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Margaery and Jaime Hypothetical (AFFC Spoilers)

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Hi all,

I just finished AFFC last night. I was really thinking this scenario was going to play out for a bit. Let's assume that Cersei's plot had unfolded as planned to put Margaery to trial and that Cersei had not been apprehended by the Septons.

Do you think Margaery would have been cunning enough to select Jaime to represent her in a trial by combat?

If so, do you think Jaime would have accepted on Margaery's behalf?

Remember that Jaime has just heard Lancel's confession about bedding Cersei which basically confirms his suspicion about Osmund Kettleblack as well. I guess there's also the possibility that he could be pit against Osmund the very man he now knows Cersei to have slept with as well.

Before Edmure submits to Jaime's terms at Riverrun, it seems as if Jaime has pretty much accepted that if it comes to a siege, he's probably going to die in the process.

So if he's willing to foresake his vows to Catelyn and die for the host of Freys, it seems there's a real possibility he could have defended Margaery in a trial by combat to spite Cersei (a cause that he's obviously more emotionally invested in)

Anyways, I hope this will do for a first post, loved the book =]


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Hi teespoon,

Yes I reckon this might have been a distinct possibility, HOWEVER, I don't believe Jaime is *quite* at the point yet that he would actively go against Cersei in that way.

I think that Jaime turning against Cersei is definately being indicated throughout AFFC but I think he wouldn't oppose her that directly yet.

Just my two cents!

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