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[BOOK SPOILERS] Nitpick without repercussion?


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Booo make a positive nitpicking one, I have a lot of good things to say about this episode! But for the bad things, I hated the whole Ygritte scene it was so unnecessary, the Shae scene was unnecessary too I'm not even sure what they were trying to prove.

Roose's scene with Walder Frey seemed really off to me, like the actor was unsure how he was supposed to act it out. And the ending was soooo cheesy. I've already watched this episode twice though and it was less cheesy the second time around. And Bran and co walking off into the sunset was also pretty cheesy.

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I really hate how they've portrayed Shae this season. It's gotten to the point where she is having her own individual scenes?? Cut her screen time in half and give me a Strong Belwas! He's a pretty damn simple character and wouldn't take much time to setup.

Also didn't like how Cersie and Sansa seem way too nice to Tyrion. Cersie using him as Dr. Phil talking about how she KNOWS Jofferey is a dbag but still gives her purpose was weird... didn't he tell you "your joy will turn to ash in your mouth"??

Balon still being alive for some reason and no coldhands are my last nitpicks. Is Hodor just going to wheel Bran through an army of wights/whitewalkers? Thought the finale was mediocre at best.

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That Jamie/Cersei reunion was really lackluster. Ugh. I'm unreasonably and irrationaly pissed off.

And to think, I was SO excited to see Jaime and Cersei getting it on next to Joffrey's corpse!

-My main gripe is Stannis outright giving the order to burn Gendry. Seriously, WHAT THE FUCK. IIRC, didn't Davos save Edric before Stannis could make his decision? Also missed out a chance on some quality dialogue from Stannis, but due to the time constraints, I can understand that. This season really needed longer episodes and more Stannis. His arc felt underdeveloped.

-No resurrection of Cat. I was anxiously waiting for it, but nope, never happened. God damn it.

-Mhysa was a bit cheesy, and it's obvious that D and D have the biggest boner for Daenerys. If you're going to make her seem like the ultimate liberator, that's great, but depict her ultra-ruthless "Fire and Blood" attitude as well. That means that they'd better show her crucifixion of the Grand Masters next season.

-I hope the show doesn't constantly beat us around the head with Theon not having a penis anymore like they've done with Varys.

-As much as I liked the scene, those shots of Ramsay being so close to Theon are definitely going to inspire more creepy Theon/Ramsay fanfiction on tumblr

No major gripes apart from Stannis. Seriously, D and D, I know you dislike the character, but come on. I was hoping after ep8 that they were going to continue showing Stannis' complexity, but I was disappointed. To simply write him off as a "villain" is a disservice to a great character.

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Ramsay signing his name as Ramsay Snow was a bit odd. unless he isn't legitimized yet.

The Snow thing annoyed me too. Even if he hasn't been officially legitimized yet it's out of character for him to use that name.

Dany Jesus. Nuff' said.

Never cared much for Stannis, but they really are butchering his character in the show. The guy who plays Davos has really grown on me though.


I was sort of expecting Stoneheart, although it makes complete sense for her to not be here yet and it might actually cheapen the RW to have her this early. Still irrationally disappointed though.

BAIT AND SWITCH WITH JAIME. I was really looking forward to Jaime scenes with Cersei, Tyrion and Tywin. We got nothing. A few seconds where NOTHING happened.

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Ramsay signing his name as Ramsay Snow was a bit odd. unless he isn't legitimized yet.

He isnt legitimized yet. Plus Roose already said that Ramsay was his bastard, so having the name Bolton right now for Ramsay would be a little strange.

Stannis being a little too "Ok if Mel says so than it is so." thing is getting OLD. Davos rocks though.

Jaime's scenes were meh incarnate.

Dany's scene wasnt terrible for me, but Emilia Clarke better stop being wooden as all hell real soon. Getting sick of the Jorah shilling her too. Ugh. The slaves were good though.

Lack of UnCat left me feeling wanting.

Shae pisses me off in general. The sooner shes out of the picture, the better. UGH. D:<

No Black Gate was a little :(

I loved anything Asha, but her going to the Dreadfort? Well, we shall see where that goes...

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The fact that the ending to the episode was somehow given the green light to air. Somehow nobody told them how cheesy and terrible it was.

I at least wanted some foreshadowing of Coldhands, even a mention would have been nice.

