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Not that great of an episode. Had hoped they would put more CGI / animal-trainer budget into the bear scene, which really was the only memorable thing about this episode. I expected the bear to die at least and to give Jamie a bit more of a fight.

But oh well... it was a right proper huge bear, not a CGI one, that's a great thing on its own. I suppose they aren't that easily trained to roll over and act dead so it was as much as could be expected.

But what the hell were they thinking shooting Jamie's and Qyburn's scene in front of a Scottish Highlands looking backdrop?? They're supposed to be in the riverlands, a forested and hilly but fertile region. Not the bleak wastes of the North. Meh...

All in all: Quite a forgettable episode with very little in the way of Ep.6s super-great melancholic mood setting or Ep. 5's legendary swordfight. A 6 if I feel generous.

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After next week's disappointing episode, this one sort of picks up where episode 4 and 5 ended. Though not quite.

First of all, kudos to both Clarke and Harrington on their acting. Clarks has been good this entire season, especially in comparison to last year. Besides, she looked great in that dress.

Harrington, I'm also not a fan of. But the better climate must have done "wonders" to his acting presence. Kind of enjoyed his interaction with Ygritte. Pleased she didn't refer to his tung again.

And we also got a genuine bit of Tormund. Har!

Already a little backstory concerning Mel aka Melony.

Scene between Gleeson and Dance had to be good. Two of the best actors on the show, how could it not?

Scene with the Bear and the Maiden not so fair but with a nice tush was, well, okay.

Speaking of tushy. The Queen in the North!

I think I'll never get the anger that some hardcore bookfans show towards this beautiful creature.

WHAT. A. BODY. :bowdown:

Other than that, not great. But then again, I never got bored.

Really looking forward to next week though.

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By far the worst episode of the series. I couldn't even bring myself to watch much of it and was flicking in between the video and my browser.

One can only assume that GRRM was in a rush and desperate to get rid of one of the monkeys off his back. The last 3 episodes now have been pretty dready, and I have to say that the season has been a let-down. Way too much sex gossip.

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I gave it an 8, despite the fact that I'm sick of naked women standing around constantly. Ugh.

The Dany scene was excellent. I love comparing the books to the show with regards to how I react to characters. I love TV Dany, but I find book Dany a bit boring. Weird, huh? Emilia Clark does a fantastic job bringing her to life.

I would have liked more 'Tully family' and less 'Robb and wife'. Cat, Blackfish, and the gang are tense, the weather is crappy, and I am nervous along with them.

The Sansa/Margaery episode was interesting. We get a bit more insight into M's character that we don't get in the books. Thank you, George! :). M is another character I love watching on the show. The actress does a fantastic job with her.

The Jaime scenes were some of my favorites. He is changing before our eyes, literally. I cannot wait for him to arrive at King's Landing. I thought the bear scene was a bit overwrought, to be honest. The bear had all the best shots/action. ;)

I've saved my favorite scene for last...Joffrey and Tywin. That scene in the throne room with the King who sits on the iron throne and the King in actuality was amazing. All that was unsaid, yet there, between them...two amazing actors. Jack Gleeson is fantastic.

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Hmmm... This episode probably only deserves a 7, but I'm going to give it an 8 because I liked a lot of the dialogue.... AND THERE WAS A DECENT SHAE SCENE!!!!! I wouldn't have thought it possible.

What I liked:

Everything Jaime/Brienne. This means a lot, because i was NOT rooting for them in the book. Their farewell, and Brienne's plee to honour their oath, was particularly touching.

Jon/Ygritte banter. I was particularly pleased they included Jon telling Ygritte they wouldn't win. I felt that was really important for Jon's character.

Gendry learning his parentage. Is it just me or does it feel like they're going to do something more with him post-Melisandre? Maybe Martin has told them something about his future? That reveal just felt really significant.

Osha's moment. It made up a bit for the fact that she's been a pain in the ass up till now. Still think its about time she left.

Tyrion's scene with Shae. This is the first Shae scene I have enjoyed. Her character felt more real, and we finally saw her real fears about Tyrion's future treatment of her. It doesn't mean I like her, or forgive ruining her character, but it made her and everything they've done with her up till now a little more bearable.

Dany being a badass. Nuff said.

What I didn't like:

Tywin/Joffery - underdone and underwhelming. I expect better from the writers.

Talisa pregnant. I'm caring less and less about her every episode.

