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Andalos (as described in the beginning of aDwD)

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I have not given much thought about Andalos, where the andals came from to Westeros. There is no mentioning of it in the previous books, no legends or talk of the old lands, no talk on travelling there or any connections with the people there.

I wonder if all the andals left (and why?), are there still andals living there and are they any way like the Westerosi? Do they have knights and forts, lords and lieges?

In Tyrion II I get the first description of the lands, more specific: the southern part of andalos prosaic called Flatlands. the sight is not uplifting, but it might be because of the autumn season: ochre fields and brown barren elms. Apparently it is a farmed land without major settlements, often(?) raided by the Dothraki. I wonder if the people are andals or something else?

In my first read of this chapter (I got stuck on a Mereen-chapter and stopped reading, but now I am back) I thought of this a s a barren plain with an eternal straight highway going through it, but apparently I missed that it was developed but without towns.

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