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R+L=J v.51


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Something about whether or not Varys lies or misleads (sin of commission vs. sin of omission). However, that might be better addressed in the small questions thread.

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Reference guide.

The Tower of the Hand has an excellent analysis of this theory:

Jon Snow's Parents

And Westeros' Citadel also provides a summary:

Jon Snow's Parents

A Wiki of Ice and Fire:

Jon Snow Theories

Frequently Asked Questions:

How can Jon be a Targaryen if he has a burned hand?

Targaryens are not immune to fire. Aerion Brightflame died drinking wildfire. Aegon V and his son Duncan are thought to have died in a fire-related event at Summerhall. Rhaenyra was eaten by Aegon II's dragon, presumably roasted by fire before the dragon took a bite. Viserys died when he was crowned with molten gold. Dany suffered burns from the fire pit incident at the end of A Dance with Dragons. Finally, the author has stated outright that Targaryens are not immune to fire. Jon's burned hand does not mean he is ineligible to be part Targaryen. For more information about the myth of Targ fire immunity, see this thread.

How can Jon be a Targ if he doesn't have silver hair and purple eyes?

Not all Targaryens had the typical Valyrian look. Alysanne had blue eyes. Baelor Breakspear and his son(s) had the Dornish look. Some of the Great Bastards did not have typical Valyrian features. Jon's own half-sister Rhaenys had her mother's Dornish look.

If Jon isn't Ned's son, then why does he look so much like him?

Much is made over the fact that Arya looks like Lyanna, and Jon looks like Arya. Ned and Lyanna shared similar looks.

How can Jon be half-Targ if he has a direwolf?

Ned's trueborn children are half Stark and half Tully. Being half Tully didn't prevent them from having a direwolf so there is no reason to think being half Targaryen would prevent Jon from having a direwolf. If Lyanna is his mother, then he's still half Stark. Furthermore, there is already a character who is half Targaryen and half blood of the First Men and was a skinchanger: Bloodraven.

Since Rhaegar was already married, wouldn't Jon still be a bastard?

The evidence that Jon is probably the legitimate is that Targaryens have a history of polygamous marriages which makes it a possibility that Rhaegar had two wives. Three Kingsguards were present at the Tower of Joy when Ned arrived. Even after Ned said that Aerys, Rhaegar and Aegon were dead and Viserys had fled to Dragonstone, the KG opted to stay at the TOJ stating they were obeying their Kingsguard vow. The heart of a KG vow is to protect the king. With Aerys, Rhaegar and Aegon dead, the new king would have been Viserys, unless Lyanna's child was legitimate making him the new king of the Targaryen dynasty. For a comprehensive analysis of Jon's legitimacy, see the detailed explanations in the two linked articles.

But polygamy hadn't been practised in centuries, is it still even legal?

The practice was never made illegal and there may have been some less prominent examples after Maegor, as stated in this SSM. Furthermore, Jorah suggests it to Dany as a viable option.

Weren't the KG at ToJ on the basis of an order from Aerys, to guard Lyanna as a hostage?

Aerys was sane enough to realize how taking someone hostage works even at the end of the Rebellion, and he would hardly miss the opportunity to bring Ned and Robert in lineany time after the situation started to look really serious. Furthermore, regardless of on whose order the KG might have stayed at ToJ, they would still be in dereliction of their duty to guard the new king.

This theory is too obvious and too many people believe it to be fact. How can it be true?

The theory is not obvious to the majority of readers. Some will get it on first read, most will not. Keep in mind that readers who go to online fan forums, such as this one, represent a very small minority of the ASOIAF readership. Also, A Game of Thrones has been out since 1996. That's more than 15 years of readers being able to piece together this mystery.

Why doesn't Ned ever think about Lyanna being Jon's mother?

Ned doesn't think about anyone being his mother. He says the name 'Wylla' to Robert, but does not actively think that Wylla is the mother. He also doesn't think of Jon as his son. There are numerous mysteries in the series, and Jon's parentage is one of those. If Ned thought about Jon being Lyanna's son, it would not be a mystery.

Why should we care who Jon's parents are? Will Jon care? Who cares if he's legitimate?

Once one accepts that the evidence is conclusive and that Jon's parents are Rhaegar and Lyanna and that he is most probably legitimate, these become the important questions.


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First one....ooooh crapppp....I have to say something.....

I know, "Jon can't be a Targ....he burned his hand and has no Valiryan features!!!!"

See the reference guide :P

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First one....ooooh crapppp....I have to say something.....

I know, "Jon can't be a Targ....he burned his hand and has no Valiryan features!!!!"

No but his burnt hand may be a reason he can't fully be converted to a Whight. Kissed by fire, for real, how do you keep bodies from rising? You burn them, just a thought. Jons bad hand is mentioned often and has yet to play it's part. Foreshadowing. Probably ties into lightbringer as well, its his sword hand after all.

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No he avoids it. Dumb question...do the links to v 46 & v 49 look big & bold to everyone or is it just me?

Ah. I thought I was seeing things... I'll fix it. Or at least try. Whatever.

ETA: Done. Is there anything else you want me to fix while I'm at it?

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@Lady Gwynhyfvar:

Per the previous thread regarding Brandon and Ashara, I agree with the Authorian analogy, and think that is most apt.


I had three minutes to get out the door to go to WORK, and didn't have the text "dog-eared" in front of me, but thanks for the fix.

Personally I think where Selmy and Ashara are concerned, he's having delusions of grandeur.

And Selmys "Prime Directive" is to obey the KIng- any King, or whatever wearing a crown.

I think his sole purpose in his POV was to circumvent Rhaegar. He thinks had HE thinks, he could have chosen Ashara, hence no crowning of Lyanna, no outrage, and later, no rebellion, or so he believes.

While I trust his POV above others, he has a high opinion of himself and what he thinks he could have impacted.

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@ Mtn. Lion

I'm most surprised. When have I denied R + L = J?

Do I make myself understood so badly?

Then, you believe what Varys says.

Varys and Littlefinger are quite alike in this sense. Let me remind what LF said to Ned; something like "I advice you never trust me." The same for Varys.

And, if you want a really crackpot theory, here you are. The king was in ToJ. Ashara was passing by with Aegon coming from KL, and decided to stay with her friend Lyanna to help with the childbirth. That's why Hightower was there. Her brother Arthur was very pleased with the prospect and they planned to a have a pleasant trip to Starfall taking there Aegon and his litlle brother Daemon. Ashara was the other "they" who found Ned with Lyanna. This is why they say that Ashara killed herseld by throwing herself from a tower=> She killed Ashara to take up a brand new personality at the ToJ.

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