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How would you rate episode 309?


How would you rate episode 308?  

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My first post, and sorry if I am redundant here... Gave it a 9, only because perfection is a journey...blah-blah-blah.

I have really enjoyed some of the departures from the books (scripture) because it gives us "readers" something to discover. The "womb-stabbing" to kick off the HBO version of the RW was the prefect example. Even though I knew what was comming and was making it a point to watch my wife's reaction to the big surprise (she is "unsullied"), I still found myself gasping out loud at the pure unfilterd barbarism of it.

Season 3 has really made up for the slow-moving set up that was almost all of season 2.

For the record, I had not read the books until I saw an HBO promo for some medieval-looking show with the guy from Fellowship of the Rings and Patriot Games. Then, after season one ended, I bought all the books and jumped in.

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I voted a 10 because the whole episode exceeded my expectations and left me emotionally devastated. The intensity of the violence, the heart-wrenching performances, the utterly realistic production - it all exceeded my expectations, which were naturally high. My hat is off to all those involved.

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The Daenerys scene was OK, but not up to the level of her earlier scenes this season. Bran/Rickon very good, best this season. See, they didn't need the Osha-Reed b*tchier-than-thou-fest. Red Wedding: well done (there are some book lines I'd have liked kept in); Michelle Fairley was excellent (and horribly underused this season, bleah), Roose Bolton guy also good. Not surprised they cut Jinglebell; even apart from the outrage, probably not important enough a character for them to bother. Oh, and Arya good; they seem to have softened her, as it's hard to imagine book-Arya saying "please" to Sandor (with my luck, it’ll turn out there are a million book-citations of her doing just that).

All my votes are provisional until I see it on DVD, though.

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I cried.

Honestly i knew it was coming from the books and i really enjoyed the acting it was superb as a fan of the walking dead they said that death scenese usually are the hardest to shoot because you are saying good-bye to that actor forever. I didn't feel the connection to rob in the books because he was never really focused on his parts were mentioned through caitlyn at some points or other characters he was never POV and he seemed whiny in the show but i was still sad to see him go. if you haven't read the books i won't spoil it for you but the second half of season four when they detail Joffrey's wedding will have you excited and definetly was the highlight of the book to me was Joffrey's wedding, all i'll say is GRRM must hate happy weddings because he never writes them.

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I didn't know it was coming, and it was as ugly as it was unlikely.

The entire Army of the North, gone just like that?

Yeah, whatever.

But hey, Cat Stark is dead! :cheers: :thumbsup:

Made all the rest of it worth while, bigtime.

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Honestly, I know deviation from a book is to be expected, and that's mostly fine. However, I think the deviation from the book for the Red Wedding detracted from it a lot, and I don't really mean the events themselves: the tone of the red wedding was just not as good in the series.

What I mean is this: both the book and the series went for "shock value." The thing is that the book's shock value was that it was so sudden. The series went for the "gore" shock value, which just isn't as good. In the book there was virtually no indication of what was about to happen until it happened - I didn't even realize what was happening until the next paragraph!

But in the series they lock the doors and give a creepy ominous speech about a 'wedding gift.' And then the coreography of the whole 'slaughter' was so slow and unnatural. But, anyway... effective.

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My favorite episode of the series so far. It took multiple viewings for me to come to this conclusion. It really is a perfect episode. I'll list the highlights:

  • Great opening scene with Robb asking his mother for advice.
  • Jon and Bran finally get to be badass! Loved the direwolves.
  • Walder Frey couldn't have been cast better. Had some incredibly funny moments before the massacre. After that, you despise him just as much as you should.
  • Robb and Talisa had some really touching moments. Made the Red Wedding that much harder.
  • Blackfish. His comments about Edmure were great. He says one of my favorite lines of the series. Not to mention that look he got from the Frey girls haha.
  • The dread they were able to get across as soon as Cat sees the doors close and Rains begin to play. My god. Her exchange with Roose was incredible.
  • Robb and Cat were incredible during the massacre. Such pain and emotion. I'll never forget it.

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9/10, they lost 1 mark for not having Robb and the other northmen actually put up a fight; also a lack of Great Jon was disappointing. Michelle Fairley's performance blew me away, and Walder Frey was pitch perfect as a black-hearted bastard.

More Greatjon = Higher Ratings!

Somewhat trivial scene, but when Greatjon and Robb get into blows about who will lead the van is one of my favorite scenes in the entire series.

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The only thing I didn't like - and it had nothing to do with the episode - is that I knew what was coming.

I envy those that didn't, this episode would've been even more shocking and emotional.

started reading the books the day after this episode aired...and im about to finish adwd tonight...RW overshadowed my college graduation which happened on the same day

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