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How would you rate episode 310?


How would you rate episode 310?  

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(-) Dany scene was terrible beyond belief. Everything was false in it: the tension, the reactions, the wait - worst example of bad television, when they go after pahos postures.

(-) No Lady Stoneheart

(-) No cliffhanger whatsoever

(-)Stannis acting like a reflecting cub

(-) One-of-nowhere Ygritte appereance (again - bad lazy television)

(-) another sweet talk between Cersei and Tyrion. Who are these characters again, do D&D even remember?

(-) Asha's being a beach-rescuer

(-) Can't believe they are still on Pod's sexual performance.

(-) Sausage

(+) Silent scene between Sansa and Tyrion

(+) Varys' looks at Joffrey

(+) Arya becoming what she's destined to become.

(+) Davos, played by Liam Cunningham. I found myself rooting for him in a way I never did in the books

Gave it a 7. Would be a good ep#4 or 5, not season finale

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I really liked the episode. The opening scene was great, Arya's scene was great, we heard the story of the rat cook, Davos convincing Stannis to help the nights watch was good, we got to see maester Aemon again, and it was exciting to see Asha going to save Theon. My only Nitpick would be no magic weirwood door that Sam has to open

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I don't know why you did not like this episode. It is one of my favourite so far. A solid 9 from me only because there was no shocking ending.

Kingslanding scenes were so perfect (Tyrion/Joff/Twyn, Tyrion/Cersei and my personal favourite Cersei/Jaime).

Arya best episode this season!

Jon shot by Igritte(he deserved it)

Dragonstone scenes were good too.

The ending was a little cheesy but with so many Dany non readers fans I guess that will work.

PS:we also heard the Rat Cook story ,and then we saw Walder Frey eating. Can't wait see the Freys eating some special pies.

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A lot of good exposition in this episode. I liked it. We're being subtly schooled on the psychology and reasoning behind Roose Bolton and being given a contrast in his son. Walder Frey is as despicable as a man could be. Arya is sympathetic and at the same time without innocence. Bran is actually gonna do something interesting. Dany is getting a little too comfortable with the idea of people worshipping her. The Ironborn will be a big deal with Asha headed to rescue Theon. Great character dynamics between Davos, Stannis and Mel. Maester Aemon is back. The Battle of the Wall is at hand. This was a great set up for season 4. 9/10

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6, and I'm being generous. D&D have destroyed Stannis as a character, and it makes me angrier than I can say. All the Unsullied hate him because D&D don't like him and thus decided to turn him into a villain.

Otherwise... The last scene was kind of ridiculous, and things were just a bit disorderly and slow. The parts in and around the Twins were awesome, but could have used more time, especially RobbWind.

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I really don't know how I feel about that episode. It might take another viewing.

Not sure whether I was satisfied with the ending, but maybe thats because I built myself up to expect UnCat.

The decision by Stannis and co. to march on the wall was incredibly poorly done. Too much focus on Davos vs Melisandre and not enough focus on the importance of the decision to both Stannis's character and Melisandre's.

Jon/Ygritte confrontation was well acted. Dunno about the scripting though.

The dialogue between Tywin and Tyrion felt clunky.

The whole Sansa/Tyrion bonding thing was bullshit. I know it was meant to show that they were getting somewhere as a couple before dropping the RW bomb on Sansa but still, really disappointed.

One scene I did like was Yara pledging to rescue Theon - looking forward to seeing how that story develops.

Sam's scene with Aemon was also good, and I liked most of his stuff with Bran; though I thought the Reeds' intentions regarding the Others should have been more obscure.

Jaime's return was good, Lena Heady's reaction was probably the best acting I've seen from her. Shock, relief, apprehension and a hint of revulsion all in one look.

Theon learning his name was eh, dunno how they could have made it better though.

Varys's offer to Shae: I actually wanted to kill myself. Character assassination in the case of Varys and more bullshit Shae/Tyrion lovestory. Fuck I am so done with her as a character.

The Arya scene was completely unexpected. I thought they'd save that for a while. Great acting on Williams' part though. And more good stuff from the Hound: "the next time you do something like that... tell me first" - excellent stuff.

At the moment I'm going with a 6. A very poor season finale IMO.

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Yeah this was such a disappointment. Last episode was so operatic, this was just a series of disjointed filler.

I've never been a rabid Stannis fan but really he comes across as sort of a twit. Angry, brooding twit with not a single self originating thought.

Dany's final scene was so flat and overly choreographed.

Why dwell on Sam, Ginny & Aemon. Why the Ygritte scene?

Two aspects I liked:

Arya & the Lannister scenes. My 4 year old sounds like Jeoffrey when he's throwing a tantrum - I'm NOT tired. And all dialog between Tywin, Tyrion & Cersei are pure gold.

Gave it a 3

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I would personally like to thank the posters on this thread and a couple other nonbook spoiler threads for spoiling the lady stoneheart stuff.

