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The Last Hero tale by Old Nan foreshadows the deaths of ...

Lost Melnibonean

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I think Benjen is the last hero


He went North with NW (6 I think) companions, a horse and a ????? Dog - I suspect he will have a direwolf - brother to the one that was the mother of the other 6.  He may also have the original "Ice" - the sword. He will no doubt collect a total of 12 companions as he went North.  Possibly he sent Cold Hands.

Benjen and Mormant understood the danger from the "others."

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Do these two bits foreshadow Ramsay killing Rickon?


The fight did not end until their host's dog was dead. Stout's old hound never stood a mummer's chance. He had been one against two, and Ramsay's bitches were young, strong, and savage. Ben Bones, who liked the dogs better than their master, had told Reek they were all named after peasant girls Ramsay had hunted, raped, and killed back when he'd still been a bastard, running with the first Reek. "The ones who give him good sport, anywise. The ones who weep and beg and won't run don't get to come back as bitches." The next litter to come out of the Dreadfort's kennels would include a Kyra, Reek did not doubt. "He's trained 'em to kill wolves as well," Ben Bones had confided. Reek said nothing. He knew which wolves the girls were meant to kill, but he had no wish to watch the girls fighting over his severed toe.


"Stark's little wolflings are dead," said Ramsay, sloshing some more ale into his cup, "and they'll stay dead. Let them show their ugly faces, and my girls will rip those wolves of theirs to pieces. The sooner they turn up, the sooner I kill them again."

Reek III, Dance 32

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48 minutes ago, Lost Melnibonean said:

That the eyes of Jon's pup were open when the eyes of the rest of the pups in the direwolf's litter were blind could possibly foreshadow the deaths of all five of Catelyn's children. 

Grrrr, I hope not!

The more usual symbolism of  the one able to see among all blind for me, please.

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