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[Book/Show Spoilers] What will Stannis do next season?

Ser Luke.

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You can't just ask a principal actor to sit out a season or two of one of the biggest shows on TV. If they show him plotting then smashing, Conleth Hill's one of the best actors on the show, more of him is surely a good thing. They could show him speaking with Ilyrio perhaps, better reminding the audience of their relationship.

But I doubt that they will have him running around King's Landing speaking to random whores because that would be plain daft.

I love Conleth Hill, I think he's absolutely perfect casting for Varys, but really, they had him do a lot of wandering about in season 3 (I thought his scenes with Olenna were pretty boring actually) and they already did have him offering Shae money to escape (I mean what the hell was that scene?) but I think GRRM had both Littlefinger and him remain in the background for a very good reason - I don't think seeing them discuss their plans is actually as interesting as seeing them carry them out.

About the only good non-book scene that they added related to Varys and Littlefinger (at least in season 3) was the "chaos is a ladder" scene.

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