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How would you rate episode 308?


How would you rate episode 308?  

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Very solid episode, though the efforts to make Tyrion nice makes the character less interesting on the screen, and the absolutely pointless Melisandre nudity shows that they're shamelessly fulfilling their quota. But on the other hand, despite hating the sword-and-sorcery B-movie costuming for the Second Sons (the camp follower, OTOH, looks like she ran away from a John Norman novel), I thought Ed Skrein had just the right swagger for Daario. Maybe a little too much obvious posturing, but his line about always having a choice was... well, quite choice.

Also, end scene was terrific. Nice direction from MacLaren there. Makes up for the underwhelming bear pit sequence.

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I would have liked Daario to be more of a popinjay, a threadbare fop, and so on. But he did pretty well, I thought. And yes, Mero has a dark reputation in the novels, and acts very rudely.

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A solid 9, almost perfect.

I like the fact that Sansa did kneel, there was no way they show that and people not blaming Sansa (I loved that in the books, but it won't work in TV, specially with all the whitewashing of Tyrion). Drunk Tyrion FTW.

My only complain is a VERY nerd one, the Reyne's didn't rebel against Tywin, it was against Tytos, and Cersei wasn't born or was too young to remember it (and I don't think they were the "second most wealthiest house on the 7K")

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9.5/10, so I ranked it a 9. I liked pretty much the whole episode, especially QoT commenting on the future of the family tree and Tyrion's drunken tirades, "I am the God of Tits and Wine! I shall build a shrine to myself" is my new favourite Tyrion line. Joffrey was awful, even as a religious reader of the series this show makes me hate him in all new ways. The walker's death was great, especially after seeing Ross Mullen (who plays the Walker) at Comic Con last week and getting an early tease about it. I only take off a .5 becaue Sansa kneeled, but it didn't ruin the scene by any means since they held it long enough to get the point either way.

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I honestly thought this was the best episode. No awkward transitions, great pace, and all very true to the novels (which is not a necessity, but when the interpretation matches the content, it's always a plus). Really just the best episode of the series to date. I was so impressed.

I was cautious when the Gendry-Mel scene started getting, er, sexy (?) but they wrapped it up nicely. Get a man excited and his heart pumps blood faster. Plus HBO was able to fit in the boob quota.

People may complain about how Cersei threatened Marg, but I think it was the perfect display of Cersei's paranoia, jealousy, and violence. In her eyes, this is her world and if somebody dares to threaten the things she loves and enjoys, they will die regretting it.

I enjoyed Daario, who I cannot stand in the books. He is much more charming. The book Daario always came across as an asshole, the bad boy that girls like. This Daario comes across as a bad boy, but also a charmer and romantic.

No complaints from me, which is rare since I am highly critical. I think not having any Jon and Bran definitely helped, as they have been the weak stories this season.

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Great episode, I gave it a 9. I thought it all hung together well and was very excited at the end when Sam the Slayer did his thing. I thought it was going to be the Cold Hands event but maybe that will come later.

Daario is FANTASTIC. What a hottie! I really think the Dany arc this season has been the best. Every Dany scene in every episode has been great.

Creepy what Mel did to Gendry. I guess she gets the leeches and the shadowbaby in a matter of minutes. At least our beloved Davos is out of the slammer. I liked the reference to the "battle in the snow".....

and thank goodness there were no Theon torture scenes!

Really fabulous.

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I would have liked Daario to be more of a popinjay, a threadbare fop, and so on. But he did pretty well, I thought. And yes, Mero has a dark reputation in the novels, and acts very rudely.

In my head I picture him as a Johnny Depp- Jack Sparrow type. Wish they had gone with some blue hair dye at least, but I think he did quite well. Watching with a show only person, the bag of heads was pretty fantastic!

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Gave it a 9

Sam the Slayer, Daario, the leeches and Davos is free to hustle Gendry away. Love Sandor- Arya scene! Didn't even mind Sansa kneeling, since it clearly had to be done to keep the show storyline consistent.

And Tyrion threatening Joff the Ass gets a big hurrah.

Eta- Second the thank god a break from Theon.

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