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f. Sansa. After establishing Pawn to player thread, ladies of the thread made a very clear message – We will make you love her. Brashcandy, Rapsie, Lyanna Stark and Kittykatknitts, with humble addition of me, defend Sansa in any occasion. And we do tremendous job. Trolls fall under our logic, posters surrender to us. You may love or hate us, but we endure…


Well there are what 20 Pawn to Player and the original re-read threads plus external resources. To prove that you never will and never can you now must read them all.

Or I shall call you a liar who lies :)

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Why do characters need to be saints for some people to like them?

I'm not sure, but pointing out that Tyrion is not morally good most if the time normally causes lots of wailing and gnashing of teeth despite moral greyness being far more interesting. People may be used to thinking in binaries. You are either good or bad and the spectrum in between does not exist.

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Closed at 400+.

Since it went over the same ground as the last thread and descended into chat, in this case, what is dead may stay that way.


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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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