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Just reposted this from a book spoiler thread I guess so nothing gets spoiled for me.... Anyway....

I have a few questions about Walder Frey and Lord Bolton not particularly relevant to the latest episode, but something I have been thinking about and actually more relevant to "The Bear and Maiden Fair" Episode.

What happened to Frey's men that Stark took in Season 1? Supposedly Robb received about 2000 or so I believe and 400 stayed at The Twins in Season 1. I guess his men left for the Twins after Robb married Talisa in Season 2. And now he is going back for more as supposedly he has a great number? Will that make that much of a difference in attacking Casterly Rock if Walder supposedly has that many men. I guess we may find out next episode the numbers.

Secondly, why would Lord Bolton release Jaime so easily? Bolton released Jaime only if he told Tywin that it was not him who cut his hand off? Sounds like Bolton is scared of Tywin? Is he trying to back out, does he not agree with Robb's tactics lately? Robb surely won't like this if he finds out and I am skeptical how this will play out. I don't see Bolton, the man who flays his captives, as someone who would release Jaime so easily? What the hell?

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