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Ser Loras Tyrell (Spoilers if you have not read AFFC)

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I am hoping that Loras is still alive, and that the allusion that he is on his death bed at Dragonstone is only a clever ploy of the Tyrells to get one up over the Lannisters.

I find the character to be interesting (along with Margery), so fingers crossed that GRRM doesn't kill him off in WoW.

I agree! I truly hope Loras isn't dead .. or even hurt, and that possibly it was just to "get one over" (as you say) on the Lannisters and that he is just working to free Margery.

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You mean Gregor.

No, I meant and mean Gregorstien/Robert Strong and Silent

Everyone cries over this flower "Loras" of House "Tyrell", but where are the posts of the former First Sword of Bravos, Syrio Forel?! We may not have seen the last of him. MWUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA- what.....? Like definitly gone..........? You sure........? Oh...... Well...... Nevermind....

I believe Loras may be disfigured like Waters said, but I'm not gonna lie guys... I just found out about 15 seconds ago that Syrio Forel is dead so... yea...

I do not think Syrio is dead. And I kinda think Loras is just fine.

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