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Karl Schroeder’s ‘Virga series’ In (Web) Comic Form


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One part Steampunk Adventure, one part Sci-Fi Epic and one part Action Spectacular, Virga is truly like nothing you’ve seen before.”Sun of Suns” is the 1st novel in Karl Schroeder’s 5-book VIRGA series. It was nominated for the 2007 John W. Campbell Memorial Award, and the has received much critical and public acclaim since its initial release in 2006.

“Sun of Suns” is now being adapted to graphic novel format by Blind Ferret! Tune in every Monday, Wednesday and Friday right here, where we’ll be posting a new page for free. Each new page will also include a new blog post. On Mondays, Jeff Moss, who is handling the comic book adaptation scripting, will be writing posts. On Wednesdays, we’ll have writer Karl Schroeder himself making blog posts. And on Fridays, series editor and Blind Ferret’s Managing Editor Rich Young will be supplying the posts.

For those that don’t want to wait for the work to be serialized online, you can head over to comiXology where entire 22+ pg digital issues are available for purchase, with guided view and bonus content. A print collection of the first 4 issues, along with more bonus content, will be coming later.


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