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Let's Kill the Sun

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Hi everyone,

I'm a fellow board member, although I mostly limit to the Forum Games. I just published my debut novella "Let's Kill the Sun." It's a fantasy book for all ages and it is the first of a trilogy.

It is currently available on Amazon Kindle. There is also a paperback version, but it is only available at the moment in the Dominican Republic.

You can find a summary as well as a sample of the book on the amazon page.

If you have the time the facebook page of the book can be found here. I would really appreciate it if you could "like" the page. :wideeyed:

You can also follow me on Twitter as well.

You can check everything out and feel free to PM me any thoughts or comments. I'll be more than happy to answer any questions you might have.

I hope you all enjoy it and thanks a lot for the support!

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No option to buy it on Amazon UK yet, but I've added it to my wishlist and will keep my eyes peeled! Congrats again :cheers:

Ooh no, I lied, the mobile app just doesn't support it for some reason. Works on the full site. I downloaded the sample :)

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Finally got around to reading the sample, really sorry for the delay! I intend on buying the full edition soon.

As it was only a short sample, I only have a few things to say really. First, the narrative is quite intriguing, despite the YA feel it has (not sure if that's intentional? Also not a bad thing, as I like a lot of YA fantasy). It's also pretty fast-paced, and I wonder how long it is, and what kind of things they're going to encounter on their journey over the hill. Ah - just read the OP again, it's a novella. Makes sense.

I also like the whole general idea. It's pretty unique to me, having never read anything like it, so I'm definitely interested in what will happen along the way. I think my hesitation in reading it is because I don't generally read e-books, much preferring physical books, but because you're a board member I will buy the full edition and finish it off. At some point. I swear. :P

I noticed on Amazon UK there were no reviews. Is it different elsewhere? I'm just interested in how well it's been received. I wish you the best of luck with it, and I'll throw in another 'congratulations!' while I'm at it :cheers:

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