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How would you rate episode 310?


How would you rate episode 310?  

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Just wrote a long opinion on the episode and clicked away (oops!)

I loved it in general, a few comments:

- Loved the small council scene, though not keen on Tywin telling Tyrion he wanted to drown him. Think Tyrion and Cersei have too many heartfelt chats given that they hate each other (I know the temptation is always to put great actors on screen together but sometimes it feels forced, like they needed someone for each of them to be talking to and this was their only option). Worried that Jamie is back in King's Landing already, think that messes up his arch slightly.

- Loved Arya, but I always do. Disappointed there was no LS, was wishfully thinking we could have Nymeria reveal that at the end but probably good it wasn't - hoping LS will be the last scene of season 4 instead (just as long as the story isn't cut!).

- Worried that CH has been cut, but thought it was a great scene with Hodor and erm... Hodor... oh yeah, Bran, Sam et al. Hodor is always great value and doesn't get enough screen time for his witty insights!

- Thought Jon/Ygritte's scene could have been last week (and where was Tormund??) made my heart melt a bit though, always have a soft spot for Ygritte (and Rose Leslie)!

- Glad they finally went back to the Iron Islands, remind everyone they exist. Hopefully it'll make way for them to introduce the rest of them next season (even though I didn't like Victorian, I can see how the Iron Islander's are important). Also looking forward to seeing Mace Tyrell (I always picture him being played by Hugh Bonneville, but expecting it to be someone like Jim Broadbent) and hopefully some Martells!

- Pleased they've finally revealed Ramsay, the only one of my 'unsullied' friends that had worked it out was one that has read the first two books. Think Iwan is playing him really well (also loved his letter), main worry though is I really like him - I want to hate him but can't!

- I also love Liam Cunningham and his (Davos') interaction with Gendry, both scenes were perfect, as was him being an angel on Stannis' shoulder whilse Melisandre was the Devil on the other. Didn't like Stannis' whole 'Davos you're to die, actually no you can live' bit. Also, was expecting Gendry to be discussed with "two does not equal three" but obviously it couldn't.

- Dany's protectors weren't exactly doing a good job at the end, wasn't keen on them ending with Dany again but could see why they would. (Also the Dragons looked awesome as always, shame the Direwolves don't get as much attention).

I think watching it with unsullied improves the experience (as there is genuine shock - like the scene at the start with Grey Wind's head, loved that as well!) but I really enjoyed it, though it obviously couldn't be as suspenseful or dramatic as the last episode but thought it was really good (if only they were all this long!)


So now what do I do for the next 41 weeks or so?

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Racist? Well, I'm sure that you will see racism in the last scene, if that's what you want to see. Not that I'm terribly surprised - I guess that if 25% of slaves were white, some people would be upset that it was not 50%. Would you feel better if Dany was black? There were many bad things about that scene, but it was not racist IMO.

I agree. I didn't find anything remotely racist in it.

But I would guess that most of the people claiming that the last scene was "racist" and that Dany is being made into a "white savior" are Brits, not Americans. Multiculturalism in the UK -- in the effort to lay a guilt trip on modern Britons for its period of colonialsm and imperialism in the past -- has spawned some weird ideas about race, ideas that are unintelligible and incoherent to most Americans.

I'd suspect it's more likely the other way round actually. I'm English and found nothing remotely racist in the scene.

Much has been made of the final scene and the colonial implications but I simply think it was a matter of hiring local extras (don't they film in Morrocco?) for a scene that called for a large crowd. I can imagine local actors wouldn't be too hot about getting passed over for whiter looking foreigners. A gig is a gig you know?

Exactly my thoughts when I saw it the first time - they've filmed in Morocco, the extras are Moroccans.

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I don't uderstand the complaints.

Just watched the finale, loved it. Very calm and modest episode, but great nontheless. Some are allready whining that it was luckluster for a finale (another sign that this series has spoiled some people, and unless someone hits the bucket, its "boring" by their standards), but I am glad the showrunners didn't decide to forcefully cram in new "feature characters", just for the sake of finale cliffhanger (introducing Lady Stoneheart or Coldhands at this point would be too rushed and crude. And this way we get more sweet stuff for the next year). Besides, this was more of an introduction into season 3.5. The changes to the timeline didn't bither me in the slightes becouse these are the kind of changes, that have absolutely no consequence on the quiality of the drama. Even though the episode was Modest for a finale, it was full of great scenes and dialogue. Plus the whole thing had a slightly sentimental "calm before the storm" feeling to it, which works great as a primer for the next season.

Some of the episode's highlights for me:

-The Small Council meeting. You can't go wrong with Tyrion on Tyvin on Cerseri on Varys on Pycelle on Joeffrey dialogue. ;)

-The Arya and Hound moment. The girl finally had someone to kill and she did it with style. I really like the unceremonious, unpretentious way they showed her do it. No ominous, dramatic brooding over the fact that a girl killed her first man. No. Instead just fast, angry knife stabs to the back and the neck, and then a shot of Hound unceremoniously eating the food of the men he and Arya just butchered. You go girl! :)

- The scene between Tyrion and Cersei.

