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[Book Spoilers] EP310 Discussion


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I have a feeling that the Kingsmoot is cut. However, I also had a strong feeling that LS would be in this episode, so...I expect every season from here on out to be radically different from the books. I don't think the Martells are cut. My mom bought me Martell merchandise from the HBO site during season 1. Would they really be doing that if they were going to cut all of them?

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No cat stoneheart

They probably start S4 with cat getting dragged out by Nymeria and end the episode with her resurrection which in my opinion would be better than cat immediately being found bearing in mind she was in the river for about 2-3 weeks (probably wrong it's been a while). I think it will have more effect that way anyway as the unsullied will have accepted cats fate by that point and may not even be thinking about her so it will be a shock.

a really bad scene with Jon and Ygritte

This scene was very well done. What people need to remember is that the show cannot simply use inner monologue or conflict to show true emotion. This scene showed that Ygritte and Jon do love each other but that Jon must choose the NW over her in order to protect the realm.

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As much as I love Dany (and apparently D&D have a major crush on her LOL), did anyone else find it a little uncomfortable to see a lily white girl literally be foisted up and cheered by a sea of brown people? The Great White Hope saving all the unfortunate brown slaves. Cheese-fest all the way.

I loved all the Tyrion scenes. He was great opposite everyone...Sansa, Tywin and Cersei.

I love the subtle look of shocked horror in Cersei's expression when she sees Jaime and Jaime slowly putting his head down in shame.

Ramsay was terrifying as always. They really found the perfect actor for the role. This was the first time that I really felt truly sorry for Theon in these scenes. No one, absolutely no one, not even Joffrey deserves the Bastard of Bolton. *shudder*

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I'm going to give the show some credit. Having Arya see Robb's desecrated body went a long way into adding the darkness into her that they weren't able to do in season 2. That and her kill of the Frey soldier was very much a close reenactment of book Arya's kill at Harrenhal. So I feel despite my complaints about Arya's storyling not being dark enough last year, they did a good job of catching TV Arya back with book Arya.

Arya being my favorite character, I am very pleased with this.

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Here is what I said in the rating topic:

What a horrible episode. They made it so cheesy. The exceptions are:

  • Roose Bolton. This actor nails in and his presence makes every scene better as another villain (like Tywin) that you hate to love, and love to hate.
  • Tywin Lannister. Charles Dance has continually nailed Tywin, and has the exact presence of Tywin Lannister. You feel the power radiating from him.
  • Bran's story of the Rat Cook.
  • Though his scenes aren't the greatest, Ramsay is the same creepy piece of shit that we read about.

Everything else was just cringe-worthy, and at some points I felt like I was watching a soap opera. It hit me hard at first, when Yara gave her speech, and continued for a while after including (just off the top of my head):

  • Jaime's return to King's Landing.
  • Varys and Shae.
  • Tyrion and Cersei.
  • Jaime and Cersei.
  • Tyrion when he walked in on Sansa crying.
  • Jon and Ygritte.
  • Davos, Mel, and Stannis (angels on the shoulders anyone?)
  • Davos and Gendry. I hated that he is crossing from Dragonstone to King's Landing in a row boat. Bull fucking shit.
  • Dany and "Mhysa" was so cheesy. Give her a horse so she can ride past as they reach out. That closing shot was hysterical, as in I couldn't help but laugh at it.

Arya's stabbing didn't seem anything near (what I believe this was the "equivalent" of) Crossroads Inn. One of (if not the) best Arya scenes was just butchered. I expected so much emotion from it, but it was completely lacking it because, I think, Arya was silent. I gave it a 2/10 simply because of Tywin, Roose, and Walder Frey (the good parts). I was so disappointed with this episode.

ETA: No UnCat. I was so upset. I even had a thread discussing this very topic, and this was about the only thing I was looking forward to.

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Wow I was not expecting people to think it sucked so bad. Seriously, I DIED at the council meeting, it was the most beautiful thing ever. My baby Arya seeing GreyRobb broke my heart, and I am not hating Tyrion and Sansa. Almost the cutest thing ever, I... I think I ship them now (only in the show). And Arya finally doing the coin trick, although I don't know why she didn't tell the Hound that she killed the stableboy. The Ygritte scene was SO dumb though, they could have cut it out and just had her turn against him in the first place like they did in the books. It was super out of place. I liked the Rat Cook story.

When The Hound asked her if that was the first time she killed a man, she responded saying that was the first man. I felt she emphasized the word "man".

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At first I didn't like the Danny last scene. But then, I rrealized it was probably suposed to be a little odd and out of place. think they are hinting about her big ego and tip of madness. This is another side of Danny that hasn't been shown in the tv show yet

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LOVED Arya and Sandor, and I wish they could be Westeros superheroes together forever. The coin drop was excellent.

Tyrion and Sansa were becoming...pals? Huh. I guess that didn't last, but it was oddly satisfying for a minute. Glad to get back to our regular Sansa-hates-Tyrion programming.

Stannis, fine, whatever. R'hllor Barbie is way too in charge. Davos is a boss, though. Except that he's dooming Gendry to certain death by drowning, but ok.

Jon and Ygritte made me laugh my head off. Last week, I was all sad that she didn't shoot him, and this week she shoots him three times? Hilarious!

Dany in the mosh pit. More laughter. I laughed pretty hard during this whole episode. Maybe I needed it after last week...

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I was dreading seeing RobbWind, but it wasn't as horrible as I'd imagined it to be. Not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing.

Anything that could potentially lead to more scenes between Jaime/Tywin and Jaime/Tyrion is a good idea in my book, so I approve of Jaime and Brienne arriving in King's Landing before the PW.

The ending was underwhelming. I'm not a big fan of the UnCat story in general, but that reveal seemed like it would have made for a pretty effective ending. Either way, they should have gone with something other than Dany's silly crowdsurfing.

I don't think this episode was terrible, but it wasn't great either. And a week after the Red Wedding, an average episode is going to pale in comparison.

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