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[No Spoilers] EP310 Discussion


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....Gendry without the confirmation of the test he himself devised.

Now if he believes that king's blood sacrifice works, why not keep Gendry alive and use the leech method to undermined his enemies. If he doesn't believe, why not wait for the test to be prove wrong? His motivations, beliefs and methodology seem to shift without explanation between the scenes. Is it just me or there's somewhat of a disconection between this sequence?

There could be a disconnect. But I suspect that Stannis considers M and her magic to be a weapon in his arsenal and doesn't completely buy into it. Stannis is very militaristic and as soon as a weapon works he'll use it. Mellisandre was all for killing Gendry to get enough blood to take the Iron Throne quickly, so Stannis can make up for Blackwater.

But Stannis is a 'charge straight in and squash the enemy' kind of person. So if he makes a decision he acts on it Now. Or at leasr that's what he seems to want Mellisandre and Davos believe.

I suspect that Stannis has 2 or 3 ideas about what to do nextand manipulates the conversations with Mellisandre and Davos to get them to push him a particular way, so Davos blames Mellisandre and Mellisandre blames Davos for various decisions being made by Stannis. And Stannis isn't blamed by Mellisandre and potentially fried by her.

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I was annoyed that they chose to end it with Dany. I'm not a minority myself but a few of my minority friends pointed out the whole "White Savior" situation...with the hordes of brown people carrying around the pretty blonde girl.

Oh thank you pretty white girl for saving us...we are helpless....all hail pretty white girl...

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