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Old Lady and Brotherhood without Banners


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I think anything that's pure CotF could not pass for human under any kind of scrutiny, any more than a giant could. The description of the CotF is pretty darn freakish.

But a half-breed... sure, could be. And that would also help to explain the poor old ladies forlorn life, she seems to be aimless and a bit sad, caught between worlds.

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The old woman is known as the Ghost of High Heart. She is known to be a woods witch and rumored to be a COTF (she's not though). Her prophesies have been among the most accurate in the series so far;

Predicting Robb and Cat's fate(s), Balon's death, the purple wedding, and a later scene with Sansa... She also demonstrates knowledge of Renly's manner of death.

Here are some threads that likely contain spoilers.






pro tip: when the forum search function is not turning anything up, try google.

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