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How would you rate episode 310?


How would you rate episode 310?  

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I gave it a 5.

After the RW episode, this one was a real let down. In fact, "Rains" should have been the finale for the season. There could have been a lot less Theon, which would have given time to tie up the loose ends and bring us to a decent concusion, rather than end with this episode, which felt more like season opener.

Always end a season on a show-stopper, and, given the amount of commentary I've heard outside these forums, "Rains" was definitely a show-stopper.

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There were a ton of book differences. I know it's tough rounding out a season roughly 60-70% into the book its adapting, but a lot of the rounding out felt contrived. I thought the "Mhysa" thing with Dany was contrived and underwhelming compared to the mid season climax in Astapor. The Ygritte/Jon scene was implausible and weighed down by the cliche'd love story. The buddy/buddy Tyrion/Sansa scene was off. The Shae/Varys scene almost gave me a heart attack. I thought for a minute they were going to walk right into the abyss with changing things. It felt like D&D were trolling book readers.

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Solid 7. Obviously it was going to be underwhelming coming off of 3x9. I thought the first half was very very good...especially the Roose/Walder and Ramsay/REEEEEEKKKKK scenes. Tyrion and Tywin had some good dialogue.

I liked the Dragonstone stuff, nothing groundbreaking there.

But jesus christ on a carrot, Dany's scene was terrible. Cheesy and out of place, the music was hilarious, the crowd surfing was abysmal.

I'm not docking points off for no Coldhands/Stoneheart because they can still appear. No point in complaining because a scene you expected to be in there was absent, I rate the material given.

Could've been better, could've been worse. Still was better than S2 finale, but as a S3 episode, it was pretty average.

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