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How would you rate episode 308?


How would you rate episode 308?  

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my first 9 this season.

Not even because of particular scenes (althought some were really great) but overall feeling was of a very dynamic and well-thought-out episode. Sometimes on the show it feels like they have an unachievable deadline for a script and have to rush to write, just not having enough time to really create a powerfull and yet faithfull adaptation to the books. But not this time (gladly)

+ of course final Sam scene, amazing piece of thriller.

+ the wedding, with Sansa's frustration and Tyrion's escapism, his threat to Joff and that awkward moment between Cersei and Loras... Loved it. No problems with the Sansa's kneeling for me, although I wished Joff's threat to bed Sansa would be played in the end somehow.

+ Daario and Dany sequence was just almost as imagined it from the books.

+ Liam Cunningham is just brilliant... Maybe my favorite actor on the show

- Only big complaint I have is Varys being an extra in this episode and overall underusage him this season.

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I voted this episode as an 8. I kind of wish I had voted 7 but it's too late.

If I were to summarize this episode in a word it would be "beautiful". The scenes and the acting were well done and it flowed beautifully. That being said, the changes are getting a bit ridiculous. I've always been one of the few who has accepted the changes because it still kept the heart of the story. Some of these changes (primarily the Gendry/Melisandre bit) were just so gratuitously Hollywood that it really irritated me for the last time. It's been a long time coming, but it finally got to me. I'm still rating it higher than it should be, but really only because I'm giving the directors the benefit of the doubt that they will reign it in a little bit. If not...then I'm just going to have to view this as a parallel world or something to enjoy it.

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NICE cover of the wedding!

Dario seems kinda bamfish

I liked the first scene with Arya/hound

every single week I love the scenery!

tbh i cant remember much about the gendry scene from the books-seems like a good lead up for later though!

Sam-Gilly scene was good. I liked the naming-the-baby banter.

For some reason this show becomes like 10x more awesome for me whenever I see a weirwood tree and its red leaves.

I wonder what non-book readers will think?


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I voted an 8 but really felt it was an 8.5.

It was an all around solid episode and I don't think I had any major problems with it. There was just nothing that stood out for me to give it a 9. Probably because I felt Sansa's sadness/uncomfortableness of the marriage was downplayed (though Tyrion's wasn't).

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What we got was great, very solid acting, good writing, everything made sense.

BUT isn't anyone else sad about what we missed?? One episode before the RW, I think that they could have used it to show some more Robb and Cat.. As a last reminder of who they were, and why it is so shocking that they die.

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For me:

Yunkai receives a 9,5

Sam and the other a 9,5

Dragonstone a 7,5

King's Landing a 4

I hated how they made the character of Sansa a collaborator in the marriage. Smiling to Tyrion, kneeling, having her undress herself without even making Tyrion to ask...I didn't like it at all. Also, Cersei was completely out of line with Margaery.

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Ugh, very average episode. 7 at best.

The wedding was handled VERY poorly, but I thought the bedchamber scene between Tyrion and Sansa was good.

Daario was flat, and his dialogue was even flatter.

Stannis/Davos scene was pretty good, and the leeches were also done well.

Sam the Slayer was not at all how I pictured it, and felt quite clumsy.

Very forgettable episode.

But in other news..... Tits!

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An 8. A lot better than the last two episodes. Would have loved more Arya/Hound screen time, but also hoping this just means we'll see their storyline following through to Season 4. Totally over the number of nude scenes this season.

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The worst episode of the entire show. Not really but that is how I feel at the moment. The season is at the point where I'm just fed up with it.

Exactly how I feel. Far from the worst episode for me, but still, not a good season so far.

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