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[BOOK SPOILERS] Discussing Sansa III


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I didn't really like Sansa at first, but I am becoming fonder of her as the (book) series progresses.

I find that the show's interpretation of Sansa doesn't give us her internal dialogue. We don't get to see her hatred, fear, or sadness, and she generally comes off as unemotional and compartmentalized. I have high hopes that S4 will give her a chance to shine.

A big turning point for me in SoS was Sansa's nightly visits with Ser Dontos in the Godswood. She had a sense of danger by planning her escape --- I found it very exciting --- and I hope they include this in S4. They could even substitute Brienne with Ser Dontos now that she and Jaime have arrived before the PW. Obviously they'd have to slightly alter Littlefinger's involvement, because Brienne doesn't know him and she can't be killed off yet.

I'm excited for Sansa's storyline to have a catharsis. I think we'll get this at the PW. They've already established Olenna as a major character and a major ally to Sansa. Perhaps Sansa will have even more involvement in Joffrey's death (I wouldn't be upset if she throws the strangling stone into his wine herself :D ). In the books, she seemed a bit passive during the actual feast, with all the attention focusing on Tyrion vs. Joffrey. They could give Sansa a more active role during the scene, thereby giving the audience a sense of retribution for everything he's put her through.

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