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Freys in the Vale and Sansa


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These 2 kids(Sandor,Cynthea) are Waynewood on their Mothers side. The Frey Father supposedly drowned. I'm not exactly clear if they ares nephews or grandkids to Lady Anya. The boy is a squire to Ser Donnel, the knight of the Bloody Gate. Its hard to really say anything without a backstory. Did the Frey husband really die by drowning? Or was he knocked by one of his Frey realtives? Or by his wife? It could be that Anya is raising them in the Vale because she does not want them around their Frey relatives. They come from the Crakehall line of Lord Walders brood. Ser Geremy, the Frey Father, was a full brother to Hosteen and Merret.

There is also a Marsella Waynewood who was married to Stevron and died long ago givng birth to his son, who later produced three kids of his own through a Deana Hardyng. This Frey called Walton is not a knight nor is his son, Steffon the Sweet. The youngest son is a squire. Fair Walda is his daughter. Its rumored that Fair Walda is willingly or not having an affair with Black Walder.

Having said all this I do not understand the internal Frey politics. Its implied that when Old Walder dies his heirs will turn against each other for control of the Twins. I'm not sure if the Waynewood descendants are a faction of their own or are allied with one like Balck Walder or Emmon. Still this Waynewood branch of House Frey, that could have some Stark blood as well, might be allies if the Stark/Arryn alliance that LF envisages comes to pass and they wage war against the Freys for the RW.

It seems like Sansa would mistrust them on the general principle of their being Freys and rightfully so. Just not sure of what the relations are between the Freys and the Waynewoods are at this point. Obviously you had some marriages in the past but that might not mean as much as some might think. Old Walders first wife was a Royce and Bronze Yohn seems to have no love for them and considers the RW to be a disgrace. Guess we will see in the next book. There is also a Frey, Bradamar. being fostered in Bravos by Oro Tendyris, a merchant of the city, supposedly. I guess he is the Frey most likely to cross paths with Arya in the short term. His brother, Alesander conspicuously did not attend the RW but his sister Alyx did and was seated next to Robb at the feast.

We really need the next book.

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Exactly! Premeditation = cold-blooded. Killing Dareon = killer. Arya = cold-blooded killer. Pretty straightforward stuff.

No not really, Arya did not watch Dareon and stalk him with the intent to kill like a hired killer that kills on command like you claim. My impression was that Arya deciding to kill him came later after she knew him for months, she even wanted to ask him to take her back to the Wall. Then it seemed more of the same as with the insurance guy, except she has more thoughts about Dareon, trying to convince herself he needed to die and she obsesses about him being a deserter to help convince herself. The following quotes are her thoughts from the night she killed him and a couple from Dance

  • It made her angry to see Dareon sitting there so brazen, making eyes at Lanna as his fingers danced across the harp strings.
  • The whores called him the black singer, but there was hardly any black about him now
  • With the coin his singing brought him, the crow had transformed himself into a peacock.
  • The only black about him was his boots. Cat had heard him tell Lanna that he’d thrown all the rest in a canal. “I am done with darkness,” he had announced.
  • He is a man of the Night’s Watch
  • he sang about some stupid lady throwing herself off some stupid tower because her stupid prince was dead
  • And the singer should be on the Wall
  • When Dareon had first appeared at the Happy Port, Arya had almost asked if he would take her with him back to Eastwatch, until she heard him telling Bethany that he was never going back. “Hard beds, salt cod, and endless watches, that’s the Wall,” he’d said. “Besides, there’s no one half as pretty as you at Eastwatch. How could I ever leave you?” He had said the same thing to Lanna, Cat had heard, and to one of the whores at the Cattery, and even to the Nightingale the night he played at the House of Seven Lamps.
  • I wish I had been here the night the fat one hit him
  • He is fair of face and foul of heart
  • “What happened to your brother?” Cat asked. “The fat one. Did he ever find a ship to Oldtown?
  • He was really a deserter from the Night’s Watch
  • On her way across the city Arya had wondered what the kindly man would say when she told him about Dareon. Maybe he would be angry with her, or maybe he would be pleased that she had given the singer the gift of the Many-Faced God. She had played this talk out in her head half a hundred times, like a mummer in a show
  • I killed Cat when I killed that singer
  • The girl was not sorry, though. Dareon had been a deserter from the Night’s Watch; he had deserved to die.

Why do you think Arya killed Dareon? Whether or not you agree with the decision the motivation in killing is important and interesting to discuss.

..In fact the only feeling she gets from it [Arya killing] is joy and relief..

Quotes please, there should be several according to you. You should even check how Arya felt when she heard Joffery was dead.

I am frankly, getting annoyed by these petty "you don't understand" snipes. I clearly understand. I was the one who corrected you in that cold-blooded is killing without remorse than be a rage killer (cold-blooded can be full of rage, but also can be done for things like material wealth where no rage is required). Nor are you some authority who gets to declare who gets and doesn't get a character. You clearly have a different opinion than me, but I don't go around saying "you miss the point" of Arya's character because I'm not rude. Honestly, I should have stopped talking to you a while ago.

I agree and the funny part is he keeps telling you that you have missed the whole point and you do not understand when it's him that has it all wrong. There is far more going on with Arya than just "rage killer", what a silly notion.

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