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How would you rate episode 309?


How would you rate episode 308?  

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I'm pretty conflicted over this episode. It was excellent, no doubt about that. I was glued to the screen, even though I knew what was going to happen. In anticipation of the episode, I didn't expect them to top the books in terms of impact of the Red Wedding - I expected a good adaptation, nothing more, and they delivered it well. The GOT Red Wedding was more about the shock than the horror or sadness of it, I felt (as some others said too).

There were some fun moments that stayed with me, the presentation of the Frey women, Arya and the Hound with the farmer, the guy who played Walder Frey really seemed to enjoy his role; the acting was, as always, top class in this episode.

One scene just made me shake my head though: the invasion of Yunkai. I mean, hasn't GRRM tried to convey in the series that three men going against 10+ opponents in reality is not a cue for 'badass fighting' but in most cases for wounding, disfigurement or death for the disadvantaged side? I thought that scene, and the ensuing 'surprise, he's not dead, just some splatters!' was pretty cheap, tbh.

I gave it an 8 because of the above and some other, littler, irks. I was oscillating between 8 and 9, might still go back and change.

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It doesn't get better. It gets worse the more time you have to analyse what was left out and how important those things were.

I couldn't read that scene in the book -- heck, I couldn't read most of the book following that scene -- until a week or so ago.

It had very little impact on me on the screen.

You guys are entitled to your opinion as ever, but you're in the minority on this one it looks like. It was numbing television.

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I gave it a 7/10. Although I may be criticised, I felt that the scene didn't carry the emotional weight of the book. It would be nigh impossible to accurately convey the impending dread of Cat via her inner monologues. Particularly with her astute understanding of Grey Wind's apprehension.

The lack of buildup for Robb's bannermen really hurt the scene, I feel. I always got the impression that Frey's great hall was actually much larger and subsequently, more were slaughtered. The amount depicted here was of the number expected at a regular house party.

As aforementioned, I missed the table flipping whilst protecting Robb. Such an action imparted so much credence upon Robb's leadership and the loyalty of his men.

On the plus side, Cat's despair was portrayed perfectly. Would have liked the face raking. But overall, well done. My phone went off as soon as the episode finished by all my non-reader friends expressing their bewilderment and the "bullshit" of it all.

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Im going 8, but I want to give it 7.5. The taking of Yunkai was really really really bad. Wtf was that, 3 dudes take down the effn city?

I continue to be disappointed by the lack of urgency in the Sam scenes. What happened to all those birds?

I was underwhelmed by the RW as well. It was a good tv scene, which is why I still went with an 8 but it could have been so much better imo. I didnt particulary love book Robb, but I felt for him. Tv Robb, I really couldnt have cared less about

Now the other Stark kids did it for me in a big way. Huge. Arya and The Hound, Bran and Rickon were great. A few nitpicks there and with Jon but the scenes made for fantastic tv.

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I'm in the disappointed minority.

I think they could have done much better with that part of the story, and failed to capture the worrying ambiance of the wedding.

Was so disappointed gave it a 4 just after watching, although I recognize it probably deserved a 6-8 according to previous episodes I noted better (but a 10... seriously ?).

For me the Tyrion-Sansa wedding was adapted far better than this one.

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Regardless of my very mixed feelings for this ep, I immediately started to cry when the Rains of Castamere started playing. My Unsullied bf and his friends were like wtf..

Almost 12 hours later that damn song is still stuck in my head.

A lion still has claaawwsss...

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9, though it deserves a 9.5 (I don't think I could give anything a perfect score). Brutal as all hell, almost as bad as it was for me when I read it. Really enjoyed how they tried to trick the non-book readers by dousing the wedding with levity.

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Fantastic episode

Loved 99% of it and I liked how they made Cat Catatonic.

My only nitpick is that I always imagined showing roose coming up from behind , focusing on his legs first and having the sword linger in Robb's body.

Just one question. Rickon is going to the umbers? Is this a plot change?

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They should have had Arya free Grey Wind and have him take out some Freys before he died. However Michelle Fairly scream was chilling to the bone. One of the best endings. The choice to use no music during the credits was brilliant.

ahh I thought this was actually going to happen. I was like yelling at my screen "do it! do it! for god sakes do it!!!" but she didn't I was like aaaahh. but its ok. also I felt Jons scene leaving the wildlings was too little, I was really expecting some more direwolf and man fighting side by side action :( maybe I just always want more diewolves action. plus I was disappointed that Ygritte didn't shoot Jon and Cat didn't claw her face.... well all this being said though still a great episode, if only those few things were there it would have been perfect and I could die happy haha, still I gave it a 10 because it really was very good
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