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[book spoilers] PhD research thread: Mental images following the Red Wedding on screen

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[book spoilers] PhD research thread: Mental images following the Red Wedding on screen

Hello all,

I am currently studying towards a PhD in Media, Culture and Communication at Keele University. My project title is ‘An online ethnography of the fan community of the A Song of Ice and Fire novels and the Game of Thrones television adaptation’ and my aim is to investigate the history and current practices of the fan community of A Song of Ice and Fire and Game of Thrones.

With the permission of the owners of this website I am initiating this thread to try and encourage discussion about the topic described below.

An information sheet is available here, which will hopefully address any questions you may have about the research. The information sheet contains information about the research process, and also information about how your posts to this thread will be used. You are under no obligation to take part, however your help in the project would be much appreciated.

By posting in this thread you are agreeing to the statements on the consent sheet which is part of the information sheet linked to above. By posting in the thread you are agreeing that you are over 18.

If you have any queries please let me know.

PS: There is a thread here which you are very welcome to join to discuss the research project or ask questions.

After the Red Wedding on screen

This thread follows discussion that took place before The Rains of Castamere aired.

Now that we’ve seen the Red Wedding during The Rains of Castamere I’d like to prompt a discussion about your mental images of the Red Wedding compared to how it was shown on screen.

I’d be especially interested if you could concentrate on the events that happened inside the hall. Here are a few sample questions to kick things off, but as usual feel free to bounce ideas around or skip questions you don't have an answer for.

Can you summarise the differences between the Book!RedWedding and the Show!RedWedding in less than 50 words?

How did the scene match up to how you imagined it while reading?

Had your expectations of the scene changed since the show started?

How high/low do you rate the overall quality of the scene?

When you think about the scene now, do you think about the book or the show?

These questions are just a guide, and I encourage an open discussion so you don’t have to stick to them rigidly. I’ll post my own answers to the questions later, but would rather if you all took the lead to start.

Many thanks,


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Oh my god. No reply? Are you still wanted the answer now?

I give mine though.

To be honest, I watched the show first and then read the book. The wedding did shocking but I never quite got around to sympathize Robb's cause and honestly I kind of relieved when he's finally out of the picture. Still, the event is terrible and nobody deserves that kind of fate. The difference between the show and the book is probably the point of view. In the show, you watched the scene as other ... entity - separated, unattached from it (despite how awful it made your night lol). In the book, you involve in the scene as Catelyn, so you know her thoughts and desperation throughout the whole ordeal. Plus, in the book Robb was married to another woman whom he left at Riverrun, and Catelyn killing a different person.

That being said, although the scene differed here and there, I guess the awfulness is more or less the same. The show succeeded in picturing THE FEELING of the scene without following every details from the book. So I guess, kudos to the creators.

As I said, I watched first and then read, so I haven't any expectations prior to the show. But after reading, I was more touched with the book, since it told you Catelyn's thoughts, her prayers to her late husband, her mentioning the name of her childrens by heart, it was more heartbreaking for me.

The scene is of high quality. The non reader fans still got the total desperation of the event, so I guess it works admirably as an standalone artwork.

I still think of the show when I pictured the scene, no matter how I liked the book more. Maybe because I watched the show first so it kinda shape my way to picturing the world, or the scene was masterfully done, I cannot tell for sure.

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