guess show again that he married her for love and to throw out the potential "heir to the Northern Throne" storyline.

Jon and Ygritte's story is progressing nicely and I liked how they showed her naivety about what life was like south of The Wall. Not really interested in the introduction of the Orell love triangle though other than I guess it emphasised the difference between Jon and Ygritte's backgrounds.

Also loved the echo of the "I was his and he was mine" line when Osha was telling about the return of the White Walkers and what it's really like beyond The Wall during the scene with Bran and the Reeds.

Eight out of 10 for me and, I think, the poorest of the episodes GRRM has penned for the show so far but only because there were no great big set pieces. It had some brilliant dialogue and Jaime's "sorry about the sapphires" line was genius.

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Because he said that he has some dark thoughts?

Actions speak louder than words...

Well he's a drunk, he whores around a lot, he hires a guy to "Kill people that annoy" him, he constantly defies his father (ill-made spiteful creature). Sure he's kind and thoughtful but the difference between the show and the book is that we don't see the results of his disregard for people's lives that Bronn alludes to, and he's much less selfish. I think Dinklage could easily pull off the darker Tyrion but a lot of those Storylines that show that side of him are sort of boring and unnecessary to film. I think the more interesting events that turn Tyrion sour are going to be pulled of well, and it will be somewhat gradual. I don't see Tyrion instantly turning into Tyrion I in aDwD.

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I gave it a 7 out of 10, i really didn't like Theon's torturing because of the girls, Ramsay is being portrayed like a ladies man in that scene, with the girls showing no fear in his presence, at least they should have been a little frightened by him, and not so comfortable in his presence. Maybe in the tvshow they will show them as his "bitches" without introducing the dogs.

Another scene i didnt like so much as i expected was Jaime's saving of Brienne, i expected him to push Locke in the bear pit, or to kill him on sight, but this didnt happened, i hope they will kill off Locked in of the next episodes, maybe the Mountain will do it.

As for the other stories, everything was setting up nicely for the next episodes, i'm sure that Blackfish and Talisa will not attent the RW afterall, and this will pose doubts for non-book readers over her loyalty to Robb.

Also the Bran storyline didnt develop so much, just throwing a hint of how Osha will leave Bran, but it would have been wiser to make it like in the book, with Maester Luwin advicing her to take the boys on separate routes ... from the season preview we see that Sam will encounter Bran, and with 3 episodes left i think Bran's storyline will be rushed a bit ... and that's all i had to say about episode 7.

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