Thanks guys, you all rock.

You're in a forum of book readers discussing a tv show adaptation, and it was your choice to be here. Go away if you dont want to be spoiled.

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Episode gets a 6. Small Council scene was the best of the night. I really liked the Roose/Walder post mortum...pardon the pun.

They rushed this entire season though. Dany gets her Unsullied in episode four? Really?

The Red Wedding, with Cat's throat being slit, should have been the last scene of season. How could it not have been? I refuse to believe people in the writer's room weren't screaming for this, meaning someone had to override them. I'm looking at you David and Dan...

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top marks this episode, lots of good plot arcs rising to the surface with Asha (will not call her Yara), Sam, Bran and Dany.

favorite moments include:

Ygritte shooting Jon --not one but three arrows

Maester Aemon

Dany and dragons

Arya stabbing the Frey and Clegane saying, 'next time tell me when you're going to do something like that'

The question of Theon's masculinity put to rest and Ramsay's 'i'm not a savage' comment

The Rat Cook

Sansa gets a bit of sass back, she's going to need it

Maybe we'll someday get to the mystery of who Shae really is. . . my lady

Davos. Always Davos. 'You'll be needing me'

A rare moment where Cersei actually lets herself be a little vulnerable in front of Tyrion. To what end? And the moment where she eyes Jaimie's stump. . . . and it becomes clear just how vulnerable he is when it comes to his older twin.

lots of foreshadowing here. was a little disappointed that I didn't see a weirwood door at NF.

it turned my stomach when they paraded out the king in the north. i just couldn't handle it. That, to me, was true horror right there. All of the scenes with prostitute torture and even Theon torture don't even compare. straight from GRRM, too. i was actually hoping not to see it, this detail has always haunted me. it will certainly make the PW and LS more satisfying.


The Dany-scene was almost too deliberately feel-good (and I kept thinking, "Meesa Jar-Jar Binks", which is almost never a good sign).

i'd have to agree with you there. but then,her scenes have been sending out the Binks vibes since the gates of Quarth. up until we started having dragon snacks this season, i didn't really enjoy her stuff as much. and all i could think during the crowd-surfing was: cue orientalism/postcolonial debates Edited by Eira Seren
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I need to watch it again and get over the fact that we didn't get Coldhands (I can understand) or Lady Stoneheart (this one hurts). The last two minutes of the episode kinda ruined the 60 that came before, so I can't give a bit more objective rating right now.

But otherwise, I think it's a very solid episode...not a solid finale.

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In the end I gave it a 5.

It was looking like a pretty decent episode most of the way through, though it certainly felt rushed. (and of course it was always going to be a bit underwhelming after episode 9)

There was a bit of awkward dialogue or forced uneccessary scenes(tyrion+sansa, sam+aemon & varys+shae scene etc.), Bran being a bit too melodramatic with sam was strange, asha's determination to rescue theon a bit out of character, and stannis decidng to go to the wall being simplified to "because cause mel tells him to" was a bit weak.

But It's GoT so I'm willing to forgive a lot. I can get over the fact that d&d dislike stannis and they're gonna portray him differently, I can even get over the portrayal of shae, to an extent I can move past or ignore SO MANY of the poor choices in the show.

However that final scene with dany was downright awful, terrible tv and unfortunately it dragged the rest of the episode down with it.

otherwise I might have given the episode a 7 or so.

Really considering this was a season finale I'm being generous by giving it a 5.

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6 ok episode, ending terrible - it was like a coke ad from the 70's. I was expecting Dany to burst out into song "I'd like to teach the world to sing in perfect hamony".....

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I gave it a 6. It was very underwhelming following the Red Wedding. I'm generally a Dany fan, but the titular "episode title" scene was just ... meh. I could have done without the entire first half of the episode to be perfectly honest (with the exception of the Walder/Roose scene: I think they are my new OTP.) Too many Lannister scenes (and I love Lannister scenes.) The only scenes I really loved were the Jon Snow/Ygritte scene and all of the Dragonstone scenes. Dragonstone killed in this episode and it's about time too. I really missed Coldhands and LS as well, moreso the latter. I'm in complete disagreement that the reveal would have been too soon. Ten months is too late.

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Can't comment yet as I won't be watching the episode until tomorrow, but does it appear to anyone else that they must have already filmed some scenes for Season 4? As far as I can tell, Lysa Arryn was credited to be in this series again and Mance was supposed to appear in one more episode if I remember correctly. Have they just been cut from this season?

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I haven't read any comments so far, but I just finished watching the episode and I want to write a quick thing right away : I was LOVING the episode until the final sequence. That Mysha scene with Dany being carried by the loving fans like a popstar....god, that was awful on so many levels. Sooooo cheesy! Seriously, it was an embarassment to watch. I can't believe they ended on such a weak note. :-( Which is such a shame because, again, the rest of the episode was almost flawless imo. And the season in general was reasonably good, with some memorable moments.

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