I loved the Roose and Walder scenes, but they could have mentioned what they did with Cat. I wasn't expecting LS like a lot of people, but the fact that there was no mention of her, and no scene of her being thrown in the river, or anything at all makes no sense to me.

Davos was great as usual, but D& D continue to butcher Stannis, which is always disappointing.

Jon and Ygritte continue to be cheesy up til the bitter end.

Oh, and did I mention that ending? Seriously I may never get over that scene..

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I know the man is inflated out of all proportions on these boards by a lot of people, but I think I feel more depressed and angry by the complete and utter destruction of such a great character than I was depressed by the Red Wedding last week. There is no chance of the Unsullied jumping on the Stannis bandwagon (the Stanwagon?) now.

First, at what point did it fail to dawn on D&D that in order for Davos to act as the voice of conscience for Stannis, Stannis needs a conscience to appeal to? Every line he's been given suggests he's only barely reluctant to burn Gendry. He isn't weighing the merits of a single boy against the entirety of the world; he's constantly belittlling him as a bastard and otherwise hammering home that he thinks Gendry himself is worthless and nothing to fuss over. Davos keeps calling him a good man. How about a little showing instead of telling?

Second, two isn't three, but I guess...one is? The man seems awfully quick to set aside his skepticism for what could still be entirely coincidental regicide.

Third, Davos of the unwavering loyalty is blackmailing Stannis now? 'You can't kill me. Without me, you don't have an envoy!' Really, guys? Stan is so hard-up for people that he can't find anyone to act as his envoy to high lords other than the ex-smuggler crabber's son from Fleabottom? And, if such is the case, did Stannis apparently only realize that a king who has been abandoned by virtually all his supporters need envoys to talk to people for him, and he was about to kill the last guy who fits the position?

And, of course, Stannis orders Gendry burned and Davos killed. No ambiguity or hesitation, just straight up does it.

All hope I had for a turnaround with Show Stannis is dead. He's a straight-up cardboard villain, one who Davos will remain loyal to because, I guess, the plot demands it.

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This isn't necessarily nitpicking just some thoughts on the episode ( that I like overall) but I will post it in this thread because I did have some nitpicks:

I think they handled Jon's story line very well apart from him taking a few too many arrows from Ygritte. Random extras die in battlefield from one arrow but the hero can survive multiple cliche.

Some story lines were sped up, Davos' chapters from SoS are all done now. I think they made it too obvious that Stannis will save the Night's Watch.

I have no idea what they intend on doing with Yara's story line. I suspect this could be one of the biggest deviations from the books.

The Shae-Varys conversation felt like something from Days of our Lives. Conleth Hill saved it from being absolutely diabolical.

All those people crying about Sam not picking up the Dragonglass finally got a tall glass of STFU juice.

I agree with the decision not to include Lady Stoneheart, it would've been too soon.

Arya acted a bit reckless for my liking. I think the writers included that moment because they knew how pivotal it was after omitting it from season 2, even though it didn't really fit. Here she killed out of rage and revenge, and in the books out of necessity.

I think we have had too many Tyrion Cersei scenes, these two absolutely hate each other but for some reason they keep opening up to each other. I feel like the only reason they are talking is because they are the two star actors of the show whom the writers feel deserve more dialogue with each other.

Mhysa moment wasn't quite as I envisaged it. I thought the slaves all praised her name in unison kind of like a chant. But I'm probably wrong.

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Still have not named Dany's Dragons. What the fuck! And this is considering they took the time in season 1 to have Viserys spout off the whole list of names (most made up by Cogman, I believe) for the Targaryen dragons. A dragon needs a name!

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"Well, we finished the episode, I think we did it well"

"I don't know... I think we forgot something..."

"Sure? Let's see: Starks, Wolf, Davos, Stannis, Jon, Ygritte, Cersei, Tyrion, Shae, Varys.. ? No, can't remember"

"Yeah, but I dunno... wait... Dany!"

"Oh, right, we forgot about her... erm... let's throw a scene at the end, no one will notice we forgot. Didn't we order a lovely track called "Mhysa"?"

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Varys/Shae...wtf? why?! :bang:

The fact that Shae had more screen time than Hodor. And more dialogue.

The entire final scene.

The fact that they've ended with Dany...White Walkers...(and now again with) Dany :spank:

Arya not just cutting the guy's throat from behind.

No wildling army/cat...all this ep need was one

Stannis. Doesn't. LAUGH! :bang:

Barristan Selmy still hasn't killed anyone

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