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Bran, Rickon and their Direwolves


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We know Ramsay ordered the Frey boys be saved and taken probably as hostages and this instance is proof the Boltons and the Freys have already conspired against Stark before Robb could slight the Frey house. I am sure they will use Robb's slight as justice somehow. They charred the two miller children so no one would see their faces and suspect. Master Luwin did suspect and I can assume he kept his mouth shut out of safety for the Boys and people still at Winterfell. I am sure in the letters it did not state the wolves were also too slain although that would have made the trick much more sincere.. I am wondering don't people suspect it could be a trick?? I am pretty sure the stories have been passed how Summer killed the assassin and Grey Wind and Summer killed the Wildlings.... Even if they were locked int he Godswood Summer every day was trying to get out and everyone could see that Summer would kill and die protecting Bran as he has done on many occasions. So wouldn't people want to know about the Wolves whether they are still locked up, burned? If they indeed killed Bran and Rickon do you think the wolves would sit idly by?? No they would tear out the throat of the first person to come near them. I would hate to see Shaggydog in real action as he seems to be the fiercest of his brothers..

So why not suspect something is amiss if the wolves were not shown dead with them?? Or Hodor?? It is baffling me how the Starks, northmen, RR people etc.. take things at face value and not think and suspect something is wrong etc..

Especially since they have seen first hand what one wolf could due to a man grown. I am pretty sure one of Theon's people is alive and saw the fire, so hopefully the truth will come out later. I noticed Ramsay, Theon etc.. never went into the godwoods or near the weirwood tree.. They are right that wood belongs to the Starks/. The Starks seem to be protected and looked after where the old gods lay.

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