Theon's gelding. Lacked subtlety. Willing to forgive it though, as everything about that thread up till now has been great.

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To be quite honest, I was rather disappointed by this episode.

First and foremost, every single scene with Talisa is just painful to me. The scene in the tent with Cat, Edmure etc, was just so annoying. The Blackfish is just being rude in a really childish way and constanly interrupting Cat... why? He was always rather coarse in the books, but not without a certain sophistication and a great deal of maturity which he seems to lack on the show. But it doesn't matter because, of course, Talisa is cool and doesn't mind his foul language. By the way, how come Cat has basically faded to the background in the show? Also, could Robb wait until his mother has left the tent before he starts making out with his wife? Honestly, Robb in the show just seems like a rude and spoiled brat to me (whereas I found him rather sympathetic in the books).

The scene with Sansa and Magaery started well, but towards the end it just felt like an attempt at making Tyrion look good. It's almost like they're playing the whole wedding between Tyrion and Sansa as if he is the real victim and she's just a silly girl because she can't realise how great he is. Poor Tyrion, why must Sansa and Shae refuse to give him a break!?

Tywin and Joffrey... Gods! I wanted so much more out of this scene! It was good, but I felt like it never took it far enough. I don't know, the shot from above to show Tywin towerin gover Joffrey also felt a bit too... obvious?

Dany and her ham-fisted 200 000 reasons... Overall I don't think Dany was particularly bad in this episode, it was ok, but that line... it felt so over the top I almost started laughing.

Shae and Tyrion just seemed to recycle the same two lines over and over again with slightly different wording ("you're my lady", "I'm your whore"...). To be quite honest that almost sounded to me like the typical cheap conflict in some 13-year-old's fanfiction. The scene started out well enough but then it just seems to go into an infinite loop or something.

Arya running out of the cave just seemed weird to me. It's almost like they decided to give her a head start and then start chasing her. It just looked strange.

More Theon torture! With naked ladies this time... for no good reason whatsoever. Honestly, I don't mind nudity and sex in the show. But sometimes it's just sooooo pointless.

Osha suddenly decided to go into story-telling mode... ok, whatever.

But the episode did have some good things as well :)

For instance, I really liked the stuff with Jon Snow and the Wildlings. At first I thought the whole Orell going after Ygritte was a bit forced, but I think it worked out nicely. I particularly liked the whole "that's a windmill" bit, hehe.

I also, to my own astonishment, liked the scene between Melisandre and Gendry, though I cannot for the life of me understand why they are sailing so close to King's Landing. I felt they made Gendry handle the information in a really good way. It seems like he almost can't believe it, yet he might have suspected something similar... I don't know, I just really liked it.

And of course I loved Jaime and Brienne, although the scene in the bear pit lacked perhaps a little bit of intensity. But when she called him "Ser Jaime" I almost wanted to cry because it was just so perfect!

So, all in all, 6/10. I believe that's the lowest rating I've given an episode so far...

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The Bear! The Bear! And all the Jaime/Brienne scenes.

The Dany scenes - her arc this season has been magnificent.

Tywin/Joff - could have had better dialogue, I suppose, but it was a great scene.

The Sansa/Margaery scene - love it cause it contained my favourite noble ladies and Marge was so understanding, hated it too though, for other reasons

Tyrion/Shae - and that's saying a lot, cause I hate the whitewashed HBO Tyrion, who gets too much screen time at the expense of other characters. For the first time in ages, he and Shae both were actually true to their characters. I loved the Bronn scene, too!

Robb's council scne - it was very good, all the five characters in the scene had an equal part in it and the back and forth tensions were really great. What's best though is that Cat was written right for a change. I guess tha Blackfish was being rude, he would not have behaved like that in the books, but he is a slightly different character on the show and I still like show!Blackfish, too.

All of us - nuff said


The Theon torture - OH GOD WHY

Bran scenes continnue to be boring


The scene with Sansa and Magaery started well, but towards the end it just felt like an attempt at making Tyrion look good. It's almost like they're playing the whole wedding between Tyrion and Sansa as if he is the real victim and she's just a silly girl because she can't realise how great he is. Poor Tyrion, why must Sansa and Shae refuse to give him a break!?

THIS! :agree: SO MUCH!


