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How would you rate episode 307?  

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Any Dany episode will get an automatic 8 from me. I don't know, I can't describe how I really feel about it or what I think. I always have to rewatch the episode Monday morning. All I know is, because of the title, I was totally expecting Tyrion and Sansa's wedding. As the episode went on, I figured that would be the last scene. So when it ended I was kind of like "that's it?". lol it really caught me off guard.

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Loved all the dialogues. Tywin and Joffrey was awesome. The bear scene was amazing, needless to say. 10/10

ETA: Great to see Arya's story progressing and Bran's journey being something other than his dreams. Bran and Hodor are heading north!

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"Mediocre" means "of moderate quality", so I rather wonder at how that equates to a one!

I have to say, this isn't GRRM's best work on the show, but at the same time, they gave him what's perhaps the least momentous episode of the season to work with. I do think his Jon and Ygritte scenes were far and away the best stuff Kit Harington has had to work with since the first season, though. OTOH, ugh, 5 more minutes of Theon abuse, now with added gratuitous nudity. Why do the producers foist this stuff on GRRM (and on us?)

I didn't mind the nudity.

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Fell asleep during it, luckily someone woke me up for the last 5 minutes or so. Well maybe not so lucky the last seen looked horrible, Jamie got one good shot in and it was both flat and rushed. Why is the episode called Bear and the maiden fair? It's clearly not what the episode was based on.

Going to try and watch it again no promises I can stay awake through this... stuff. Is there a negative end of the rating number scale.

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Better than six, but not as good as 3/4/5 but then it looks like 8/9/10 will be off the chain.

To quote from other thread:

@people saying we NEED exposition eps. The point of structuring a series is that you mix it up and make sure there's always something entertaining going on. Contrast. Pacing. This episode had way too many "emotional" scenes that went on too long - Robb, Jon and Osha scenes for example. None of them were bad scenes, just a bit... samey.

SAYING THAT, that's the best Dany scene yet imo (and I aint a big fan of her in the books). Her character is getting more and more ruthless. Great to watch.

And as I say, the Jon scenes WERE good and nicely written, but very similar to other stuff. Arya was done nicely and the Gendry stuff actually provided good back story.

Main drawback was ... Shae. She's gotta be one of the most irritating characters in anything ever. I'm actually beginning to wish they had replaced her with Ros, and she was annoying enough.

Oh, didn't mind the Theon scene. Too long, but my God, people now have a new guy to hate(/love). Hopefully that's it from him for the most part this series though - we've had more than enough, considering we were all gagging for him! Shit, I guess he still needs to be revealed.

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This is one of those episodes that if it I were to watch it in succession with the other episodes on DVD, it would rate higher, but as a stand-alone-once-a-week-episode, this was good. Of course episodes like these are going to happen when ASOS is split into 2 seasons, but it is better than the alternative.

Overall an 8.

FYI I do find it rather amusing that when the other episodes had weak moments people blamed the writers but with this episode some (keyword some not all) are blaming the producers for foisting this onto GRRM.

I will say if there is one thing that seemingly all of the writers seem to mess up IMO over the last few episodes is the order in which they show the scenes.

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About what I expected , a lot of exposition and set up.

Lord! they have a lot of balls in the air.

Like episode 6 entertained well enough.

Gett's a little tired of the Theon stuff, lord they have season 4 to go!

Odd they did a set up in Hollywood for the Bear pit scene and that is all we get?

Something must not have worked, scenes at KL seemed a little stretched as a good bit of the end sequence went on the cutting room floor.

Wonder what George wrote?

O yes the Dany sequence is from the books, condensed quite a bit.

All three adolescent dragons on screen for the first time, glad to see that.

Still don't have names, odd.

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Talisa: -1

Talisa talking and being Talisa and Cat says not much: -1

Sansa looking ungrateful because the surprise needed to be there: -1

gratuitous nudity: -1

I was so excited to see A BEAR! scene, but there was something somewhat blander than I had expected. I didn't believe they were in danger. When I read it, I was trembling.

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Well, I gave it a 7. It was okay but I was watching the clock and thinking they need to just leave out the bear scene til next week and leave us with a "cliffhanger".

Outside of that, no big complaints because I believe like episode 6, this was an episode aimed at setting things up. To give an honest grade you have to keep the season as a whole in mind (IMHO). Most of the time thats how I prefer to watch TV shows (all episodes in a row, when time permits, and with no BIG (weekly) breaks).

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all of the writers seem to mess up IMO over the last few episodes is the order in which they show the scenes.

David and Dan decide the order scenes go in, so that's largely their choice. We know for a fact that there has been some significant shuffling around in George's episode. His Eyrie scene has disappeared from this episode, while the bear pit is from David and Dan's episode. I suspect some other stuff may have been written by them as well. I assume this means some of GRRM's material has ended up in episode 8 instead.

As to the "foisting" thing, the other writers are all present at the outlining sessions and deeply involved, but GRRM isn't. He literally is given the outline that they have created for him without any direct input into the outlining process on his part, so I think it's fair to say that he has a unique position as a writer on the show, one where he is much more clearly not a part of the creative process than Benioff, Weiss, Cogman, and Taylor are.

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