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The Horn of Herrock


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There is something I've always wondered about: what is the Horn of Herrock ?

We know it belongs to Ser Kennos of Kayce. It is blown to signal the blower's presence (and to hit on serving girls), just like every regular horn.

What intrigues me is that it's one of the only three named horns in the series, the others being the Horn of Joramun (or Horn of Winter) and the Dragon Horn. Its description matches the others' too: it's "black and twisted and banded in old gold". Ser Kennos has not died for repeatedly blowing the Horn, so we can assume it's not a Dragon Horn, but giving the Horn of Herrock a name strikes me as an odd coincidence, and if there is something GRRM taught us is that NOTHING is a coincidence in ASOIAF. There is definitely something important here.

Could it be yet another mysterious magical horn ? It's just a non-magic replica of a dragon horn ? Could it be just an ancient heirloom of House Kenning of Kayce, its similarities with the other horns mere coincidences ? Or it's just a real world cultural reference I don't understand (like House Jordayne of the Tor) and I'm making a fuss for nothing ?

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