- Theon's sister and her scene on the boat with a band of hardcore, viking raider mofos. It was a pity we didn't get to see more Greyjoys this season.

- Davos.

- Bolton and Walder Frey moment. A very nice dialogue. The guy playing Bolton is fantastic. He is creepy but not in any obvious, "villainy" way. He has a honeyed voice and a friendly face, but his eyes really say "I am gonna rape Your corpse"

- The scene between John and Ygritte. I didn't really care for the storyline of those two, mianly becouse I don't like the guy playing Snow, and I think his character is a far cry from the one in the novels. But this scene really got to me. There was just something powerfull in that moment when he states their love in that matter-of-factly way, and then she is trying to murder him with tears in her eyes. Plus the music and the scenery. I loved it. I guess I am just a hopeless romantic...

- The Sansa/Tyrion scene. It wasn't anything special, but it showed that future interactions between those two have the potential to be cute and interesting.

- Davos

Btw. It was good to see the inside of Castle Black and Maester Aemon again.

Things I didnt like:

Scenes between Sam and Gilly and Bran's troupe. They rushed Bran's journey so much, that the dialogue felt a bit awkward and forced.

Stannis. Stephen Dillane is great, but the showrunnes keep favouring the ******* side of Stannis character, which makes the TV version a far cry from the one in the novels (who was one of my favourite characters). In episode 08 they showed a bit of true Stannis, but in the finale, they reverted him back to being almost a villain. Not sure I like it, though there is still time to make him interesting again. I am curious how showrunnes will handle him.

The ending. Or rather the ending of the ending. The whole mysha thing had a proper pomposity and was suitably uplifting, but when it came to literall uplifting or rather crowd surfing, I felt it was a bit too much.

Overal another great season of a great show, based on an even greater novel series. Best episodes 4,5,8,9,10

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8/10 pretty good, some horrible inaccuracies but also some good stuff too, rather sad about Bran and co just walking through the gate, loved Arya finally killing someone other than a fat little boy, BRAN AND THE RAT COOK STORY!!! YAAAAY!!! makes me so happy, Ygritte shooting Jon was good, they actually did Robb-Wind too hehe but to mention of what happens No Cat hmm, Danys ending was WAY too lame IMO, not super happy about Rooses portrayal in the show-though the actor I great, hehe REEK, REEK, IT RHYMES WITH LEEK.

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I'm very happy that they are not rushing things. Well, except for the Dragonstone stuff, which is very strange... I believe they must have a budget reason for this. For example they don't plan to have Gendry and Davos next year, and the next time we see Stannis is during the battle of the Wall.

I liked a lot :

- Arya and the Hound are fantastic and the killing scene was a very nice surprise

- Sam and Bran : the Rat Cook ! and a very nice meeting scene

- The Twins : Roose and Walder are great

- The Council. Tywin + Tyrion + Joffrey scene, such a delight.

I liked :

- Dragonstone. Ok Stannis character is altered but I really wouldn't use the word "destroyed" here.

- Seeing Balon and Yara. My opinion is there presence in this episode implies that the Iron Island stuff WILL NOT be cut at all.

I didn't like :

- Varys and Shae. Ok they start building Shae's betrayal but what is Varys doing there... It reminds me of Varys and Ros in the season 2 finale -> a boring scene with the eunuch foresees some violent death.

- Daenerys. Like many others, I didn't like this scene.

I have not big issue with Dany as the final scene, however (I just wished the scene was good).

They don't want to show LS now, fine : her introduction in the Books is so great. Now I hope we WON'T see the brotherhood finding her body and they will use the hangings as a mystery.

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I really liked this episode.

Robbwind :( was really sad. The fighting outside the Twins was more what I was expecting to be there last week, and Robbwind, and the look on Arya's (and the Hound's) face was so gutting. :crying:

I liked the council meeting, particularly Joff

I would have liked to see Tyrion tell Sansa that her mother and brother had died, like in the books: Have her hide behind her icy mask and look as though she didn't hear, but then as soon as she is behind a closed door have her cry - it would of shown her strength and the Tyrion isn't/can't be nice alllll the time. He at some point will have to start doing more bad things. (Sorry - nitpicking)

Bran and the Rat Cook Story! I would of liked more stories but I know they don't really work on TV that well... but still, they are awesome stories.

I'm starting to get desperate for the Knight of the Laughing Tree story... maybe next season? I haven't missed it have I?

I like how Rat Cook story cut straight to Walder Frey... wicked

I like how Ramsey was finally revealed as Ramsey!

Everytime I look at a sausage I'm going to laugh lol

Love, love, love all the arya and hound scenes! I love Maisie! And I love how she finally killed someone else! And how she was so quiet and calm, almost shy and childlike before she stabbed the guy to death...So creepy.

