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How would you rate episode 309?


How would you rate episode 308?  

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  1. 1. What's your rating from 1-10, with 10 being the highest/best

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Everyone not voting 10, what are you thinking... Ohhh wait you're just not thinking clearly after all that epicness! :D

Yeah, Rickon definatly suprised me there with some brilliant acting!

Im also glad Talisa is dead, was not sure about that one.

Roose Bolton played perfectly.

And wow, Arya sticking it to the hound was brilliant.

Edmure is also turning out to be a perfect casting.

Best episode in the series thus far.

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Wow just wow. ..I actually felt bad for talisa and robb, omg I was praying arya got greywind free so he could've atleast gotten some freys and that part left me feeling even worse. Gotta love roose popping in like the dude in the chappelle show skit making fun of the real world and giving robb a drive by stabbing... I loved it and hated it at the same time just like my exwife lol

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Absolutely great. My only problems:

1) Robb holding his wife after being pierced with arrows, not a tear in his eye.

2) The tower scene with Bran and company w/ Jon down below suffered from either bad editing and/or screenwriting. This includes the "He's one of them..." part. (Although this was most certainly not an entire wash. Some of it was okay.)

3) Arya's part outside the RW was...meh.

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This is an 8 for me, after a long of consideration. They failed at capturing the atmosphere, which is the thing that really sets this scene apart. That Catelyn chapter is full of dread from start to finish, but they actively went against it and took what, to me, seemed like the easy way out: hide what you're going to do until the last minute, to heighten the shock value. Shock is easy, as any number of shlock horror films will reveal. Controlling the atmosphere, unsettling people in subtle ways, that's hard.

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I gave it a 9, but perhaps I'm too much of a perfectionist.

I was worried about Talisa's presence at the wedding, and honestly one of the things that bothered me was Robb's reaction to her murder. He looked neither sad, nor angry, but rather bewildered. I wish that his facial expression would have shown the emotions that he would probably have been feeling in that moment.

I thought Michelle Fairley did a great job of capturing Cat's emotions, but its just hard to do justice to the emotionally crippling internal monologue that you get to read in the books. I also figured she wouldn't be able to scratch at her face, as it would be a make up nightmare for the TV folks, but missed it all the same.

All in all though, I thought that the scene was adapted really well (hence a 9). My friends who have not read the books were very worried as soon as the bedding was over and the guards closed the doors, and from then on out, seemed nearly as displeased as I was when I read the scene.

As a side note, I wish they could have given the extra suspense of not knowing that Arya survived the Hound's axe, like there was in the book, but I'm afraid in that case too many folks would have quit watching the show.

Great job D&D. Here's to hoping they continue to do a great job adapting.

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Wow, I can't wait to see how none readers respond. Walder was awesome and so was Roose with that nasty little smirk. The contrast of Jon betryaing the Wildlings and the Boltons and Freys betraying Robb. Oooooooo, goose bumps, so good. Roose and Jon opposite ends of the same coin, "you were right all along"

Now I am going to sit down with Lou Malnati's and watch it again and savor every bight.

Oh Roose and Walder the North remembers you stupid d-bags.

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