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How would you rate episode 309?


How would you rate episode 308?  

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So does every work of art, ever, if you try hard enough. The books are not exempt from this (in fact, I would go so far to say the latter ones could, if one wished to do so, be torn to shreds far easier than the show).

According to the books, Edmure and the Tullys were very hard-pressed to resist the Lannisters before Robb arrived. And that's while the Lannisters stood alone, and had to husband their strength against Stannis and Renly.

So now, after the Lannisters have been massively reinforced by the even more powerful Tyrells, and after they've eliminated the only other threats they faced -- the Baratheon Boys -- Robb is going to leave Edmure alone once again, to start a risky campaign against the ironment back in the North.

As I read the books, newly married Edmure would have been utterly fucked even if Robb's plan would have succeeded, and it made absolutely zero sense to me why nobody really picked up on that. The Tullys and Freys would have been steamrolled as soon as Robb made it north of the neck.

Not to mention that despite the extreme trepidation with which Catelyn and Robb entered the Twins, Robb apparently decided it was okay to let the bulk of his force get completely drunk, and not have them stand to arms. This is the brilliant Young Wolf?

One can overlook such things, recognizing that writers aren't perfect, and enjoy the rest of the story. Or, you can let such inconsistencies lead you to conclude that it's really nothing more than fluff.

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I wish the battle inside the Great Hall had been a little more epic. Think of Smalljon Umber flipping a massive table through the air to shield Robb.

But other than that I loved it. I think that paralyzed look of shock on Robb's face that he had been betrayed was incredibly realistic, very genuine. On a field of battle he would have sprung into action, but here, completely out of that context, he was helpless.

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Well, some might say that it was the author that nailed it, and that the producers just didn't fuck it up too badly.

Being critic about the episode is great, but not acknowledging the merit of the writers and producers is being heartless. My initial voting was 9/9.5, because I did not think the episode was perfect, although I am not very good at expressing everything I feel. However, given the difficulty of the task of adapting this event and living up to the expectations of so many people, and since the reaction of the non-readers was beyond any expectation, I decided to change my vote to 10. This is because I think their effort deserves a bonus and there was nothing badly done. On the contrary, the RW and the Bran/John scenes were nearly perfect, given what they were trying to accomplish. The former could have been done in different ways while accomplishing the desired effect, and some of which are not necessarily better than others; I choose to judge them according to what they tried to do and not compare it to what I imagined. The latter scene, in the books, was very good and, aside from a few simplifications, they were pretty faithful to it; thus, even the purists can only nitpick about insignificant details, considering that the acting was very good. The only scenes that did not deserve a 10 were Daenerys's for two reasons: it contained a cliché of three badass fighters beating dozens of men and it did not create any significant impact with the outcome. This can be explained by the limited budget, so I see no reason to freak out with the fact that so many people gave it a 10.

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Well, some might say that it was the author that nailed it, and that the producers just didn't fuck it up too badly.

It's not as easy as copying text from a book to adapt something of this scale on premier televisions. Of course much of the credit goes to GRRM, if not the majority, for creating the story. But there's a lot more to making a show adaptation than just not fucking something up. You have to actually produce so much outside of a fantasy world where you can write just about anything and voila it just appears.

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I’m sorry, but there absolutely is. To dock points because of a few minor changes? I know I always disagree with your ratings for the show, but given the incredible response this has garnered from the entire world I like to think I can say this with complete assurance - the book is by no means everything.

I wish there was a "LIKE" button.

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As far as penultimate episodes go, which are usually the best/very good.

I rate in greatest order.

1. Season 1 - Ned's unexpected just sets the tone for the series. The hero died. Sean Bean and the other actors and the filming was excellent. I still cringe watching Joff announce he changed his mind with glee, and the fabulous gut-wrenching panic and screams of disbelief of Sophie Turner as Sansa.

2. Season 3 - Red Wedding has issues, was much better than I thought it would be though. Talisa's demise was rough, but they went there. That was shocking for everyone due to it not being in the book, of course.

3. Season 2 - Blackwater was excellent, but people seem to be losing their mind over season 3's. Probably more non-book readers, but this season's. It also has a lot to do with it being the sorrow and shock of the Red Wedding material as well of course.

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Its was great but my question is this Jorahs exile and so called banishment. I wonder if they will change it to Daario as the one who fingers him and Selmy agrees to take the test with Jorah to prove his loyalty and Both pass but Jorah is pissed at Dany for even needing him to proove himself that he just walks away like a boss leaving Dany pissed.

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I voted this episode 9 out of 10 and thought it was just brilliant from start to finish.

I don't know who the actor playing Walder Frey is but he was excellent and for me was the star of this episode.

It was sad i thought when Bran and Rickon said farewell to each other as they will probably never see each other again.

I can't wait for the season finale next week!

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I cried too but the TV show really did not do justice to the intensity of the Red Wedding in the books! The lack of drums and a cacophony of sounds was the biggest issue for me...Also no greywind acting weird/No Catelyn insisting on being fed bread as soon as they come! Nothing..Expected so much more

These were my objections to it, too. When Talisa remarked that the band was very good, I winced. The band being horrible was one of the main observations Catelyn made in the book.

All in all I was really not expecting to feel so depressed when the credits came on. Thank goodness they decided to have no end music.

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When Talisa remarked that the band was very good, I winced. The band being horrible was one of the main observations Catelyn made in the book.

She might have just wanted to be polite or was trying to have a chit chat with the Frey guy. Besides her opinion has no value. She's a foreigner and knows absolutely nothing about how "The Bear and the Maiden Fair" should sound properly. :drunk:

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