"Is that the first man you killed?"

"The first man"

Jon and Ygritte: I can see why they felt they needed this scene. It is hard to get into Jon's head on screen and to do it and make it believable... but I also think if they stayed truer to his storyline it could of been more succesfull. (Sorry, I'm biased, Jon is my favourite character)

In saying that though - I did think this scene was touching and so sad.

Sam and Aemon - I liked it until Sam started saying what Jon is meant to say (again I'm sorry, I'm biased)

Davos and Shireen are cute

Dany: I thought this scene was a bit of a let down. I don't think it lives up to the final scenes of the last 2 seasons. It wasn't as 'epic' enough.

I had heard the song Mhysa from the soundtrack and was expecting more because of it

... I laughed when she crowd surfed.

ETA: I forgot about Hodor hodoring - I thought he was so cute, loved that bit.

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I would paraphrase, Churchill: It was not the beginning of the end; but, it was the end of the beginning. Halfway through ASOS it wasn't meant to be a cliff-hanger, instead, more of a, 'Ok, here is where we are. Here is where the pieces go. Get Your score cards here! Stay tuned'.

I'm in for season 4, but in the mean...10 months of HBOGO.

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I love how some of you automatically take off points because it's the "finale". Everyone with half a brain knows EP9 is always the real finale of the series so this seems kind of dumb in my opinion.

Considering that the season finales also brought us the birth of dragons and the reveal of the Others army of dead, it is valid to say that as a finale expecting more isn't too much a stretch. With the first season we get to wonder - from the final scene - what are the dragons going to be like? How did she survive the fire? What the hell just happened? With the second season we get to see the Others up close. Wonder if Sam will survive. Wonder if ANY of the NW will survive.

With the third season finale, final scene, what do we have to wonder? What's the outstanding question? What is the thing from that scene to carry over to S4?

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A good episode. Lots of excellent scenes, including the created for tv stuff, and a better finale than season 2. Good to see some of the extended cast return (particularly Maester Aemon).

I thought it was lacking a bit of wow factor and personally I found the Mhysa scene a bit naff and cheesy, so I gave it an 8.

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As far as I see it, most unsullied were pleased by this episode. I guess they needed a cheesy happy scene to end a season that pretty much gave everyone traumas about weddings and people with wolfheads. If they had included LS now, there would be THOUSANDS of complaints about not saving it for later, and probably THOUSANDS more about how horribly that scene was executed. Many book readers expected that to happen, but the unsullied did not, and having LS at the end of the episode would have made the most memorable scene of the season, the Red Wedding, seem worse. They could not have pleased most book readers, and they probably knew that LS would disappoint many unsullied if it happened this early, so they went for Daenerys happy moment.

Sure they could have had a cliffhanger, but do we really need a cliffhanger in a show where the Red Wedding happened? They ended it with a cliffhanger last season, something that angered lots of people, especially because they couldn't make up for that cliffhanger this season. Maybe they could have had a cliffhanger with a wildling army, but that would have made a lot of people expect a huge battle (or black screen) at the beginning of the next season. As book readers we know it won't happen at the beginning, but it would be disappointing for the unsullied.

I don't think ending it with Daenerys was a bad choice, it was just not that well executed IMO. I think we're believing too much in our own expectations, and when those expectations aren't met, we get angry and disappointed. Unsullied don't know what to expect, and in that sense I believe most of this episode seemed for them like a good episode to end the season with. Sure, nothing big happened, but a lot of people got where they had been travelling the entire season. Some set new goals, someone's storyarchs came to an end, and we got some big revelations about the only war that matters and Bran's destiny.

Just think about books/movies like Harry Potter and LotR. The Fellowship of the Ring did not end with any big cliffhanger or wtf moment, but rather with characters setting new goals or getting closer to their goals, telling us: "the story hasn't ended yet". Most Harry Potter movies didn't end with any kind of big moments, but rather with people just having it cozy in the aftermath of the big event. To me this episode seemed like a normal ending, and next year we're back to see what new adventures and challenges await the characters we love and hate.

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I'll give it an 8, because my hopes on this episode got nearly nailed.

+ Robbwind

+ Arya first strike

+ Ramsay reveal

+ Asha does care for her family

+ Ratcook

+ Aemon

+Conversation between Roos and Walder.

- Davos handling: Didnt liked it was like Stannis send him to death and then oh fire says hes doing something, we have to go north all of a sudden. -.-

- Jamie early arrival, but i see how it still could work. And im sure HBO wont show the churchbanging incest.

- Balon not dead yet

- Jon Snuuu... i thought his acting was just stupid and bad. Hope he can make the turn next season.

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For the people trashing the show, you do realize that this show is simply a gift right? It's something for us to watch and enjoy until the next book is done. It can't be as good as the books. Ever. So chill out and enjoy this little gift and hope GRRM finished the next two books before the next ice age. Because the books are all that matter. The show is just filler. And it is amazing filler at that.

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