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BWB Eurocommie meet 2006

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Sorry I've been a bit out of it recently. Work. Ick.

I won't know for ages if I'll be able to get to Barcelona, but nothing will stop me fantasising.

In one of my extended procrastination phases I did get on the web to look for villas/apartments and this is what I've found so far (I haven't checked availability or compared prices):

near Las Ramblas sleeps 8 (but only one bathroom) - central, looks nice and spacious (my favourite one so far)

16th century apartment sleeps up to 7 (but plenty of floorspace!) but only one bathroom

Milans II sleeps 8 with one bathroom

Fiesta apartment sleeps 8, two bathrooms, cheap and minimal

Rellotge sleeps 10 - but scarily fussy about noise

Casa Serra - sleeps 12+ - out of our class and out of our price range :P "There is a CHAPEL and a GAMES ROOM with full sized table football a chess and draughts board, backgammon and other games. The BUSINESS CORNER (split level section) includes a writing desk and chair and a PC with fast Internet connection." *sigh*

Or...13th century house in the country with a pool... :P sleeps 10 in 5 bedrooms - mind you don't get sunstroke off the walls Masia House


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Ok, seems like am a bit late joining this thread, but oh well...

Barcelona is fine with me, and the date might work, though it gives me some troubles - 22st of April would have been better, I hope at least May did not win because of votes counted that were coming from people who do not attend anyway.

Filippa -

I am very much pro a Krakow coalition for 2007.

And, good idea, Sansa - I LOVE roses.

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Bounce - to add to current discussions. (More people who expressed an interest, plus research on types of accos available)

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