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How would you rate episode 308?


How would you rate episode 308?  

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9/10. I would give it a ten, but I want to save that for the final two episodes.

This was personally my favorite episode since the season 1 finale. Despite a few small nitpicks, I loved everything about this episode. The wedding, the leeches, the Seconds Sons, and Sam the Slayer. All perfect. Plus Dany and Mel showing nearly all definitely didn't hurt.

Narrowing down the amount of storylines this episode definitely made it superior to every other episode this season, in my opinion, and 3x9 looks like to continue this trend, which is good.

Are you an HBO plant? You're planning on giving a 10 in the last 2 episodes? Such an odd sentence.

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Most of what I like has already been said before in depth - Sam The Slayer, Leeches, Daario, no Cat, no Bran, return of Davos.

One thing I haven't seen mentioned is Shae kept her mouth shut! (thank the gods, old and new) most of the time she annoys the crap out of me but Sibel Kekilli sold those scenes with expressions and dirty looks. A job very well done!

I was hoping for cold hands but I'm happy to wait. This episode was 9/10 for me, I can't complain at that.

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Very happy with that episode. At first I was a bit, no! with Sansa kneeling, but then I was, OK because of the whitewashing of Tyrion's character Sansa refusing to kneel would have just made the audience be all pissed off with Sansa.

And YAY! no Theon.

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I'm surprised how positive this episode was received. They kept close to the books- fine, but considering the quality of the material, it was the least entertaining hour of TV I have watched yet. I gave it a 6.5, rounded up to 7. Never has an hour of GOT passed by so slowly.

Attention span problems?

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This episode was extremely good. The suspense! After the leech-scene my boyfriend kept asking me during the Tyrion-Sansa wedding if something reaaally bad was going to happen.

People are seriously nitpicking on Sansa kneeling? There's no way you'd get her not kneeling across on screen without making her look like a total cunt, which really wouldn't be right.

On the ravens - I saw that as a warning from Bran (due to the emphasis on the face in the weirwood tree) and I loved the image. Very cinematic.

Something as basic as louder music can really enhance the feel of a scene. There was so little of it.

I was expecting us to hear "rains of castamere" as well but no. A missed opportunity which could have major consequences for unsullied next episode. Without Cat spelling it out- "oh no, not the Rains of Castamere- that's the Lannister song!" the relevance will be totally missed until crossbow quarrels start to fly.

You should probably turn the volume up. The Castamere theme was played again during the Cersei/Marg conversation. It's been used a few other times this season, and Cersei spelled out some of the lyrics. I think the unsullied will be fine.

Music in general was great in this episode. I just love the Dragonstone theme.

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I honestly cant seem where all the love for this episode is coming from, this was easily one of the weakest of this season for sure.

Though I'm not really suprised, as alot of the choices they made did make sense given the constraints, it was still dissapointing.

It's sad that the arya/hound chapters are seemingly going to be essentially skipped, (though I suppose they can try to make up for this next season.)

The hound was far too nice. Quite a few characters were unconvincing this episode, I dont mind the fact that the plot has to be simplified for the show, but when characters have to act so out of character it just comes across of unconvincing.

Even moreso with no rob/cat this episode its clear that Its gonna take one hell of an episode 9 to at least somewhat make up for the damage the show has done to rob and cat's storylines. We'll overall this season has still been really well done, I hope the last two episodes make up for this dissapointment.

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It was ok i guess. I gave it an 8.

Finally get to see Sam the Slayer, but nobody there to see it happen!!!!!!! So i dont think he will get given the name in tv.

Too distracted by Danny and Mel and that random whore.

Daario is a clown. So wrong. All i can see is 'teeth'.

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Gave it an 8 because there was quite a bit from the books included.

Sam the slayer finally

Daario, and prettied up for the screen

Leeches and acknowledging the three kings

Weirwood tree and ravens

Rains of Castamere explaination, would've been nice to hear it more so when it plays next week people would more easily recognize it

Arya finally looking happy when the Hound told her they were going to the Twins for the wedding, poor kid

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Are you an HBO plant? You're planning on giving a 10 in the last 2 episodes? Such an odd sentence.

I can tell you I'm not working for HBO. I don't even live in America. I said that I was saving the 10 rating for the final two episodes because I'm positive they're going to be amazing, and surpass every other episode this season. If I handed out a 10 rating now, there would be no higher rating to give for the episodes with the real 'wow' moments. I also don't see what was so odd about my sentence. I thought it was pretty clear it meant I had high expectations for the final two episodes and want to hold off giving away a 10 rating so that if/when I assign it to one of the final two episodes it will hold more significance than if I handed out 10s all the time. If only I worked for HBO... I'd love to watch these episodes early. The two week wait is gonna be frustrating.

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