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I have to say, I was not a huge fan of this episode. We are spending too much time with Theon. The scene with Robb and Talisa was too long. The bear pit let me down a bit but it was probably the best scene in the episode. Bronn and Tyrion part was really good. I guess they are building Shae so that we won't be too suprised when

she betrays tyrion

. They are making Tyrion to be almost as good of a person as Ned Stark or somehting...

Margarey trying to get Sansa to look on the bright side.

Tywin was very subtle in showing that Joffrey is the King but will not be doing whatever he wants as long as he is Hand. I liked his delay in say "your grace"...I wonder if Joffrey will forget that slight...

Orell has no chance.

Bran scenes aren't giving us anything. And of all the backstory's they give us an Osha backstory!! come on...

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This episode was okay. I gave it a 7. I liked the Jaime and Brienne stuff and Jon & Ygritte. I loved Tywin and Joffrey. I also really enjoyed Dany's scenes. The rest was just okay. Definitely an episode that is building to the climax though some stuff felt a bit fillerish.

I will say I am glad GRRM wrote this one just for the parts involving Jon Snow b/c I felt that the show hasn't flushed out that story very well so far this season and he definitely did that and made that part of the story more interesting.

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When people say "nothing really happened" what were they hoping to happen exactly?

for me, a great hour of television like last week.

this one was so-so. not as bad as some of the meandering season two episodes but there wasnt a strong story here.

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7 Nothing really wrong with it though nothing great, quite disappointing GRRM has been wasted directing this episode. At first I thought this season would be quite action packed from ep 4-the end of s04, staring to wonder if we will even see Danny's attack this season.

Thought the Theon scenes have been really good, was not sure how they would do those.

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One can only assume that GRRM was in a rush and desperate to get rid of one of the monkeys off his back. The last 3 episodes now have been pretty dready, and I have to say that the season has been a let-down. Way too much sex gossip.

The writers have such great source material to work from... and I heard that this was the season they couldn't wait to do when they started this project. I agree with you, this season has been incredibly disappointing. So much cringing and eye rolling. The only reason I watch it is because it's something "new" to access while waiting for the next book to come out.

The Theon scenes have just become pathetic and redundant. So boring. We get it, we get it. If you can leave out characters like Jon and Cersei and Dany for an entire episode, then please, you can leave out Theon getting bloody tortured! Drives me nuts that they have to remind us over and over.

Arya's storyline has been very rushed. I feel they toss her in here and there: "Hey, remember her? She's still kicking." Meh is all I can say about that.

I do feel that Jaime and Brienne click really well, and I enjoy their scenes quite a bit.

Dany's scenes have all been great. I feel like her story is the one staying most true to her book story, if that's fair to say. In this season I've just loved her.

The writers view Jon Snow like everyone else in Westeros views the Nights Watch.... as something ridiculous and not to take seriously. Since the first season I've despised show-Jon.

Stannis has become a weirdo and Sansa' still a naive idiot who's not developing well at all.

I hate what a complete p-word they've made Edmure Tully out to be, and what a surly bullying jackass the Blackfish is. In the books I really liked both of these two, but not in the show.

When the RW takes place I'm going to feel relieved. That's how unlikable some show characters have become to me :(

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I thought it was really good, 9/10. A few scenes lasted a little too long for my liking (Theon, Shae, Sansa), but this was made up for with the awesomeness of Tywin, Qyburn!, Jaime and Locke, all of which are awesome.

When Tywin walked into that hall I was literally cheering him on, been waiting for him to put Joff in his place so long, haha.

The scene on the boat with Mel and Gendry was a nice addition too, as well as Osha's scene.

Tormund was finally Tormund, that's another plus.

Bonus points for the locations and the costumes which were absolutely gorgeous, and the cool bear action at the end.

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was really disappointed with this episode.

Most of the episode I found to be boring and completely inconsequential.

The bear scene is arguably my favorite scene in the entire series. Obviously, a lot of the drama was taken out because we don't have Vargo Hoat or the Brave Companions, so it makes no sense why Brienne was left to Locke and why two Bolton men would fight each other.

I also missed all of Jaime's best lines... "What are you doing here?" "Something stupid"

"Grab the wench" "Her name is Brienne, the maid of Tarth. You are still a maiden I hope? Good, i only rescue maidens"

I was waiting for that scene all season and it was just awful! I didn't expect the bear to be that great, but I was hoping for some of Jaime's best dialogue of the entire series!

I also hated the Robb scene. I hate the Blackfish in the series.

I was really left disappointed by this...

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