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[Book Spoilers] EP308 Discussion


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Melisandre looked good tonight. Of all the characters who appear on this show, she is the most in charge of her sexuality, seriously, the stuff she was up to actually was hot, not sleazy and uncomfortable like so much other junk to pass off as adult entertainment on this show (Pod and the Whores/Littlefinger "play with her ass").

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I think she was looking for blood, not... other things. It used to be customary to display bloody sheets after a wedding night to prove the virginity of the bride, since usually they bleed the first time. That's how I took her looking, anyway.

Same principle either way.
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Two reasons: to get his blood flowing before leeching him, and nudity for nudity's sake.

I know they don't have the technology we have, but I doubt this is the first time Mel has leeched someone. DO you need to get your blood flowing to do it? What about when they take blood for sick people? Talisa the nurse humped wounded soldiers before leeching them?

Or maybe she wanted blood specifically from his junk because it was where Robert Baratheon's power resided.

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I know they don't have the technology we have, but I doubt this is the first time Mel has leeched someone. DO you need to get your blood flowing to do it? What about when they take blood for sick people? Talisa the nurse humped wounded soldiers before leeching them?

Now we know why Roose Bolton likes being leeched so much

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Great, solid episode, one of the best this season.

-I like how they Kept the Arya/Hound interaction faithfull to the book, and how they are drumming up hope for her about the wedding.

-Dany's scenes were good, I don't know how they will handle merging the sellsword companies in the long run however however. At least Show!Daario is not a ridiculous peacock like in the books, so it seems like I can take him seriously. A bit.

-Loved the Davos/Stannis scene. Finally these two get to act together, and again lifting Stannis's ''just one boy'' speech from the books was a good decision.

-While it was a pretty hot scene, the Mel/Gendry sex seems a bit... unneccesary. I guess she wanted him to be trusting, and that getting him in bed is certainly a way to do that. From her speech I imagine the ritual would have been less potent somehow if he was tied down by guards during the, err, procedure. But they could simply have gotten him in his sleep. It just seems a bit gratuitous is all.

-Yes, Sansa knelt, no it's not a travesty. It would have been hard to convey her thoughts in TV format, so it would have looked like she did it out of spite (especially after Joffrey stole the stool) and the show would have to explain it. Better to just have her kneel. Still, poor Sansa... Otherwise the scene was good; I liked Tywin silencing the snickering people with a glance. Also Cercei finally being claws out with Marg was good to see. Cercei has been a bit too nice this season, it was high time the proud lioness stand her ground again.

-The dinner/bedding scene was amazing. Olenna trolling her grandchildren, Tyrion making a hilarious fool of himself, Joffrey being shut up like the little bitch he is, Cercei shoving off Loras, Sansa gunning for the wine after Tyrion announces his, er,, duty. The Imp's look of lust turning to shame. One of the series's best. Have I mentionned Dinklage is a fantastic actor?

-Sam the Slayer! That scene only lacked Coldhands, really. I guess we'll get him next time, what with all the crows being foreshadowing. Also simply leaving the anti-White Walker superweapon lying there was not a smart move, Samwell.

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what's that? American holiday?

Lol, haha, yes. It is a holiday celebrating those who served in the armed forces and died.

I think..

Yes, Memorial Day is the day we Americans honor the men and women who served in the military and died. As a huge fan of the show and a combat veteran I am ok with HBO waiting an extra week to see the next episode.

Veterans Day is in November and is very similar, its the day we honor both the living and dead men and women who served and continue to serve in the military.

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"Show them how it feels to lose what they love."

Close-up of Robb.

Damn, those preview editors are awesome.

For fuck's sake, people are thumbs-upping spoilers for the episode and bumping the comments to the top. This is exactly why I went ahead and read the books. I was lucky enough to only have Joffrey's death spoiled (and Jon's supposed death, which was spoiled for me on this very website. It was one of the "previews" where you see the first thread in a section on the forum's main page.).

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OMG sex I'm so uncomfortable.

Bravo, In ASOIAF world where adult men marry 13 year old girls, this is accepted as part of the world created. When Adult nudity is incorporated into same said world for dramatic effect on TV, it becomes unnecessary or filler. ??? There is a lot we all would like them to do differently, but they are doing the show with Hodor's junk and Mel's tits and Theon's torture porn. I for one would rather have it all, than none.

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Why do a bunch of people think that Sansa noticed Joffrey moving the stool and thus realized Tyrion couldn't reach? As stupid as they've made showSansa, she could have been completely unaware.

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If anyone tries to bring up "whitewashing of Cersei" I'm going to tell them to watch this episode. Threatening to kill Margaery because she called her "sister" ? Telling Loras to STFU, pointing out the Rains of Castamere?

and after seeing so many freaking people comment about the Sansa thing and how she shouldn't have knelt it's ridiculous.

In the books Tyrion is too proud to ask Sansa to kneel and Sansa knows the Tyrion can't reach her. In the show he does ask her to kneel. She couldn't refuse a simple request like that, it would make no freaking sense.

Wow way to not read the article. Oona Chaplin was talking about another actress on the set.

Still, kind of shitty that they wrote Ros out of the show simply because she wouldn't do nudity anymore.

When you apply for a job don't audition for one that is called "whore"

Were those birds on the weirwood near Sam a reference to Bloodraven, or was I imagining it?

Possibly or they were referencing Cold Hands. They were making a lot of noise to let Sam and Gilly know that Puddles was after them.

I am confused isnt Daario Naharis with the Stormscrow and not theThe second sons. Where is Ben Plumm

Again, show simplification. One sellsword army instead of two(even the size more than doubled) Storm Crows and Second Sons were 800 men a piece in the books weren't they? They're over 2,000 in the show..

Brown Ben Plumm wasn't elected a leader of the Second Sons until Mero fleed, so their options are: make Ben Plumm a captain of the Second Sons now that Daario is the only person in charge.

Option B is add him later as a "faction" that splits from Dany and Daario while in Mareen.

Option C is have Daario take over Ben Plumm's role and betray Dany.

In the book didn't the dragon glass break?

Yes and no, the dragonglass killed the White Walker but it broke against a wight/armor. Killing the White Walker didn't break the dagger, it did make it extremely cold to the touch.

So you're saying Sam and Bran don't meet? How would Sam find his way under the wall without Coldhands?

Sam and Bran definitely do meet this season. I don't know if they'll show Coldhands this season though, Sam and Gilly might just appear on the other side of the Wall and describe him.

It seems silly since Cold Hands could get played by a stunt double this season and recast, but perhaps they want to give the finale a "magical feel to it"

Ellie Kendrick the actress who plays Meera Reed even spoiled something on Thronecast last week about how she went to school with the girl that plays Gilly and they have a scene together this season.

Meaning Sam, Bran, Gilly, Meera and Jojen meet at the Nightfort.

Good episode. I'm glad Cersei mentioned the meaning of Castamere to Marge.

And did I hear correctly that Olenna mentioned Loras has a brother?

She told Margaery that her brother(Loras) will be her father in-law(since he's marrying Cersei)

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I cant believe they took away Sansa refusing to kneel for him

Agree, a pity, but given the changes they'd already made, this was for the best. 1) she had advance warning of the wedding, so she had time to come to terms with it. In the book, she's still in shock, so her defiance is instinctive and not petty. 2) They had Margaery give her the talk that in the book, Garlan gave her at her wedding feast. In both cases, they advised her to accept Tyrion and look for his good qualities. Refusing to kneel after that conversation would have just been mean.

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